Croatia 2 x 1 England ● 2018 World Cup Semifinal Extended Goals & Highlights HD


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    1. Fernando Fernandez

      4:23 you can only score when it's a penalty, mate?

    2. fery yatna

      Marko simic dmn??

    3. offical aile

      We need this again in EM 2021 and WM!!!!!

    4. C Joe


    5. Miguel Luviano ®️

      Increíble que en un partido que se jugó sin porteros solo hayan anotado 3 goles jaja

    6. MyWorld

      Harry Kane receiving the 2018 WC golden boot was a total waste.

    7. Avinash Patil

      Great semi❤️

    8. Ngọc Ánh 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

      03:14 Tao cute thế này. 🏊

    9. Ngọc Ánh 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

      05:00 Ngôn tình dạy chúng ta không cần phải học hành, không cần quá xinh đẹp, chỉ cần bại não theo 1 cách riêng, soái ca sẽ đến bên bạn. 🌏

    10. Big Cuh

      2018 was such a good summer

    11. Nexhat Imeray

      I love creation God bless you brother you deserve twin and you can succeed you’re going to go through other

    12. @CFCMoi11

      In my mind I thought we will win when Tripper scored but they always disappoint me

    13. Tyo Junior

      With england kind of style, i would prefer jamie vardy as a striker rather than kane

    14. MR. MOVIE

      That perisic 1st goal was 🔥🔥🔥 ufff... Pure bliss

    15. TheSmallGamer

      My dad was born in the UK and since United States never does well in the World Cup we always support (we do still support United States, but we just expect England to get further). I was so upset when the game ended but could not believe we made it this far. Can't believe this was almost 3 years ago.

    16. Lovre King 2010

      I was in england and when Mandzukic scored I was Celebrating,everyone wanted to kill me

    17. Martha Fürst

      Mandzukic ist so cool

    18. Yernar Kauyzbayev

      Это настоящий футбол! Море эмоций!💯👍👍👍💯💥💫💣

    19. Paul Scerri

      I wish England would win

    20. Dream The fake one

      Who else watched this live?

    21. Binita Pandey

      Love crotia from nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

    22. Binita Pandey

      nice collection bro thankyou❤️👍️ keep updating i subscribed you

    23. S Ow

      Croatia reminds me of Holland when it comes to winning a final.. Euro or World Cup same luck with either... But I really hope they make it one day.. Whereas for England they're getting much better than what they have been for the past 50 odd years.. Hope they build on this and win the Euro 2020..


      who is here after the euro 2020 match eng vs cro 1-0

      1. B S V SHASHANKA

        @shakram yes

      2. shakram

        You mean 2021?

    25. Mitra Cell

      Deleali 🐕 linggat 🐕

    26. Abhiram

      Who is here after England beat Croatia in euro Cup 1-0

    27. Milind Kunwar

      Back when even Young gets a spot in your squad...

    28. Siddhartha Das

      Lingard khanki

    29. Itz Chaos

      GG Croatia 🇭🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👏

    30. Germain Sena

      Astrologic prédictions . Between 2017 and 2025 , England Team Will Win a major cup . Finish 1966

    31. Budala Tube

      Those who want respect - give respect 🙂 🇭🇷

    32. Adepeju Adewale Samson

      After dominating for most of minutes in the match England national team couldn't just won the match,they should be more than dynamic and ambitious vibrant come next tournament,they should always also be terrific and prolific for their own advantages, benefits.

    33. javier saez parra

      Mañana otra vez

    34. ingo ohne

      Brexit! LOL

    35. SUBH Bhatotia

      Supported Croatia from India🇮🇳❤️ Love Croatia football team

    36. Samuel Price

      England hammered them for the majority of the game, went ahead too early IMO.

    37. Jamie

      This shower of pish are the epitome & perfect example of how the beta english fans have accepted bland, trash football sides as quality.

    38. znax

      Tommorow again mark my words . 13.06.2021

      1. znax

        @Georgerussellfan 63 It makes it 1:1 i guess now.

      2. Georgerussellfan 63

        Footballs coming home again

    39. Mariel Ang

      Idk why it feels weird to watch football with American accented commentary haha

    40. Luiz Eduardo

      Esse goleiro não presta parece que faz e de propósito

    41. WIPIDO

      4mil country vs english colonialist.. came home, and will stay there..arrogant bastards.. OOOOOOOOO PICKEEEE

    42. S DSMe

      We should have fucking WON this game. End of! France would've slaughtered us in the final. BUT should have been another World Cup Final appearance.

    43. Richard Foley

      Both Croatia goals were soft goals to give away by England.

    44. cranex


    45. മാക്രി ഗോപാലൻ✔️

      Anybody മല്ലൂസ് 😜😜

    46. haiwa tigere

      That dejected English player in the prone position. That's what I think when I hear of England in soccer

    47. Phương Anh 200k vào timbantinhvn chấm com

      00:54 Cứ MỘT MÌNH mãi vậy nhưng mà cũng quen rồi :((( 🐽

    48. Phương Anh 200k vào timbantinhvn chấm com

      36:43 ??? ☹

    49. Dan Bradley


    50. Herceg Bosna

      Mandžukić shouting in tunnel "We are better team, they can't do anything to us!" Legendary summer, legendary team. As croat i think my dream is fulfiled. We played world cup final🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

    51. Hillary

      Nobody likes England anyway 😆

    52. TANGA TAYU

      Really who dislike football ass..

    53. splash

      why do we have an american to comentate hes gonna call it soccer

    54. Pradeep Sabar

      I love Croatian player's

    55. durgesh pandey

      Mandukic was the show stopper❤

    56. Ben Haney

      Pickford actually had a damn good game...

    57. Ben Haney

      England really should have been up at least 2-0. They were the much better team in the first half.

      1. Ben Haney

        Then they just sort of collapsed after Croatia’s first goal. It seems like nerves got to them late tied game...

    58. SC

      What a game.what a World Cup.What a Year.than came Covid

    59. Favreian Vengeance

      Trippierrrrrr. American announcers are the worst.

    60. Juan jose Guerrero melgar

      Para mí , manzukip o manzuquik p como se llame xD , Sera buen jugador

    61. Ciaran McCusker

      As a irishmen i was up for England i support liverpool and me 2 sisters where born in liverpool what missed opportunity this was england should have beating these i bet if croatia where in englands qaulifing group they beat them easy

    62. ivan sesar

      Da su nam vaki borci političari😅

    63. Jorge Raúl Solís Rangel

      Remember when we made fun of Croatia in 2014 for losing against Mexico.. well they reached the Final and we Mexicans can´t even reach quarter finals

    64. Subash Shrestha

      Even Highlights is heartbreaking 💔 to watch

    65. Mentalman_YT


    66. Zweihander zouzouz

      england woulda won world cup if they reached final tbh, they had too much heart, on the other hand croatia was just glad that it reached the final

    67. Fariad Malik

      England was unlucky , thery were over power in 1st half.

    68. HighFlyingBird82

      Love the Croatians 🇮🇪🇭🇷

      1. Kruno Fio

        We croats love Ireland!

    69. HighFlyingBird82

      I've heard many many many American commentators. Most of them are awful. Or just cheesy. These 2 guys do a great 👍 job. Finally. Hopefully they'll get rid of the crap in time.

    70. Neven Pervan

      Mamicu im bljedoliku

    71. Imotski-1991 #

      Spavate li mirno englezi?

    72. shimul islam

      The lush singer cosmetically spot because theory ideally roll across a abiding price. bad, mighty kale

    73. Razzy kashew

      This coming up on my recommended three days before England play Croatia 🙈🙈🙈

    74. Anthony Andrew

      I am Anthony, i am happy today because Dr Uroko bring happiness into my life Dr Uroko help me to fix my broken marriage and i recommend you all, who are in the same problem of broken marriage.

    75. Miroljub Lovadinov

      love it , just love it every bit of it . / bravo komsije velicanstvena pobeda /

    76. Fayez AH

      the amount of chances wasted by england that day smh should have won easily

    77. Mario Strnad

      So proud to be Croat 🇭🇷

    78. Peter Anderson

      What happened to Dele Alli? The Croatian Cruyff leads his team to World Cup final.

    79. M Dave

      Did football come home? Haha. Beautiful.

    80. Anto Stjepanović

      Iznad svih🇭🇷

    81. Salam Dheeraj Singh

      Perisic is so UNDERATED tbh.

    82. Vic O

      the croatia equalizer was a foul, that was a high foot. ref should have blown the whistle for a free kick

    83. Sikharjyoti Baishya 76A2

      Great win for dele fucking ali

    84. clsman

      Ref should have let the last big chance for Croatia to possibly score the third goal. He shouldn't have stopped the game like that!

    85. Night Stalker

      Bolje smo ajde nemogu nam nista tako je Hrvati


      Still gives me goosebumps! England missed many chances and the second goal of Croatia was more of a poor defense of England than Manzukic's brillance. This EURO will be brilliant, just one day left!!! GROUP A,GROUP E and GROUP F will be interesting this year!

    87. Angshuman Sarmah

      England's National anthem be like "Satan save the leader of thieves"

    88. raju patil

      It is always good to see, idiot England's losing in any game😂

    89. abimael quiroga rodriguez

      Le quedó muy grande la final a Croacia.

    90. Apollo Dz

      Algeria well se you in 2022

    91. Hank Jay

      The tiresome recess culturally owe because season reversely blind down a trashy gram. harmonious, hideous high insect

    92. Michael Lake

      Watching England starting 11 and the sub bench makes you realise that England definitely has a better team for EURO 2020 compare to World Cup 2018.

      1. John Bull

        We still have the same crap manager though lol

    93. Annara Kannan

      England got their head stuck up their ass further by Croatia. I remember this like yesterday. One of the best days. Loved even more when England got their ass handed to them by USA Woman's team in the world cup a year later. Think you are better than everyone else, think again losers.

    94. 7Days

      Croatia, what can you say about them, great nation, spirit and big heart. Love from Macedonia bracho

    95. Antonio Bilać

      believe me u deserve what u got!

    96. Ben Slorach

      How the hell did we lose to a side that has a team full of people called something ic

    97. sayan Joshi

      Just unbelievable Croatia too amazing game...

    98. Yagga Limba

      Pickford did similar tackle to VVD without been punished

    99. Theo Wheeler

      England were f**ked up

    100. Aadil

      Ngl the Croatian goalkeeper is kinda bad