Minecraft's Funniest Pirates...


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    We became Pirates in Minecraft, and even had a surprise guest! This video was hilarious to record!

    Edited by Tommy & @letucesandwich

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    1. Plasma YT

      As an among us based youtuber i love the among us jokes they put in this video.

    2. Noah1234 Andrew


    3. Jiatong gaming

      Tubbo:I got Susan’s balls Me:wait,women don’t have bals

    4. SprinkleBun 13

      The Michael Jackson/Tubbo Tennis was 👌🏻

    5. - MunchKun -

      -WHOLESOME ALERT- Ive only just started watching but Im gonna say the truth. Since ive been watching Tommy and the dsmp, my opinion, a person behind the screen, is that Im so so proud of them all and the hate they had to pass through, they are such a funny wonderful bunch of people. I love you all and Im so proud. Xx WE love you all ❤️

    6. Bloop :0

      One piece but simpler

    7. Thunder Knight

      Can we all agree that The ,,Pirat rideing a COCK’’ made video 999999% funnier

    8. Teko

      1:53 Red bull really does give you wings

    9. Miho

      One Piece but Dsmp xD

    10. Ark

      this just sums up one piece

    11. PARAMILANA Gaming

      Less c what the latest GEproms update has to offer

    12. lj and ethany lj nangka ethany faith

      Tommy is the chosen one so he can activate the aether

    13. Len Keller

      Big prison and big boat

    14. captainswayer3 The lucario

      16:18 "That's got to be the best imposter I ever seen"

    15. Len Keller

      Tommy the reason I followed was bc ur annoying

    16. Sherry Hughes

      Are you the real?..

    17. xKatiezx

      Tommy please tell Tubbo to say Arigato

    18. E Boiii

      F0ck1ng schlatt dude-

    19. Cody Cook

      Tubbenis is the best

    20. Xd racer

      Tommy sorry you lost 1 sub because my old account had to be deleted but I’m subbed in this account so yeah just saying

    21. cheesecake

      *tommy* today we became pirates were gonna be on the dark web we're gonna be hacking and getting movies for free with bootleg

    22. ꧁ꕥʕ•ᴥ•ʔꕥ꧂

      Imagine that this is apart of the dream smp in the past past past that karl didnt get to yet

    23. ❁•Chåsing_Chāce•❁

      The Fact That "Tubbo Cookie" Is spelled "Tubbo Cooky"

    24. Crash Crunch


    25. MadlyPlayzz23

      the aether as in cod zombies aether?!

    26. Nolan Aalbregtse

      Yo anyone got the mod name?

    27. King kira

      Alternate title “scuffed pirates”

    28. i am in unimaginable pain

      “Never waste your diamonds on a hoe” -Jschlatt

    29. decode


    30. Ragan Brown


    31. Ido broshi

      The funniest moment for me is 12:33 until 12:41🤣

    32. Katoz

      13:55 Tubbo: Hallelujah

    33. Kristen Sims

      Michael Jackson HEE HEE !!

    34. Foxy 7 Years Ago

      I came here from a channel name David dorbik

    35. KookieDubs



      tommyinniy: gotta get netherite armor and sword because he already have a axe of peace dream: dudududu----------dudududu snapnap: COME HERE DREAM

    37. Paul Denis Hegarty


    38. DracaTGA - The Gaming Agent

      8:22 Everyone: *being pirates* Tommy: 𝔼 :3

    39. Alan Barajas

      12:25 12:30

    40. Alan Barajas


    41. Seth Kelly

      Tommy doesn’t know what a gingerbread cookie is

    42. Jack Dewey

      JRWI: Riptide.

    43. Étoine de Vries

      Charlie doing Michael Jackson when hitting Tubbo is the funniest shit ever 🤣

    44. dunkmunk


    45. Generator Filmow

      *hee* _hee_

    46. ApesTheApe

      This is 99% better than pirates of the Caribbean

    47. Tadashi Yamaguchi

      I find the videos very annoying but I love them. That's why in subscribed

    48. Junior Tuzon

      My fav youtuber is tommy cus he curse

    49. Eva Hagen

      Tubbo: "I'M SO MAD!!!" Jschlatt: "Oh, he figured it out :)"

    50. Danoyson

      What Mod is it i want to build my own ships too. Please tell me, it would mean alot if you answer (or anyone else who knows that mod it is). Edit: Nevermind, I got it, but if anyone needs it, I have it

    51. cool guy

      ok but why does charlie actually sound like michael jackson?

    52. :3 Ashlyn

      I get bad headaches almost everyday and I watched this and it brightened my day 1000000% thanks tommy

    53. XoWs

      Jschlatt: *drinks and starts flying* Slimecicle: Stop Swimming!

    54. CircuitTheProtogen

      What boat mod did they use? Can someone pls give me a link to it?

    55. Potato Potato

      slimescile be like hee hee

    56. Arcana zero Studios

      It's first mate not assistant Captain.

    57. gamerforlife xd

      Jschlatt michal Jackson are the same

    58. averywastaken 0-0

      I think I might do the things that Tubbo does 😅

    59. it's Lina

      12:25 legendary moment will take place

    60. Reuben Williams

      alternate title: Tubbo and Schlatt argue about who is the captain for 23 minutes

    61. KittyCat Gacha

      11:59 is the start of my favorite clip in this video😂

    62. Rose dickson

      If Charlie's mom is a slime,out of all the weird things his dad could be Michael Jackson couldn't be far off-

    63. Sabananas

      Me realizing i havent subbed : *my life has been a lie*

    64. Kihyuns high note in *Lost In The Dream*

      Watching this while having a sore throat is really something

    65. FUNNY FF

      The scene that make me laugh so hard is when they at the among us shrine.

    66. Snorlaximate

      Schlatt is gettin "high"

    67. Peter Kujo

      Tubbo is Usoop And I'm not wrong If someone already said this sorry

    68. BakedPotato

      Idk how this man is annoying, he is absolutely hilarious!

    69. Chrollo Simp

      15:23 why is phil’s head on a pole?? explain?

    70. Fabulousme

      People find Tommy annoying? Hmm weird

    71. NameNotFound

      0:25 Tommy: to everyone who has subscribed, thank you! Thank you! Me: your welcome Tommy

    72. dwyane gamer

      5:16 tubbo just turned into a seagle

    73. mint1601

      hi Tommy I want to be just like you

      1. mint1601

        ​@Blurpled Blurred I mean a lot less cussing and I am going to have a smp I hope

      2. Blurpled Blurred

        Probably not the best for the algorithm but k

    74. wayne matheson

      16:10 that is what i would probably do

    75. Colleen Jones


    76. Bookie Cookie

      Am I the only one that heard Halo 21:51

    77. Leah Madzen

      JShlat: drunk Dream SMP JShlat: drunk

    78. Leah Madzen

      "Most people find my videos annoying" His 10 mil subscribers:

    79. Ducky


    80. BUMI

      one peice vibes

    81. ᴇʟᴡɪʀᴋᴀ ʟᴘꜱ

      12:17 100% that Tubbo was dying inside

    82. ᴇʟᴡɪʀᴋᴀ ʟᴘꜱ

      12:15 Tubboreally went like: *wait what*

    83. ᴇʟᴡɪʀᴋᴀ ʟᴘꜱ

      "Stop swimming!" "Stop swimming!" *"STOP DRINKING"*

    84. user69420976

      ah yes, the famous BONEHENGE

    85. Break Your Mark

      That’s a banjo moment

    86. Olaf Dobiecki

      What is the name of the pirates mod?

    87. bossdris potato

      Plot twist: No one thinks that Tommyinnit’s videos are annoying

    88. Shae Trudgeon

      2:10 Did anybody else notice that Tubbo is apparently struggling with dysentery?!?!? O.o

    89. fireknight117 90

      "captian schlatt your just drunk don't listen to this"

    90. Spark Studios

      2:10 Assistant TO the captain. Assistant captain is not a thing.

    91. Pog Birb

      They installed the aether mod just for that 2 minute clip.

    92. Tara Lingard

      Charlie playing tennis while making Michael Jackson noises gives me life

    93. DogLover’s Life

      *PotC vibes*

    94. ToastyEggs

      Tommy and Schlagt: beating Tubbo to death with bones Slimesicle in the background: _im just a vertex_

    95. Faceless707 gaming

      jshlatt has the power of drunkness and soberness... and thats why he flies. when hes very drunk he flies

    96. Arthur Pitman

      The boy capture returns

    97. Andrew Stumpf

      Time flys when pain is yes

    98. InstinctMayonnaise

      15:08 is the start of the funniest clip

    99. MakkyPakky

      Captain Puffy: wait, that’s illegal