Mexican vs. American | Juanpa Zurita & Brent Rivera

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    1. Ottavia

      italian moms are really similar to mexican moms. My mother is the same

    2. 9OPL0IT

      I am from Mexico I can confirm here that everything here is true.

    3. andrea berlingeri

      ok but juanpa looks attractive in makeup & you can’t convince me otherwise😳

    4. Tatijana Belošević

      Goodbye What's Up 😅😅

    5. Brenda Ayala

      Brent things about to get crazy. Drinks the shot & faints lol

    6. Mrinmoy Roy

      Zanupa looks better as a female..

    7. donut lia


    8. Lasantha Edirisinghe

      They were sooo good at the mother thing that I actually thought that was their mothers through out the whole video 🤣🤣🤣IT WAS "THAT" GOOD!👏

    9. Zien Playz123

      me who got in trouble for no reason my indo mom: *YELLING AT ME* me who got used to it

    10. kimi soo Nongrum

      At sleep time My mom is like jaunpa mom💔 Toothpaste time also My mom is like juanpa mom We r similar man✨✨

    11. Harish Kumar

      Actually this mexican mom was just exactly like an typical indian or asian mom😂😂

    12. Crystal Arenivas


    13. Jerry Castillo

      Lol I know how it feels because I'm mexican and that's how my mom is aswell

    14. Bibika Blessy

      The way he says *maaa is so cute 👀🥰

    15. Sana Pets


    16. Win win Unicorn lover

      I still see lipstick on Brent’s lips

    17. Anime 4 Ever

      They’re scary but there food is D E L I C I O U S ✨✨

    18. Yovana Fonseca

      Me he reido!!!🤣🤣 the chancla!

    19. Ronavie Roy

      why is it so relatable

    20. Gissell Cortez Torres

      So funny🤣🤣

    21. JohnrevGaming Tv

      Filipino be like😶

    22. Messa Yousa

      I have Irish/Italian/American parents. They’re way more like the Mexican mom then the American 😂😂😂.

    23. Jahfari Hazelwood

      6:04 - to 6:23 This is how teachers expect students to deal with bullying

    24. Rakibul Hasan

      -1 years later, If you're still watching this you're a legend.

    25. Santiago Flores

      Do the Dad Version

    26. Camila Al

      My mom is mix d with Mexican and American

    27. Ana Rodriguez

      This was funny

    28. Ishika Shandilya

      Ya mexican moms are definately relatebal to indian moms I am also from India😊

    29. Armin Arlert

      4:30 that’s me and my mom

    30. The mining Beast

      I am a Brit boi my mother would have said “idc clean it up”

    31. veronica nuñez

      Aqui los de Mexico jajajaja si serio 😐 asi nos tratan que tristeza pero lo bueno que aprendemos y valoramos

    32. Marissa Novelo

      Juanpa: I broke a plate Juanpa's mom: You THREW a plate


      Juanpa as mom is🔥❤️😂😂😂 ‼️‼️

    34. Corinne the demon

      I’m Latina but was adopted into a white family and I can say I broke a plate once and my mom only cared about my health and helped clean up the plate (I still got grounded for the day though)

    35. Osvaldo Nzr

      Regresa los millones que te robaste

    36. {•Cocoa• puffz•} Gamesll


    37. Allauddin Saifi

      Maxican moms like indian moms

    38. Chantol Thompson

      Lol The way she hit that bully with that shoe im dieing of laughter and from his cries lol🤣🤣🤣🤣😘🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    39. Brianna Callie

      I'm a filipino and I think mexico is like philippines. This what happens when you're watching tv there gonna say, Mom:why arent you doing anything you do nothing every day Me: cleaning up the house, fixing my bed, doing the dishes. And they say this 🤦🤦🤦

    40. James Trevino

      Brent's mom, she dyed her hair??? She also got kinder to Brent 😂😂😂

    41. Laura Zhang

      I think there is still some lipstick on brent

    42. dancing queen Samantha

      The person that makes it better woman is probably Brent Because in all of his videos mostly all of his videos he does a woman

    43. Esther Germeille

      I have a Haitian mother can definitely relate to Juan 💀💀💀💀💔

    44. Oudom Panha

      I know Brent he has a sister call Lexi

    45. Tiffany Berend

      Me in the Caribbean like:bye,people r gonna think that I want to be relatable whin It's actually relatable

    46. miley x

      The Friday night one, I think it's the opposite. ◑﹏◐


      Hola Juanpa yo soy se puerto Rico so hablo Español tambien

    48. Azarel Soto leon

      I they are some of my favorite GEpromsrs 🤩

    49. Ella Carnes

      He’s awake at 2:00? What about her???

    50. Jessica Rose

      I am a Pakistani. And I can relate to the Mexican moms so much!! Especially the broken plate one is just too accurate😂😅

    51. Micah Dean

      I’m American and the Latina mom is more accurate

    52. annabella


    53. khoulod zahra

      I be saying Mexican is better until I see the THIS

    54. Israel Torres

      The sleeping part is exactly how I act when my mom comes in I act like I am tryna sleep

    55. Maria Tellez


    56. Ms Anonymous

      6:43 I like this part it just i like it

    57. Ms Anonymous

      Mexican: ES LA CULPA DE ESA TELÉFONO 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    58. Aaliyah

      !, I can relate to the Mexican version so much XD!

    59. Mwelwa

      You make a fine looking mom Juan

    60. GK_ Anime

      Asian moms :

    61. Jesse Acevedo

      So True!!!

    62. Valentina Martinez

      Fui todo el video, son darme cuenta de que la mamá era Juanpa

    63. { Froggo and Floof }

      “I LOVE TURTLES” -Brent

    64. Arham Bhansali

      mexican and indian mom are quite relatable

    65. dino64 jumpman232

      10:44 DAMM

    66. Tonlyk

      Can you guys do Mexican versus American versus Canadian?

    67. Aubrey Parker

      i am mexican american and i can relate to both of these 😂 depends on my day lol

    68. Anime Drama

      americans moms are so sweet

    69. Gamer 007

      Can you do dads now? Please

    70. Betelhem Teshager

      I think Mexican moms are the same 2 African moms🤣🤣🤣👌

    71. Ciji Foss

      Brent is the better woman😎

    72. Matthew Ventura

      When your dad barges in the room when ur awake I turn off my phone quickly and then pretend to sleep

    73. Sloane Walker

      Do Mexicans really have that much energy?

      1. Sloane Walker

        @xyz xyz what?

      2. xyz xyz

        hahahaha :´)

    74. RobloxWith Emma!

      How do u put two of you in the screen?

    75. josselyn salguero

      my mom makes the best food also the bullying part made be burst into laughter

    76. Jamie Lee

      I live in a black household so is totally different if we break something my mama will break us

    77. Robertino Olvera

      Mexico🇮🇹!!! Closes. To a Mexican flag

    78. Ezra Cruz

      As a Mexican American I can relate to both sides

    79. Jose Garcia

      I kinda like mexico better la cultura es mejor y la comida es muy buena y las fiestas son bien chidas :v

      1. Jose Garcia

        Hay se me olvido ablar ingles :v

    80. Andrea Thebirb

      I could smell the tamales tho the screen

    81. Hazard! Shadow

      American Mother VS Mexican Mother

    82. Nazeem Shihab


    83. Helena Akot

      Can you do part 2 but American dad vs Mexico dad please

    84. Elizabeth Ponce

      My mom is a Mexican and she is little American i was a México but i love being a American

    85. Elizabeth Ponce

      I love brents parents but Juan Pablo mom is just like my mom

    86. Kristen Anderson

      Juapa’s mom reminds me so much of Lele

    87. NCS


    88. Jayna Ban

      Who’s is juanpa so pretty as a lady

    89. Laith Hassan

      Hold on, how come the first won was so relatable?

    90. nathalia scott

      juanpa mom is like guyanese parents

    91. soy yo yessi 8223

      Wait not the bear cus I am 8

    92. soy yo yessi 8223

      We are Mexican and she is like that

    93. Ronit Dahiya

      Mexican and Indians have something in common😂

    94. lucas titchener

      You are every Rashid to the Mexico’s with I’m and 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬at you

    95. Elizabeth Ruiz

      Juanpa looks like Sofia Vergara in the mom costume/ Juanpa se parece a Sofia Vergara con ese disfraz

    96. Karen Martinez

      Yeah I'm just like the Mexican too but except I'm not Mexican I'm salvadoranian

    97. Marygacha_girl 101

      my moms american and she’s nothing like the american mom more of the mexican mom😭✋

    98. jen and charlie m


    99. frog bot 21

      Theres nothing more than a mexican mom btw im mexican

    100. Aongkita Biswas

      Not only Mexican Mom, brown parents are too.... I am Bengali I can feel Mexican kid ( Mexican and Brown parent are the same )