Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video)

Selena Gomez

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    You promised the world and I fell for it
    I put you first and you adored it
    You set fires to my forest
    And you let it burn
    Sang off key in my chorus
    Cause it wasn’t yours
    I saw the signs and I ignored it
    Rose colored glasses all distorted
    You set fire to my purpose
    And I let it burn
    You got off on the hurtin’
    When it wasn’t yours
    We’d always go into it blindly
    I needed to lose you to find me
    This dancing was killing me softly
    I needed to hate you to love me

    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    I gave my all and they all know it
    You tore me down and now it’s showing
    In two months you replaced us
    Like it was easy
    Made me think I deserved it
    In the thick of healing
    We’d always go into it blindly
    I needed to lose you to find me
    This dancing was killing me softly
    I needed to hate you to love me

    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    You promised the world and I fell for it
    I put you first and you adored it
    You set fires to my forest
    And you let it burn
    Sang off key in my chorus-

    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to hate you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah

    And now the chapter is closed and done
    And now it’s goodbye
    It’s goodbye for us

    Music video by Selena Gomez performing Lose You To Love Me. © 2019 Interscope Records


    1. SelenaGomezVEVO

      This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself.

      1. Adi Palacios

        @Ilbifuckr me w

      2. Adi Palacios

        @Ilbifuckr me w

      3. Marriam Martin

        I love u Soooo much ❤️🌏🔐🤞....omw

      4. Nayna El

        We looove uuuu !


        Soo Deeppp ❤️

    2. Michael Kelly

      I love at 2:50 how she finally finds that moment of clarity, “I needed to lose you to love me” as all the transitions cease. So powerful

    3. Superb Me

      Am glad she lost him and found herself.

    4. Lexi T

      Y’all need to go to this girls song, her voice is amazing and she deserves a record deal!

    5. Maya Martinez

      Anyone here and listening to this song again and again after watching Hacks ?

    6. Stephen Odoom

      ooh as sweet as candy and chocolate

    7. Em

      Now I understand the meaning of these lyrics.

    8. Micole Staton

      I have been in a situationship for almost 7 yrs n unfortunately he is a man that doesn't know how to communicate with words so he physically assaults me n swears it's only becuz he loves me so much I do this to him he has never been like this with anyone else.. but this song is giving me the strength to leave becuz my mind is starting to believe his warped lies

      1. Cole The Earth Elemental

        Leave him gurl he not worth it if he abuses u

    9. Raj Kumar Pahwa

      Mam dont in this break up no mistake is of yours i am big fan of justin bieber but now i am not

    10. Chris Telle

      When I was heartbroken I hear this

    11. Rose

      august 2021 ❤

    12. B. Simeonova


    13. Goodley

      You are so inspiring 😍😍😍

    14. Goodley

      She really love him more than he ll ever know😣😔

    15. i’m_kiwi

      i literally love selena, she’s one of the strongest women i’ve ever seen. She’s talented, beautiful and strong and honestly i still don’t understand why she has haters, she definitely deserves more love

    16. music videos

      What's make u scared the most Selena losing someone I love!!!

    17. Jadwiga Cierpisz

      is this song about Justin and you?

      1. Cole The Earth Elemental

        Yes I think so such as in “two months you replaced us” which is what Justin did

    18. Himani Parihar

      sel, you are such a sweetheart!

    19. Shadow

      She's really the most beautiful person on earth

    20. Nerea Taglia

      I love this song, Selena you are so stronge

    21. AnimeLover😋

      I can't stop listening her songs listened over again n again❤❤❤

    22. 𝗡𝗨𝗔𝗠

    23. Luan Patrick

      Alex Russo is different hahahahahaha

    24. Susmita Suprim

      They must be twin flames 😭

    25. Saloni Joshi


    26. Maria Felix

      I LOVE HER🙌🏻🤎


      The grammy is very corrupt, yummy received grammy nominations and lose you to love me received none

    28. euphoriasbadguy

      let's get this mv to 450-500 million before the end of the year?

    29. vazir khan


    30. Duane Scott

      3:03 I love this

    31. Duane Scott



      We all love you Selena and we are always there for you.

    33. Fenk Barzanji

      I love you selena 2021💙🦋

    34. Creative Arts

      Selena I never knew the story behind this song but now that I do, I need to tell u this and di hope u read this that u r very strong both mentally and physically going through all of that pain, the way he treated u was way bad and what u did not deserved, he was terrible at breaking u and betraying u but u came back even stronger that's what life is all about,no matter what happens even In the future, there is always hope for everyone specially good and kind ones like u so never feel u r alone or heartbroken cos u have ur friends, one of the best ones, taylor.... she will be there for u always so be strong always and forever, boys like these will come and try ri destroy u but it's ur choice if u let them, all of this is coming from a person who was in the same place recently, have hope sweetie ...🥰🥰 we fans r here ro support u no matter what 😘, I lost myself like u did, but u found urself maybe I will too, karma is there, it won't miss him.... he is not worth it, even now what he did to u, he is doing to her ( u know who,won't take name) too or will and if u hadn't fought back , his guts would have raised, well she should be fighting back too, God gives strength to everyone but only some use it for good and others don't even believe it's there, well it's there, we saw it in u...... u r perfect... no one not even him has the right to treat u like that, So come back even stronger

    35. Juan Carlos Altamar Herrera

      Selena te amo, te admiró, te mando un fuerte abrazo desde mi amada Colombia 🇨🇴 🥰

    36. Desirae Clifton

      Even tho ive never met someone famous..Like some people lol Selena is so SO pretty! The people who broke up with her shame on them selena is the most beautifulest thing thats on this planet C:

    37. Lanthoi Thangjam

      Love you Selena ❤

    38. - pumpkīn -

      Selena This would be my favorite song I would stay up all night just to listen to you're music I love you soooooo much❤💖💕

    39. محمد الزهراني

      ترجموا الكلمات وش تقول ذي اهب علييك

    40. MISHA

      lyrics are genius!

    41. Hirumi Sakashita

      nice song

    42. RHAI Gabriel

      toma caralho ela nao brinca

    43. Mahbuba Siddiqua

      Why this always touches my heart

    44. lbutterlyx

      “Now This chapter is closed and done” I felt that

    45. Nayely Vela

      Does anyone know what lashes she’s wearing or if they’re extensions??🥺 I want them!

    46. María paula Manzano

      selena you are my number 1 fan

      1. Cole The Earth Elemental

        You mean ur her number 1 fan?

    47. Marcia Berrezueta

      Tu eres bella y autentica, se que has sufrido mucho dolor, pero tu es hermosa y se sabes que la belleza del alma es la que importa.

    48. nancy michael

      Heard this song on love island USA and decided to check it out. No a big fan of Selena but this song is exceptionally.

      1. no shit sherlock


    49. Mike Marin

      just good to see they got your facebook on point, non-entitledly speaking

    50. icon.finest

      Still this❤️💯

    51. 𝐐𝐌𝐃𝐏

      There are videos where she is yelling at Justin Bieber and there is also one where she is slapping him, why doesn't she talk about that too? that she stops playing the victim.

      1. 𝐐𝐌𝐃𝐏

        @Cole The Earth Elemental I know but, Selena said that Justin Bieber abused her because she does not admit that she also treated him badly

      2. Cole The Earth Elemental

        Ur prob a Justin bieber fan Justin ain’t perfect either their is no such thing as a perfect relationship

    52. Isabella

      Selenators please stream "Rare", "De Una Vez", "Past Life", "Selfish Love" and "Boyfriend" These songs deserve to get 100 million views 🎵❤️

    53. Isabella

      536 k

    54. Carolina Londoño

      te amooo mi Selena hermosa👸🏻,i loveeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍✨✨✨✨✨

    55. Matha Pakma

      heart touching this song 💔💔

    56. Tech Harbinger

      Love you Selena!! ❤️❤️❤️ I think you are nicest person and I really hope that I will meet you one day.

    57. Shadow - Gaming


    58. Hollagrl0999

      This song and “Clover Cage - Game Over” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...🤍💙

    59. Tris

      to all beautiful women in this world .its time to move on .lets keep on hoping we will find someone better in the future ,stay strong :)

    60. Becky Bee

      Not many songs make me tear up.... But I get this one. Selena don't quit music unless it's truly ur truth!

    61. • K I R A •

      Losing a relationship and the person you loved is natural🥀 Losing yourself in a relationship shouldn't happened ✋🏼 All you men and women out there who have been heartbroken like Selena needs to stop losing yourself and come to relizetion of reality that things doesn't go how you want,thought or expected and the past doesn't matter 🚶‍♀️ All that matters is the future and moving on and loving yourself ❤

    62. selqnasboy


    63. Brianna Bentley

      Can’t imagine being Justin and watching this

    64. Mohd Danial


    65. Soujanya Das

      It is for music like this that I can still make it through this killer times.

    66. Joy Atkinson

      I wish u nothing else but a beautiful and blessing life 🙏😍😘😍❤💕💞

    67. Cole The Earth Elemental

      I need to lose my parents to love me but I’m just a 12 year old

    68. Mariana Vilarino

      Her voice is so sweet and charming ✨❤️

    69. Mariana Vilarino

      Selena you are special ✨🌷❤️🌹

    70. Mariana Vilarino

      Selena deserves more respect, she is beautiful, she sings wonderfully and just like everyone deserves respect ❤️

    71. Jannat jui

      Although I just love how Selena moved on and makse up(her fans) fell special all the time

    72. Jehan Jocuya

      Break up hurts but start loving yourself more after losing someone is so amazing

    73. Mary Ndung'u

      Hits hard after losing my best friend,my ride or die🥺 I put you first and you adored it😭 This girl just hurt me too much 💔

    74. ardi ansyah

      dont think you alone we also love you♥

    75. JaMoog Ya

      lol i'm crying

    76. İrem Türk


    77. Sueda'nın eğlence kanalı

      When i listening this song i feel so alone...

    78. Biagio Caccia


    79. Dula Peep

      Selena Queen ❤❤

    80. Dula Peep

    81. Dula Peep

      Queenlena ❤❤

    82. Dula Peep


    83. Dula Peep

      Queen ❤😍

    84. Dula Peep

      Love her ❤

    85. Dula Peep

      Her best song 😍😍😍

    86. Rani

      I'm a selenators since 2009 but no hate to Hailey she seems to be very sweet and innocent but have seen Justin being rude and abusive to Hailey even after their marriage. Justin deserve none of these beautiful women.

      1. Cole The Earth Elemental

        @𝐐𝐌𝐃𝐏 shut up Justin is a racist and treats woman badly

      2. 𝐐𝐌𝐃𝐏

        You're not special that's called respect, plus find out more about Jailey, will you?

    87. harshi thakkar

      every time i hear it i get goosbumbs

    88. srishti raj

      Thank you for such songs and heal all of us. Thank you for being my role model.

    89. James David

      Why did I think this song was from the early 2010s. Didn’t realize it’s only 1.5 years old

    90. Lisa Deaville

      Mc Gordy feature bizarre have a listen to that sweetheart. Seems no one likes your ex. Your beautiful sweetheart. And your better off without a man who marrys 2 months later. I think her dad pushed for that so it will up her career. But it hasn't lol x

    91. HappyDimond

      Best song o love u girl loveeee uuu

    92. F.D.A sucks letsfight F.I.P save the kitties

      We all know y'all are here 😲🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm sure you can take 2 guesses people's 🙂🤗

    93. gianna miller

      both her and her voice is absolutely gorgeous she finally found herself and that's the most important thing

    94. Ahmad Rafik