The Next Money Pit Project Car Revealed

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    Thanks to Ebay Motors for sponsoring this video! CLICK here to search through thousands of cars and parts \u0026 list those project cars and spare parts sitting around!

    It’s time we say goodbye to our Miata … it won’t be forever BUT we have a brand spankin new car! We have big plans for our new build so stop reading this and go watch the vid!

    We have a new channel!

    Money Pit is where you get to learn about cars as we work on them. Each ep we’ll breakdown how each component works and then we’ll upgrade it. Join us in our journey to build cool cars, learn about them, and drive the crap out of them!

    Some of our best videos ever are coming out soon, stay tuned so you won't miss a thing!
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    1. David Vargas

      I bought my e36 318ti for $300 like 4 years ago

    2. Bobi Cvetanow

      "and they're very reliable...." sheesh okay

    3. Doubloon Goon

      the hair is majestic

    4. rustypotatos

      For reference when you are cinching” something up usually you are saying tight af not 20 newt meters

    5. Grimace boi

      Loved the shots of the cameraman filming in the wheel chair ✨cinematography✨

    6. Tom Cassidy

      This is a late response as they already took the auto out, but with e36 autos if you're doing any kind of spirited driving always drop the shifter into 3 instead of drive that was bmws kind of "sport mode" setting which only uses 1 thru 3 instead of all 4 and increases throttle response and will hold rpm when you let off much better, but never touch that A/M switch next to the shifter it just ruins how the car shifts as zack said it wouldnt respond much

    7. Mystical_Zeus

      Aaaaaaaaaaand I am done watching you build a nonsense rally build. B14 Rally build much better lol.

    8. Felix Fournier

      5:20 I see what you did there 😆😏

    9. James Smith

      When I saw that car I said anything over 2500 and they paid too much.... they clearly were not shrewd negotiators. 😉

    10. James Smith

      Anyone else think this was a Cadillac CTS-V before the reveal?

    11. davo

      I feel like max is influencing yall off my Instagram lol its not true but I feel like that

    12. Ravi7525

      No, Grind Hard Plumbing did this anyways, how about an awd car at least geeeeez

    13. Thomas Rodgers

      love the new project, but isn't a lifted miata like perfect for a rally build?

    14. Mashruf Anan

      where is new video?

    15. SKITTLES 71

      I love how he mentions Ohio and not visiting family. I swear everyone at one point lived in Ohio or has family here 😂.

    16. bardock453

      this is gonna be a great series love e36 and e46 chassis, though i was hoping you might go back to your roots and work on a gti or a3.

    17. Christian Spera

      Learn from my mistakes don’t get a getrag and break it because parts do not exist

    18. S I N N E R

      carolina squatted s13😂🤣

    19. S I N N E R

      i wonder if jobes ever done an impossible

    20. Peteris Goldsteins

      Hi! Interesting to see an E36 build in USA. Here in Latvia and Eastern Europe they by far are the most popular cars that are being built for racing. All you need to get it to become competitive are some shocks, some body strengthening parts (they tend to crack rear subframe, rear shock towers and front shock towers), LSD (large housing) and poli bushing kit and you are set. I would like to see you build a bored out M50 engine block with 2.8 internals and oversize pistons for maximum coolness

    21. Jordan Tennent

      Can’t wait to see a manual put in this thing. Probably put resale value up aswell

    22. Robert Evans

      When he pulled the cover I was like “I KNEW IT!!!!!!”

    23. The Real One

      Zach out there looking like the stig

    24. Maxwell Tchorzewski

      There going to be so much now

    25. Elliot Tomaschko

      real wheel drive AND automatic sounds like a great rally car, should've done an Impreza :(


    27. simpletommysen

      My god...that's glorious...

    28. Brock Hepworth


    29. Ryan Highland

      Sequential transmission????

    30. AMGmaker FPS Gaming

      Can't wait for new episode, love it.

    31. Comp FPV

      So convert to no AC… 1 : 29second lap time

    32. Andrew Fernandes

      When you wear green while shooting with a green screen so it looks like you have a hole in heart

    33. Francis Cope

      Please don’t remove the interior, you could male this such a good car but there are some things that should be left stock. Offroad ability yet a comfortable interior (at the expense of extra weight) is kind of the ethos of a SUV, but of course it’s a sedan! It could be like ‘the excellent’ they made on the grand tour! Honestly you should just manual swap it, upgrade the cooling, suspension, and tires, and maybe turbo it, there is no meed to change the looks or interior!

    34. TheKos2Kos

      I love money pit for its content but absolutely cant stand the host. I forget his name, but he just always comes off as a complete jerk to me. Dont get those vibes from nolan, james and definitely not my favorite jeremiah. Anyone else agree?

    35. Tyler Kline

      Shoulda grabbed an Audi

    36. Caasi

      Lemme cop those seats, just bought one same year n all but guy was a crackhead and nastied the seats so bad.

    37. I don't read comments/replies


    38. Maxime Beaudoin

      I really really really hope you do a RWD to 4WD conversion. Pretty please

    39. dipstik subaru

      Can we just take a moment to appreciate the magnificence that is Zachs ever growing flow??!!

    40. Gangstd L

      Be careful man, i rolled my e36 on the track today

    41. Vlad teodor

      Hey guys! I am excited to see you building an E36 as a rally car. I have been successfully doing hillclimb and rally events in Europe with an E36 coupe for 5 years and then switched to a E36 sedan project. I have moved to LA area 2 years ago and would love to help you in any way with the project. Here is some of my E36 action:

    42. Billjob_Gaming


    43. Jürgen Sorrok

      trans swap best decision

    44. Lowend Rice

      Ebay really found the best used e36 they could find on ebay... they must have touched it before giving it to them

    45. Stu A

      Is the transmission the same garbage GM 4L30e that Isuzu used in its US vehicles? Total garbage, get rid of it.

    46. Milojek 78

      F for this nice e36

    47. marianvat

      Why did the desert part give so much Top Gear vibes?

    48. Zach Osborne

      I am at 1:27 and can already tell it’s a bmw

    49. MannyFreshStudios Animations

      Since this is going to be a rally car....can donut media possibly do a recreation of the "Samir Youre Breaking The Car" video?

    50. Andrey Tereshchenko

      From the thumbnail and later hearing him say rally build i was really hoping for a Ford Sierra RS.

    51. opeboi

      a 90s bmw without an oil leak? impossible

    52. spicy applesauce

      Came to the comments section to see if high Boi is here

    53. Forest Anthony

      Damn ig a c6 would have been white noise

    54. Fred Larracuente

      Not another f*ckn BMW, im out.

    55. Will Snyder

      I knew it, but a rally build? Siiiiiiiic

    56. toxic6460

      wow a bmw build. i wont be watching this one.

    57. Wagwan Media

      Glad our crew already have 2! e36 to the moon!

    58. Gaming Coffee bean

      I knew it was going to be a BMW form the taillight and because it is the best candidate for a rally car.

    59. MrMakosi

      without seeing the car I bet it's imprezza

      1. MrMakosi

        ah shit, some lemon...

    60. Drew Thomas

      I’m going to be so invested in this

    61. jayashan senevirathna

      Favorite BMV ever ❤️

    62. Gold TrojanMan

      Come to Florida. E36 and e46 go for dirt cheap in manual. They’re all below 2.5k.

    63. Idol 2 Savage

      Revels a 180sx

    64. ON GO

      Yes this is the best chassis!

    65. cheeseburger withnocheese

      Manual, suspension, tyres and maybe if he wants to covert it to 4x4 drive and defiantly pull out the other seats.

    66. Zack Armstrong


    67. Súper guitar Star

      The section is about money pit cars, so bought the king of money pits

    68. Zombalam

      Can you do mods on the 3rd gen 4Runner you had in the background of your video at your house

    69. tray Stone

      Not a fan of Donuts choice of new money pit vehicle but you have nailed the 'Money Pit" moniker and you guys found a super clean example but these were well known for being expensive to maintain. Tough chassis but about as reliable as '80s British electronics. Might be an interesting build though.

    70. Trashed STI

      Man when he said stock 90s sedan and rally, I was hoping it would be a first gen Legacy SS

    71. Isaac Teal

      Zach is easily the best part of donut. Money pit is always fun to watch. Love me some Hi/Lo too though

    72. Steven Evans

      "Oil changed! Head Bonked! Alright it's ready to rip!"

    73. wickedish Iccy

      Maan was hoping for something with 8 cylinders. Oh well maybe next time

    74. PAPA APE

      Man...they aint nevah taking gas cars fran i.

    75. j. jimenez

      The E36 is a pretty good car But It's no Toyota

    76. ViktoryRoad

      Make sure to do your subframe reinforcements! 😀

    77. logancopham

      Next up gotta do a drift car from the start to finish

    78. Tony P3N

      We have a Japanese track car, a European off road car; can’t wait for the American Drag car

    79. Anthony

      E36 t-shirts and Merch please!! Exciting to be following this project

    80. OG Jorgito

      Now everyone is gonna want to buy an e36 🙃

    81. Serts _

      i am honestly really excited for this build!!! Notif's r on!

    82. Runbi

      Hey!. With the Miata When your done. You should like . Uh "coughs" Give me it *blushes*

    83. JSpinks

      NGL, Donut has been amazing with their car choices until now. Should've been a hatch.

    84. 1Vaudevillian1

      Didn't take long for Zack to turn into a typical bmw driver, I did not see a single blinker light up in the whole video.

    85. Si74l0rd

      This is an awesome choice. My missus has got a 318 lol, so I can start to learn how to fix it thanks to money pit ;D

    86. PikaPool

      Hair style you look like 15 year old girl from 50 🥳

    87. David Mathews

      I knew what it was without even watching it

    88. first name last name

      Alright just hear me out, the next money pit car could be a C4 Corvette.

    89. Jeremy

      An e36 with 93k miles while I’m here driving a 2015 audi with 80k...

    90. serdy ximi

      How reliable is the "ebay motors" when it come to shipping to other continents??

    91. David DeVoe

      dammit those donut transitions make me crave frosted donuts.

    92. EBD

      should do a money pit Land Rover Defender, would be a good project to follow

    93. MACIEK

      PLEEEAAAAASE do a money pit on a DRRRRRRRRRIFT CAR

    94. Алекс Костов


      1. Алекс Костов

        @serdy ximi Nissan 240sx s14

      2. serdy ximi

        0:29 please somebody tell me what car is that behind jobe....

    95. John Gross IV

      Is that Reba trickin out an E36?

    96. rmnpvlyk

      You guys know that white rally e36 had 4wd installed in it

    97. asyrofi malik


    98. Cooper Rodrigues

      put popups on it

    99. Robbinvm

      Lol i saw the thumbnail and yep an e36

    100. V M

      Coupe on compact e36 should have been better lol lighter yeah yeah compact is only 4banger and coupe is more expensive

      1. V M

        Also better not put a getrag trasmission. Zf hella more strong