What's Your Zodiac Sign? | Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Jibawi

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    1. Anwar Jibawi

      Thanks for watching! Subscribe & join memberships! Links in bio.

      1. Greta Carduck

        @Nosipho Ntsangani I’m too ♥️✨

      2. Nosipho Ntsangani

        I'm august 9th

      3. Esteban


      4. Greta Carduck

        My birthday is kn the 9th of August to. That’s great 😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️

      5. addison fan page rea page

        I am a gem6

    2. Omar ibn taher


    3. Bryan Uniqq

      I’m Leo

    4. Mr pumkin Guy

      Will I’m August 1 😆

    5. MC Gamer

      Taurus squad here 👇

    6. TrenzyGodz

      I’m a Scorpio

    7. Andrew Gaming

      Im literally born in august 10th XD

    8. Lambros Lambrou

      Lol i am a Leo too i am so lucky

    9. AncientGreekGeek

      seriously August 9 me toooooooooooooooooo

    10. Rosy Ascencio

      Me being a gemini watching this:😦😐

    11. Destani Rose Cloud


    12. KingHamoud !

      Im a Scorpio November 14 : stubborn , sexy , dancer ,evil , caring obsession Everyone : gets jealous *

    13. Saket Yadav

      That Taurus guy is in Dhar Mann GEproms channel 😀

    14. Carina Boldor

      Yeeees,Leo squad!!🤪🤪

    15. molly

      i wonder what aquarius would be like.. - an aquarius

    16. Raniya Freeney

      U have the same bday as king von

    17. saptarshi mallick

      Holy shit My birthday is exactly the same as Anwar!!!

    18. Lizzy.

      Me A Leo (3rd august) : 👄🔫

    19. zozo_tiktok24

      IM A LEO TO!

    20. Haven Keating

      A girl dumped me cause I was a scorpio like da fuq

    21. Yonsh Hai

      "Its just a sign" Ye thats right

    22. Liam Playz

      I’m Capricorn and Aquarius

    23. BlackMenAreGods ExecuteChauvin

      This is triggering black american females everwhere. Hide your wigs and weaves...

    24. Teoman Aras Basegmez

      Am lion .🦁😁

    25. Hi There


    26. Fitget toys

      Im a leo ♌ leo vibes yaaaaasss

    27. Arnab Das

      If me and anwar will be in one room we are gonna jump on bed to bed and play the floor is lava 🤪 Because i am a pisces

    28. Μr Wowz

      My b day is 1 day before his!

    29. Nitin Paul

      Zodiac discrimination

    30. Jan Brooks

      ya no what's funny im a leo to

    31. Kaptur3d M3mori3s


    32. Wolfeizz r6

      Mine is scorpio ♏

    33. TS Royale

      2:05 that guy is from dhar mann

    34. Xkha99 Assassin

      Slam alaikom

    35. Ranisha Bhola

      My littel brother birthday is 9 august too😁

    36. Ninja Dragon


    37. Julekha Julie

      My favourite colour is red Get it

    38. TTV btw jt30

      I’m a Pisces

    39. Salomėja

      My birthday August 9th😅

    40. LordRali101

      Gemini here

    41. Lalhlupuii chhakchhuak

      june 21 cancer is ma zodic sign and im 8 im gonna be 9 in june 21

    42. EvDell

      You should have said august 8th,,,!

    43. Dylan Tan

      The torius guy is in dhar mann vids right? Or am I mistaken

    44. Lost Star

      I was born August 3rd 2009

    45. Mr. Atheist_07

      If someone asks for your zodiac sign there probably the next zodiac killer

    46. Saroj Pathak

      2:01 am I the only one who knows that this guy is from dhar Mann

    47. Ferny Orona

      I was born in August 9

    48. Pawan Shivan

      I think mine is cancer? I dunno?

    49. Aaron Stachovic

      Bruh, how did they know my birthday. MY BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 9TH!!!🎉

    50. Roger And Liam

      This was uploaded on my birthday


      Dhar mann

    52. Praveen HB

      These skits are comedy horror genre. love the way both are mixed together

    53. Akari Akamine

      her: She's a scorpio 😒 me, a Virgo: wait really?! * has suddenly teleported next to her which she was fine with for some reason* hi there! I'm a Virgo, it's nice to meet you! If you ever need to talk about anything to me, just walk over to my desk and let it all out

    54. Spiro Tserpelis

      Scorpio gang!!!!!!🦂🦂🦂 👇

    55. Golden Rex


    56. قناة المنوعات

      Anwar ure a genius

    57. Bredaplaysroblox

      Yo pisces ♓️ gang

    58. lance

      1:58 is that the guy from dhar mahn studios.

    59. Aquaturtle 1

      Aquarius gang ♒️

    60. Adrian Jimenez-Martinez

      libra gang

    61. May

      Im ♌️ Leo

    62. Simon Pierre

      Zodiac sings are always weird

    63. sreejith k

      Is there anyone who doesn't give a fuck about these stupid signs lol

    64. xX4LERXx Boom

      Me: who is a scorpio and gets mad at everything.... relatable.

    65. ProjectENRBLX

      Finnaly my kind = arabians started to go up in da chart

    66. Sanjay Lemuel

      Amanda looks like Dua lipa 😁

    67. tHe PerSoN

      Scorpio Gang

    68. XxKiller GamesxX

      2:01 is that one of dhar mann's actors?

    69. hi

      I'm a libra and my dad's a leo

    70. akito Mouzinho

      Who else is Leo ♌️✋

    71. Omar Delarosa

      Libra ♎️

    72. Hisoka Moist

      zodiac signs are bs but this was a fun vid

    73. BlessedJay •

      Is it really august 9? Because that’s my b day 2

    74. Blaine Laura

      I’m also a Leo born on august15

    75. Jahvair Clark

      We Geminis are so special, only a few in the comments☺️

      1. Bryan Stark

        A few? I've seen like 20

    76. Jacqkiee Mz

      Im a Leo 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

    77. Jaikaran Singh

      I am a Leo too😂

    78. Bridget Ramirez

      im a capricorn birthday december 24 ik no one askedi just wanted to say something

    79. Tiki Tootles

      May 29th. Am a Gemini.

    80. Nathaniel Jeremiah

      Huh i feel like a leo is verry common bc i'm a leo aswell hm

    81. 〜『Luna』〜

      I’m a Pisces and actually I have a soulmate that is a Capricorn we get along sooooooooooo welllllll

      1. RedMountain

        Pisces here ♓️

    82. Ghada Botros

      Im a Genimi (Sorry i spelled it wrong)


      Listen I’m a Scorpio ♏️ but I don’t get that mad about a doughnut Like seriously dude she needs to chillaxe

    84. Masood Rana

      Such performance can only be expected from Leo. Well done my lion Leo. Mine is 6 August, Leo

    85. Hming Thanmawii

      I'm Libra ♎ 😂❤️

    86. Andy Murphy

      This is my dad’s account but I’m Aries! 😙

    87. Queen Keke

      I am Virgo

    88. Fahim

      I'm aghast 8 sorry I spelled it wrong

    89. Kaiden Easy

      i a libra

    90. Ashley matthews

      Gemini June 9

    91. •weido_101•

      1:58 he is one of the actors from dhar man

    92. Lemmon the bunny

      He’s from dharman

    93. Cat Catherine

      I’m a leo

    94. shadows fnf vlogs


    95. Silin Art

      at the end i said - it was a really looong birthday soong

    96. XenhiFN

      Me being a Taurus ♉️

    97. Jennavecia Rosales

      I'm a leo 🦁

    98. jeremiah Thongs

      Guys didn't realize the guy who said hey Leo is from the dar skits kids

    99. Feks XS

      My B day is 19august

    100. Muhammad Ali

      Taurus,.Scorpios and Leos are quite powerful zodiacs compared to others.