Every Girl's Purse | Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Jibawi

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    1. Anwar Jibawi

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      1. Thanpuii Khiangte

        this video is true🤣🤣

      2. Annie Scullion

        Omg this is so good how did you do that and the house is so cute and nice 👍

      3. ليان فهمي

        Hello kitty and oblige

      4. Jennifer Lukic

        Love you guy’s

      5. Elena Unruh

        @Friendly Indian Scammer 9q

    2. Juan Hernandez Toro


    3. Juan Hernandez Toro

      Hello Mr Ramon l love you and

    4. Juan Hernandez Toro

      Heuiskwlwlqalslplq Walks,a,ala,spxldld

    5. Juan Hernandez Toro

      Hello Mr Ramon yeah Mr boyhood on mom

    6. Arber _D

      I thought that guy was her boyfriend backup

    7. Arber _D

      I thought that guy was her boyfriend backup

    8. Siddiq Pasha

      Doraemon doesn't have that much in his pocket😂😂

    9. Supernova

      so this is Dora's bag 😆

    10. Sonata Uzumaki

      Can you tell me what her name?

    11. Cod Gamer

      I lost my brother when i was small Imma go check if he is in my school bag I lost my girl in my house i thought she left Imma go check under my couch

    12. Shimon Margulis


    13. Dark Alp

      Haha it's true though 😂

    14. Aleksander Lachs

      What year is it?

    15. Vince Andrie Embase

      Wait q ha t

    16. Joshan Joseph John

      Doraemon's pocket after seeing this: 'Am I a JOKE to YOUU;(

    17. Ognjen Moldovan

      "Let me Guess,a backup for a backup for the backup" 'no,thats my license toy' 😂

    18. N

      Doraemon's pocket

    19. The Headless Gacha Boy

      Alternate title: “What It’s Like To Date Mary Poppins”

    20. Sudip Kar

      That's 4th dimensional bag 🤣🤣🤣

    21. Rajib Dhungana

      Doraemon's pocket.

    22. Kelvin Duong

      RIP Kobe.

    23. The L Train

      The guy in the purse : what year is it Also him : I been in your bag for 6 months Me: WHAT!!!

    24. Ituska

      I had a small bag inside my bad and inside the small bag was nothing

    25. Yashiveer Kirti Anand

      seems like she borrowed that purse from Hermione lol

    26. Gaurav Kumar

      It's like Doraemon's pocket.

    27. LoL OP

      We found Lady Doraemon. 😂😂



      1. Eileen Benazziu


      2. Eileen Benazziu


      3. Eileen Benazziu


      4. Eileen Benazziu


    29. Chloe- Kayꨄ

      Okay there being over dramatic now😂😂

    30. Sajad Hussain

      Sad content

    31. Resa Nosora

      Richard acting is so entertaining.

    32. Matthew Lesmana

      When u realise ur gf get rid of a squirrel with a flail

    33. Shamanth K S

      Doremon's pocket in 21st century...Wow!

    34. Makenzi Rich Sañana Garcia

      1:23 Anwar: what mi i dating marry Poppins Me: yes

    35. Isiahl

      That's why girls slap are painsfull they carry the heavy purse in their shoulder and their hands become stronger

    36. Nich Mercado

      girls have their own worlds inside their purses.


      Richard was in the quantum realm

    38. DR. ONE EYE

      only legends know ..they copied the ex lost in purse part from "vanishing act"

    39. Maria Broccolini

      10M + views 🤩

    40. shalom linken haripersad

      Plot twist king 🤴

    41. YT Tomar

      Hermione Granger bag ❤️😂 . . Anyone Remember that

    42. Treacle Tart ASMR

      As a girl I second this

    43. Eric Hernandez


    44. Mark

      you don't know what's gonna jump out in front of you..... a squirrel

    45. Hayden del rosario

      His skateboard has shark wheels

    46. TORZZO

      Why is anwar always getting cheating on ? 😂

    47. Z00M

      Anwar: I could build a whole house with all the stuff in your purse. That has to be one of my Favourite lines 😂

    48. somebody else 55

      "I don't mess with the IRS" LMAOOOOOOOO

    49. Ansleigh Newby

      No one going to talk about when he pulled a man out of her purse they acted out the movie Notebook 😂😅🤣

    50. Ry Ry

      R.I.P Kobe

    51. Dr Talib khan


    52. S Ow

      Amanda is Amazing!! By the way why does Anwar has a Granma in between the cushions?

    53. TEXAS

      This is so stereotypical/sexist but so true at the same time.

    54. Shaniqua Blades

      Anwar jibawi let the umbrella in the house bad luck but I still love all your videos

    55. Els Van Leemput

      W0w even a whole umbrella fits in there!? It's like Mary Popets's purse lol!

    56. I love noodles Almaazmi

      Dude it’s a jungle

    57. What’s Cookin with B

      BRO this is so true

    58. Daniel Koch

      damn i swear my siters purse got a frying pan.

    59. Ela Garciano

      'A back for the back up for the back purse' hahaha

    60. ANANTH YT

      Doremaon pocket 😂😂😂😂

    61. Mbulai Kalamai

      Who knows her name please

    62. Dued1

      It literally spoils the movie

    63. ELT devil

      soo true

    64. Moody Music

      I will never blame you for leaving or for breaking my heart. If there will be a chance to love you again, I will always choose to do it all over again. Through the pain, sorrow or happiness because the love we had was rare. I will do it all over again, just to spend forever with you...... I love you, always.

    65. POSEIDON Prasad


    66. Bikram Bhandari

      I swear it's last video

    67. Lynx Lee

      Its not a back for the back up purse its a back of the back up for the back up purse XD

    68. Teo Gizard

      look at the skateboard at 2:52 the trucks are on backwards o my gawd im dying

    69. Hafsa Chanawala


    70. Kevin Tarnowski


    71. Team Togepi

      They both got problems

    72. Star_Dust _

      I was gonna see notebook today for the first time

    73. S7b Bb


    74. Rihanna Brianna Flores


    75. Monica Chin

      Idea: you should have just dump it upside down and then shake it and then everything will fall

    76. Leotrim Krasniqi SK09


    77. Kyle Hitman


    78. jessicap0719

      Thats how every girls purse is haha

    79. Cthulhu

      RIP Kobe

    80. ashlee smith

      Rip kobe

    81. 𝙻𝚞𝚗𝚊 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚐𝚘𝚘𝚍

      A girls purse is an alternative universe

    82. Priyangshu Das


    83. drewvens dussejour

      @Adam W

    84. bhakti panicker

      Are you an Indian

    85. Salem Hiatt

      Who’s watching this in 2021🤣

    86. Blood Demons

      Me when I search for some chocolate bar in my mothers bag

    87. Jasemine Miller


    88. J-Dope at Your service

      We be like Mary Poppins

    89. swag baconTV

      BRUH rip bag becuz ur taking all the organs lol but got put more organs that's why so many

    90. krishnasree AV

      every girls purse,every guys couch. one word: a whole world. makes sense doesnt it?

    91. Ijaz Nazar

      She is having Hermoine's Bag, you've got to swish your wand and spell it

    92. Hvdr Dsrt

      Once you find Anwars videos you just can't stop watching them. This is what GEproms vidoes should be like. True comedy

    93. MasaéYang

      4:43 wait, is that Arabic short?

    94. Leeyanah Mackes

      What got me was who am I dating mary poppins

    95. Gacha_lover 11

      Is this ok for kids to watch?

    96. SELINTkill

      Anwar can live in that purse

    97. Sasijith Hettiarachchi

      Amazing 🤩

    98. Siimpllix !

      It's sad Kobe's Dead..

    99. Kim kate Dayrit

      I think she stole hermione granger's bag man

    100. little bean

      In Jamaica we dont have alot of stuff in there bag