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    1. Wolf demon

      Last day oof ya dead

    2. Wolf demon

      Me cheating on a test at school: me saying to my freaind: what is the answer to 1. 2. 3. I’m confused and did not study lol

    3. ŁåżÿAšs

      Thank you for helping me cheat on my test.

    4. حمدون حمادي

      Who doesn't understand nothing? Like me 😁

    5. Arav Chauhan

      The part where they watch the sand falling and try it again 😂😂😂😂

    6. tavz Chiri

      They started revising at 9 hrs 😂😂

    7. tavz Chiri

      Juanpa, is soo cringe😂😂

    8. Sape Kon

      classic :DDDD

    9. Teddy B

      I was thinking about printing the answers and putting them inside my underwear

    10. Aun Games

      7:36 we just educated education

    11. Priyangshu Das

      That's very accurate lol 😂

    12. Jovie

      We need a sequel

    13. Ghost_gacha

      I have a exam on Tuesday

    14. ツJDAWG VLOG

      Damn that teacher a baddie ong

    15. Lil_GG

      when you were walking through the school hallways, it looked like George and Harold when the were dancing in the hallways with a disco

    16. G

      zumpa is hilarious 😂

    17. Shin'ichi Kurita

      the mitocondria is the power house of the cell watch some memes

    18. LPS Kids

      Vcgvh vxfzfdtct

    19. Kim Thomas

      Bro they was watching titanic and I DID NOT cry during titanic

    20. Kerina Alleyne

      Is it just me or does Juanpa lool a little bit like Charlie Puth in the last part

    21. lulu h.

      i love your videos

    22. ꧁Qůeen Cårrøts꧂

      Imagin haveing a bestfriend like this...

    23. Lexi Halo

      *not me remembering this kid from "that's so raven"*

    24. Kiana Smith

      bro cory funny

    25. Shiwanthika Premathilake

      How do u get biology and history at the same year!

    26. BM Riaz

      lol😂 love from Bangladesh ❤

    27. Albin Kelmendi

      Best video lol

    28. Pola_ ris

      His right they always kill Leonardo Dicaprio

    29. me gustan las lentejas

      Mi mood diario

    30. Blessing Shenjere

      Thanks for making it 9 min i was so entertained man, you’re talented

    31. kalay 830


    32. Haydengirl Hayden

      Dats Cory from that’s so raven

    33. Rylee Greenlee

      Don’t cheat only if you don’t get in trouble

    34. buñuelo

      Oh its so cool

    35. QualzyRL


    36. Henno Jordan

      Kyle: “I saw a video on GEproms on how to projectile vomit” Me: “send me that link right now”

    37. logiLog ZleMs

      we just educate education hahahahahahahahaha

    38. {x_Abbs_x}

      *why is this me and my bff tho-*

    39. Finixyz

      We just educated education

    40. Ajin S


    41. Kirito The Player

      Fuck my exam is coming and I am not studing

    42. careen enjehu

      I will leave comedy to you man you are good 🤩🤩🤩

    43. Abigail Smith

      Is that Cory off of that so raven

    44. Eli Tmc


    45. Danny Perez


    46. Golden Games

      "We just educated education"

    47. Tetrenex Extra

      The notifications really are magical, as soon as I pressed it my mom came home with cupcakes 🧁😱

    48. Arlind Sylasani

      1:11 the subtitles in this part it says i expect a knife from you WHAT great subtitles 👍

    49. Raja Hussain


    50. Daniel Muoti

      Juanpa:we gon cheat kyle:you son of a Genius im in Juanpa:we just educated education!

    51. Juli Rroko

      Omg I can’t stop lagging

    52. Dani Daou

      we not gna talk about how they had a 7 day sleepover

    53. Leanna Henderson


    54. Ihateeveryoneisee


    55. Manjumariya Manju Pynadath

      Lol that plan would never work at an actual school (at least not in Australia) - the rule is usually that any water bottles in the exam room have to be transparent/clear (so no stickers or labels you can type answers on).

    56. lifewithjay

      bro i just knew there was gonna be a jack or titanic thing in this

    57. Nukie Dissanayake

      I never saw that coming 😂😂😂😂😂

    58. Brandon Sadler

      Bro your a beast

    59. Tantax God

      Is he that kid from that’s so Raven?

    60. Girish Patel

      Only 50 minutes man we Indian students need to study at least 6hrs a day everyday

    61. MrTy Rigley

      just study and you wont get a f-

    62. femiplays q

      Be a good boy and ''study''

    63. vivistupid

      Juampa: “We just educated education” Logical sense: *YEETED*

    64. Kim Vargas

      2:25 - 2:27 someone says "I'm broke" thought i was trippin

    65. omoney 0224

      They could’ve watched 1 minute crafts

    66. Ryzen Dragon

      Amanda so gorgeous ❤️

    67. Ellery Butler

      Anyone else watching this and taking notes?

    68. Gedvis

      thx i cheated on my exam and i got kicked out

    69. funny vidoes

      wow can u believe this video was 2 years ago

    70. Marissa Abston


    71. Fidi konko

      Hakuna Matata😂😂😂

    72. kareem ayman

      I have a test in 3 days lol

    73. NOTJynx

      Genius lmfao

    74. dzunisani vukeya

      Te amo❤❤❤❤❤

    75. michael stevenson

      Cory finally out the house

    76. Aubrey Bernardo

      this is the kind of friendship i want.

    77. OnNiX YT

      God loves you all turn to him

    78. Hamid Moufadal


    79. the gamer bro's

      I your biggest fan

    80. Ysis Morales

      I am a fan

    81. Javauny Ashley

      "We just educated education"

    82. Shakuur Liiban

      Many people HATE EXAM

    83. Радоцвета Миткова

      Sammme right noooow! Tomorrow we have a test of 50 questions and I am dyingggg!

    84. DaBaconBossy814 VG

      This is the opposite of darr Mann

    85. bohlokoa Letsoela

      I am like this too

    86. ʀɪʜᴀᴀɴ

      “Hakunamatata” 🤣🤣

    87. Evelyn Zhang

      I used to hate your vids but know I love his vida

    88. Ren

      that boy sus

    89. Klevis Prendi


    90. Kirra Reed

      I love how you guys spent all that time trying to "study" Biology, then took the time to type it up on a water bottle, then you stroll into school all "prepared" and found out that your exam is for History.🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    91. Teakashia Stewart

      thats me

    92. Christiane Markakis

      Did you notice that he put 1hours

    93. Jude Jackson

      Hannah stocking was the teacher

    94. Bray Akers

      1 days

    95. Bray Akers

      That's weird

    96. Mari Felix

      My brain when I'm going to cheat think of the perfect plan and still get caught

    97. The Jolan Monroe

      My exams were all multiple choice

    98. Sabeh Elzroui

      Is that a Oculus Quest 2 I have that but the white one

    99. THOR The God of Thunder

      If they spent the time just studying for the time they spent trying to cheat... they could’ve actually passed the test

    100. THOR The God of Thunder

      The weird thing is that I actually have biology test next week and I am not studying...I’m!?

      1. Monohino Mcrey

        How did it go😁?