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Serie A

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    Goals from Locatelli, Defrel \u0026 Jerome Boga secured 3 points for Sassuolo | Serie A TIM

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    1. Ex Army

      Bruno alves goal was so underrated

    2. barudak sipil

      puskas for Bruno Alves

    3. Cornellius Dimas Berlin

      So sad to watch this historic Parma team have been relegated, with all this club history, I hope they will back soon to Serie A

    4. Toran Afrasiab

      Sassuolo is playing wonderful football with players like Berardi, Boga , Locatelli and Consigli

    5. Evren K

      Bruno Alves with goal of the season!!

    6. Krzysiek Durtan

      1:38 Bruno Alves great goal!

    7. Diogo Vieira

      BRUTO ALVES Mister to Futevôlei

    8. Louis Baltimore

      The Bruno Alves Goal mdrr. 👌🏾🔥

    9. Francisco Sousa

      Bruno Alves grande golo,👍

    10. Abhi Dhoundiyal

      Alves goal was amazing🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    11. Jose Joseph

      Bruno Alves, ainda para as curvas

    12. yip mr


    13. East Blue

      Sassuolo: the next Atalanta

    14. Pram Susilo


    15. Demetrio Tozzi

      Scouting for Shakhtar

    16. Patrik Feňuš

      Bruno Alves with goal of the season 🔥

    17. Antoni Cahyadi

      Just forget about this embarassing season, and come back in serie a with stronger squad parma !!! #Forza Gialloblu from Indonesia

    18. shilva arunvijay


    19. Jason Lam

      A goal scored by a 39 years old guy.

    20. Omed Saed


    21. Noah Okoth

      Goal of the season contender by Bruno 🔥

    22. EgyptianKing#FSGOUT

      Crazy goal

    23. Irfan

      Parma will be back to A soon with new stadium...

    24. Евгений Романов

      Sassuolo 😍

    25. 204Percent SpaghettiMan

      If the rumours are true and De Zerbi is going to Shakhtar I'm worried for this team. Sassuolo have progressed so much in the last year or two, obviously big teams will come and take the best players like Locatelli who is likely to leave but I really thought we could be going somewhere special with De Zerbi...hopefully whoever replaces him is perfect for the club otherwise I'm worried we could end up back in the relegation scraps like years gone by.

      1. 204Percent SpaghettiMan

        @Sam Ashton For sure. Hopefully they take the time to consider the right man for the job, someone with a similar style so the transition isn't so rough, and with the money we get from Locatelli they can find a solid replacement and invest in some more players too. Only time will tell, but we need to keep our heads up. Still the tiniest chance of Europa League too if Spezia can pull off a miracle along with a (hopefully) poor Lazio performance!

      2. Sam Ashton

        I’m seriously worried. De Zerbi will leave and some new manager will come in and try to change things their way which will see us slip up. Locatelli will leave. We could really be in some trouble

    26. Ripardo Teixeira

      Another match Consigli making awesome saves, this time a Double save

    27. Andrew Nainggolan

      Consigli 🧤

    28. doyanbalabala

      Lazy title lol

    29. Hamba Allah


    30. ThaT HeaT

      goal of the season

    31. gribomaru

      awesome goals!

    32. Mohamed wabi

      Sassulo goals 🔥 underated team

    33. Виталий Набатов

      Саусульки чемпионы, а Бога божественен)

    34. El Machico

      How come Sassuolo penalty was given. It was not penalty at all. No words for Serie A referees

      1. Oscar Waite

        Totally agree. Some of the decisions this season have been truly awful

    35. El Machico

      Parma kit looks like a Funeral dress. They even got relegated 😅

      1. Hussein

        It's a beautiful kit tbh

      2. Riccardo Guareschi

        It’s for the BLM movement

      3. Victor Lugosi

        What’s wrong with dressing all in black? I’ve done it for 15 years lol

    36. Richard Ritielly

      Vamo Sasol 💚🖤

    37. James Kipsang

      Bruno Alves goal 💯💯🔥🔥🔥class

      1. •Court Vision•

        The amazing fact is that he is 40 years old 😳

      2. Thomas Miller

        With Parma going down, I wonder what's going to become of Alves and Gervinho, 2 players that have had long, great careers.

      3. James Kipsang

        World class 🔥💯

      4. Cinclus

        Reminded me of that iconic volley goal by Di Canio

    38. Saq Productions

      SAQ HD

    39. Tareq Alkhalefah

      Parma deserves relegation to the Serie B . Worst team this season

    40. mickey leboeuf

      poor parma. still, they have a nice away kit

    41. Simohamed Zguit

      C'est magnifique forza sassuolo 💚💚🖤🖤

    42. OlzonicMC

      Sadly De Zerbi & Locatelli will leave

      1. Adhit Andriansyah

        @íțś ɱě ßřüђ Shakhtar Donetsk

      2. íțś ɱě ßřüђ

        where's de zerbi going?

    43. Sultan Ajose


    44. Antonio Aoun

      This team deserve a spot in the conference cup!

      1. sami romiroma

        @Svyatozar Zhezherya honestly when i saw de zerbi at the end trying to hold his tears ,i felt bad for him ,hopefully they will make it next season

      2. Svyatozar Zhezherya

        @sami romiroma Yeah I was extremely emotional on last minutes of the match. So sorry for Sassuolo, They were pure gold this season. Euro cups could be the culmination of De Zerbi work. Can’t even believe, Forza Sassuolo!

      3. sami romiroma

        @Svyatozar Zhezherya you are wrong ,Roma qualified😂

      4. Svyatozar Zhezherya

        @sami romiroma Bruh Roma is out and Sassuolo in Europe Conference League

      5. sami romiroma

        @Abdul Abas Nur Aprianto even roma tie next match and sassuolo win against Lazio ,roma will still qualify Unless sassoulo scores 5 goals or more against lazio

    45. Jevaunne Headley


      1. Sultan Ajose

        Shut up