Los Angeles Lakers vs Indiana Pacers Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

MLG Highlights

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    გამოქვეყნდა თვის წინ


    1. MLG Highlights

      LBJ on Kobe Bryant's Hall of Fame induction and how his ankle felt Watch: geproms.info/flow/y3dmoGevkIV8d6g/video.html

      1. Wayne Peters

        What's more mind blowing is how you all support a Communist, Racist hypocrite!👌

      2. Elle Fanning

        The fact the lebron scored exactly 24 on Kobe’s hof induction day is mind blowing

    2. w l

      Lakers Is soft. They need starssssssssssssssssssssssssssss to win. Just like last year . What a soft ring . And they still be happy with it

    3. Harlond Gemmy

      The remarkable blowgun reciprocally cough because beard advisably smash towards a intelligent robin. cloistered, sophisticated grandson

    4. Thomas Ward

      The Lakers are a championship franchise rest yo best players for a playoff run Genius


      I cast Fire on the Devil in Jesus' name.

    6. Joseph Smith


    7. larry diaz

      YESSSSSS LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Yudhichristian

      the king is back

    9. Marla Dienstberger

      The willing thread synthetically scream because apology proximately analyse at a comfortable back. light, hurried chive

    10. Fernandos Ricardo , CSCA

      LBJ is back for LA !!

    11. Ryan Tan

      7:57 i cant be the only one that heard N*gga

    12. Joseph Yang

      LBJ Playoff Transformation is Complete

    13. Lemuel Basilio

      7:57 niga

    14. Aasar Ptah

      Lakers reconnecting after injuries see off the Pacers......

    15. Oroka_Boss

      TJ is such a good defender

    16. Glen Maiwelpei

      Here we go fans....Lakeshow it is

    17. Carmelo Anthony

      7:55 its me or after Maclemore’s shot he said “nigga”🤣

    18. norain bagilad

      curry mvp and scoring title

    19. Bankroll Pino

      LeVert is so talented

    20. zikocult

      this game looks easy in Lebron's hands

    21. Mehdi K

      When healthy, lakers are the best team in this league

    22. Dia

      One day the king won’t be here anymore and the nba won’t be the same without him . Welcome back 👑

    23. Saint Wretched

      News: LeBron has just checked in. News: Kuzma has checked out.

    24. Zainah Almia

      Lebron welcome back..

    25. Richard Madrid

      Watch out NBA Utah fans talks alot the Lakers are back for the playoffs

    26. Bad boy

      Cant wait how will kawhi crush this team 😂

    27. Caponsacchi

      AD and LeBron were on Kuz about a bad pass. Kuz goes to the bench, but it's LeBron who loses the ball a couple of times as the Laker lead shrinks from 10 to 3 before LeBron's afterburners ensure a comfortable victory. Kuz is never spectacular but makes so few mistakes that his bad decisions stand out more flagrantly. He was alone in his corner, where he could have salted the game with consecutive 3's.

    28. Allan Magalhães✅

      1:21 DunkJames

    29. Paul Mark11th

      7:56 is it me or did this commentator say The N word😳


        Wait did he say the n word!????

    30. Paul Mark11th

      Lebron looks 99.9% healthy to me

    31. kirandougoud7

      Lebron is really a beast.that's so funny to see him playing!!!

    32. Savage

      Lol lebron came back and lakers won really huge.. yeh

    33. Eric HO

      Marc never claps his hands on the bench

    34. Ronell Ocson

      7:57 did he just said the N word? 😂

    35. Von Bryan Valerio

      This is why I think Nuggets will purposely lose tonight!

    36. #1P4P_Akq B

      The real mvp back in the lineup

    37. Arief Naufal

      Damn lavert is so goodddd

    38. Douglas Martins

      lebron is a great play

    39. Adi Picograf

      Man LeBron is the real deal. So many clever assists by this man.


      How 36 years old still very important in this team 😂

    41. OllieT

      7:55 what did he sayyy???

    42. Tejinder Singh Bhinder AKA Tezzi

      Only watching this highlights bcz bron is back.

    43. Chan -ID


    44. Jolita Bayaban

      i miss my bron sooooooooo much🥰

    45. horrormena

      Lebrons back, finally

    46. Carlos Manuel Marinze Júnior

      Lebron playing chess...

    47. Killua Zoldyck

      I love the way you show the stats now

    48. JusTiny

      Did the commentator say the N:GGA 7:55 - 7:58

    49. Ema Tuiasau

      Lakeshow is back 💜💛💜💛

    50. Agridag Abouzer

      Free Palestine ✊✊✊✊✊

    51. Willy Tu

      After Caruso back, maybe Vogel can try to put him on the starter

    52. Keani Edwards

      Lakers backcourt deep

    53. jilzz tv

      lakers vs gsw

    54. elra7177


    55. Son Gohan

      lakers will win this season

    56. Andreas Sanchez

      Oh my God,i think this is a Game from February but no!!!! LeBron,AD and Dennis Schröder in Playoff Form! The King Jumps like he is in Prime. From Seed 7 in the Finals?? That never happen before but you can make it when you know LeBron,Schröder,AD come in Best Form back in the Playoffs

    57. Amed Mbow

      7:56 , they just got into again what?

    58. GeebusCripes

      Schroder KCP LBJ AD Drummond Not a bad looking starting 5.

    59. Hansyeliko Gloriano Limahelu

      Lakerss are weakk👎👎👎

    60. Qidong John Liang

      There is some chemistry growing between Drummond and AD, which is very beneficial for the whole team.

    61. Kai Nottbohm

      07:55 they what?

    62. Ron Bash

      The strange humidity centrally kick because woolen currently queue until a spiffy kidney. slippery, well-off olive

    63. Wahyu Tri Ananda

      7:07 ayee

    64. Victor Olivier


    65. Los Ange

      King Thank You!!!! What a legend..

    66. Mental Beatz

      7:57 Did commentator just say “They just got into again Nigga”?

    67. Mental Beatz

      7:09 KCP Took that man ankles 😬

    68. TryThisJ

      One can't dent the positive impact Bron has on the floor. When he's out there really going for the W, they're hard to beat..not unbeatable, but hard.

    69. Ndumiso Mtwana

      7:56 ...Y'all also heard the commentator say,"They just got into it again Nigga"

      1. Mental Beatz

        I literally just commented that nice you caught it too😂

    70. Yuan Conde

      Lakers is alive.......yeah....back to back champ.

    71. Always Winning

      Clippers just want that 2nd round exit again not the first against us lol

    72. Xabas

      Where Is Gasol???!!!!🤬

    73. Atul Ghale

      That is strong Lakers everyone would like to see.

    74. Paolo Mondo Miki

      7:57 Wait what?

    75. John Wick

      Thet alley hoop was crazy !

    76. Johnny Shami

      Kobe gets inducted to the hall of fame. Lebron goes out and scores 24 points and gets 8 assists. Respect

    77. Dylan Sevitt

      none else confused by uniforms?

    78. Joel Barbara

      almost give me heart attack when you land like that king james. stop doin that

    79. Nikos Pao

      Lakers defence has gotten so much worse compared to last season.. but their offence is better. Atleast that's something.

    80. Carl Robinson

      Roman reigns is better

    81. Leon NGG

      Gooooooooooo Lakers Nation.

    82. Quint Peschier

      Lebron on playoff mode🔥

    83. Aure Harrow

      I'm a fan of Lebron but @4:08 was a travel and he finessed the refs, I love it

    84. Teo Nevřiva

      Did I hear the n word wen mclemore shot the three?

    85. Regedent

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    86. The donn

      Lebron always come back against easy opponents 😂😂

    87. Alexandru Farcas

      7:57. Did he just say "They got into it again, n***a"???

    88. gloubert navarro

      Lakers Champions again

    89. Ponn 王若奇

      I want to see more keep fighting to get slot on PLAY OFF


      The refs favored lakers heavily in every game..🤣🤣🤣

    91. Bradley Lefika

      Bron cocked that DUNK so far back his hairline got jealous

    92. MR V

      damn this complete lakers hella dangerous. it's like a whole different team than what we saw

    93. Muhammad Husein

      4:34 this play so unfair man

    94. James T

      7:55 did the announcer just use the n-word??

    95. Nicodemouz 10nedy

      Time : Hello

    96. Chris Ngan

      7:56 lmao

    97. Basketball Highlights PH

      Thats the real Lakers Basketball!!! Playoffs is coming!!! 💪🏼

    98. Yellow Garden

      The,NBA Is losing supporters and money very quickly these days.

    99. Wayne Peters


    100. A

      Did Mark Jackson say “nigga.” 😂@ 7:57

      1. Mental Beatz

        😂 To the comment and to you thinking that’s Mark Jackson 🤣