Living With Dog Vision

Liam Thompson

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    Today I see like a dog. My eyes hurt.
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    1. gyroofthyme

      What kind of dog is Max?

    2. Ninjaplays-YT


    3. KPH Videos

      Imagine the neighbours looking out the window🤣🤣🤣🤣

    4. Neck sock

      Whenever a toddler discovers something new: 2:31

    5. Muj Cubes

      @Liam Thompson what cube are u using it looks like a dayan zanchi

    6. Lauren Ehmke

      I love how he never dose click bait he makes things happen

    7. mark charles

      My dog sees me from 100s of feet away and comes running , fkn scientists said the earth was flat 100s years ago , next time they will say dogs see in xray fkn vision and there farts are tasty .

    8. Tei

      Whats the name of the music in the outro

    9. Piano Player

      Actually dogs mostly perceive blue and yellow colours.

    10. Roch Janeczek

      What the dog do8ng

    11. Millie Rose

      Frodo the blob of gold

      1. Millie Rose


    12. denise sapon


    13. Sanie_Moon

      I can tell the dog is "Dude what are you doing?"

    14. Holly Ling

      Yep I knew it was peace out

    15. Stealth Ninja Bricks

      You've proved that you cam solve a cube in dog vision. So Max might be doing beginners method or CFOP pretty soon.

    16. Cosmo Chanayo

      Omg what's the song that u used ? 😭

    17. Amber Escobedo

      Well I think you Should do other animals.

    18. Cy Don‘t Sigh Cyrus

      Why dont you let max try human vision lol

    19. Sharkymarky3459

      Max be like what the hell is my owner doing when he jumping in garden

    20. SuperRandomContent

      What iffff u put dog vision goggles ON A DOG

    21. Mr Doge5000


    22. Sasha Maverick

      Does shadow dance rituals Also Liam: I’m a Legend!

    23. Leandro Santana Malagon

      Imagine looking out the window and seen this "2:31"

    24. Mary Thir

      I have a dog named Max

    25. SuperDZ555

      0:27 beautiful

    26. beexedits

      I remember watching this one year ago and I see my like and now I’m back :)

    27. mspanda

      I can always trust Liam to answer the questions I have but never feel like answering them myself lol

    28. Alex Labasan, J.D., Ph.D.

      Oh my goodness, this is probably why my dog trips over stuff sometimes. Maybe the level of blurriness and brightness in the app aren't too accurate, but definitely, the colors would make it hard for them to see the ground properly or to see obstructions on the ground clearly.

    29. 2jesusIbelong

      Whaa tt! I knew dogs didn't see as well as us but never imagined it was that bad and strange lol. No wonder they use their nose more than vision

    30. Yaboiziko

      bro dogs are color bling goofy lmfao

    31. Robert Gatliff

      You should make a VR headset what we humans see in your life you put it on a dog so it does not see what it says

    32. Hilary Taylor


    33. ً

      oh god i literally have not watched any of ur vids for so long i missed u so much and im SOOOOOOO glad im back UR AMAZING i have a lot of catching up to do tho but i just know ur thriving !

    34. Arlo Radford

      Liam hy dont u post much anymore

    35. oeo

      i looked outside my window and saw 2:32

    36. Aesthetic_Aki

      You should make a way dogs can see like humans with a vr head set


      my school starts at 7 and its currently 3am in my country and this is interesting

    38. DankTheGank

      Bro this is the first video I’ve seen of yours and I was super baked. It made my week. I thank you.

    39. Shadow wolf UwU

      Can you do a teaching your dog to say his name or saying yours

    40. nothing

      People in 1970: we will have flying cars by 2021! People in 2021: dog v i s i o n

    41. GamerAndWorker

      Tbh I’m already as blind as that but just not that bright-

    42. Dominator101

      you should make max have human vision

    43. strider man


    44. Dawn to Diamond

      How did we figure out how dogs see….

    45. isophie

      Is videos are short but great

    46. Erik 以韜 Chun

      When I'm bored, I watch liam and I become so entertained!

    47. Simple Animations

      You can’t live with the vision of a dog, they can see more than us, literally, it’s impossible to reach their level of vision without being a dog

    48. RNG Juan

      Hahah it's just funny when you where at the toys the dog looked at you like what is happening

    49. SsyroVR -and roblox!

      i feel bad for my dog now

    50. Colton Hansen

      “Maybe I should eat one dog food just for science” 😂

    51. Arya PascaL Kusuma

      What da dog doin

    52. RI0T


    53. DARKNNITE Huh

      Kinda with the shadows looks like shades In mincraft

    54. bakavampire

      2:34 I’m sorry- i- can’t even-

    55. ♡ Shoba world ♡

      I personally hate putting cereal before milk

    56. Мария Горчева

      Please do a cat vision

    57. Pari s' Fairyland

      Imagine if we saw this video in dog vision

    58. Steve Kalpee

      2:41 the way he was jumping was hilarious

    59. NUTS

      The dog: wut de hooman doin?

    60. LightningDev

      “Holy crap, I actually just solved this Rubik’s cube in dog vision.” Max: *what is this idiot doing now?*

    61. GZ

      Would love if you could do one on a dog’s night vision.

    62. cupcake kit

      Minecraft on full brightness:

    63. Angry birds are Epic!

      This video shows us what the dog doin.

    64. Spungknob Swearpans

      I have the blurriness quality, now what

    65. Joan Marie

      Liam teach your dog how to do a rubiks cube

    66. hoyt and monteith animations


    67. Jason Chau

      With reduced vision and lifespan, they make up for this with better hearing and even better sense of smell. Plus, dogs have more gray rods, meaning that they have a slightly easier time navigating in the dark, although they cannot see in pitch black however.

    68. OkayTrix

      What the dog doin?

    69. irrelevant viewer

      2:32 2:37 Liam's neighbors watching him: 👁️👄👁️

    70. Naniwo

      Is this what my pug see?…

    71. Just Us

      Max:(staring at Liam)ttt.what is this idiot doing!!!

    72. Seagulls

      Liam yeah a dog how to do a Rubik’s cube it’s so easy

    73. Kayniee

      What was that bit at the end of the video????



    75. kk

      so that's what the dog is doin

    76. Norwegian_Wolf

      And btw I ate a dog treat for 11dollars LOL

    77. Norwegian_Wolf

      2:32 are you okay?…

    78. Half

      what the dog doing?

    79. OnePumpkin

      When you accidently press light mode.

    80. JCatMan 14

      Nice intro

    81. WEMAC12

      My name is Liam

    82. Ivan Rodriguez

      That dog looking at you do stupid sh*t😂 he like wtf hooman do

    83. Hickory Lemur

      What about a cat one ?

    84. 3kfire

      Don’t u understand dog vision is all white

    85. Leyder canales

      But I am color blind green blue color blind

    86. SunnyYelloTello

      Do this agin but play minecraft while having dog vision so you can see what minecraft looks like to max

    87. TheOrangeKitten_Cat

      What about cat

    88. Boom Squad

      All Liam eats in his videos 1. Cereal 2. Avocado toast (NO HATE)

    89. Smmarties

      Good intro with Max Liam LAZER EYES!

    90. Rachel Sunn

      Such an amazing video, have you registered your dog on the monkoodog app? It's an amazing app that helps dog parents to look after their dog's vaccinations, medications, growth chart, etc. You should try its amazing.

    91. dylan sisnawan

      Liam can you do living as a colorblind person? It'd be cool :)

    92. Egg


    93. •HoneyBee YT. •

      Wait,,my dog likes blue and red toys..guards the blue and red toys...chases the red toys...WAIT WHAT

    94. Grant Hupfield

      I did not know that Liam could solve a cube!!!?????

    95. Nomadic_Bro

      I wonder what your neighbors think of the stuff you do

    96. ElecWaffles

      what da dog seein?

    97. Serenity Copus

      I love UR VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could give 1 mil likes on this vid

    98. Dusan Zdravkovic

      Now do "what do dogs think while watching us act like complete idiots".

      1. Dusan Zdravkovic

        Not sayin that you're an idiot, i just think the dog sees you like one hehe

    99. Thatroyalegamer Ella

      Can you please do a solving rubiks cube video please