Halsey - Graveyard (Live From The AMAs / 2019)


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    1. Jay Dork

      I except better from Halsey. And no I don’t think she’s underrated cause she has her own fans. Some please show some respect and quit comparing. You know what, listen to Taylor Swift; you need to come down🤣 anyway who knows how much time she got to prepare or how exhausted she was that day.

    2. 李銘輝

      You know what this reminds me of? SPLATOON!!!!!

    3. Doğa Karslıoğlu

      TOO GOOD!!!

    4. dj3ss3nc3

      That voice is the same in the recording studio, just amazing!

    5. Atiyatul Bari

      Ohh my gosh, that was amazing 🥰

    6. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor


    7. kimmirossi46

      Borring music.

    8. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor

      Congratulations Halsey ❤️ For your baby ❤️

    9. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor

      Who else came after Halsey gave birth? I'M SO HAPPY AND I'M SO PROUD OF HER!!!!!!

    10. Docs 👽


    11. J K

      Terrible choreography for the singer. Who’s idea was this

    12. Julia Passos

      she’s such a creative genie and an amazing artist just love you, so inspiring

    13. Melisa

      aşığım arkadaşlar geçmiş olsun hem de sırılsıklam

    14. Sonia Kalinina

      wow amazing

    15. Here goes the same shit again . _.

      She's pregnant ya'll~🥰👶💜I'm so happy for Her🥺♥ *She deserves ALL THE HAPPINESS😭!*

    16. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor

      manic is my favorite halsey album.

    17. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor

      what a performance!!!

    18. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor

      she is amazing.

    19. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor

      i love her.

    20. negr rozochka


    21. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor

      Halsey is just perfect and I think she is a *true inspiration* too. I love her.

    22. anubha bhatt

      its amazing but halsey u messed up at some parts XD but i loooove it

    23. anubha bhatt

      are they playing holi?

    24. jecii sadeo

      The anxious beach karunagappally amuse because gasoline arespectively relax across a poor shield. dysfunctional, xenophobic mouse

    25. Mario Vasquez

      Beyond stupid

    26. Cassandra Heilman

      This is just hot as fuck🔥🖤🏳️‍🌈

    27. miriã borges

    28. Hana Teshome

      omg am in love with her voice 😍

    29. shirley

    30. Mercy Fallon

      The unable eagle putatively offer because scale singly shiver before a ludicrous vinyl. sable, changeable hemp

    31. Claudina Lewis

      Would love to do this for my Wedding, first dance

    32. Vivian Alonso

      "you were red, and you like me 'cause I was blue"

    33. anonymous god sent

      This is hot af 🔥

    34. tswiftx 🧣 #redtaylorsversionıbekliyor

      Halsey is my queen with Taylor Swift.

    35. Izzy Martin

      3:17 why did it make me laugh when almost all the paint went onto the floor instead of the table hahaha

    36. Izzy Martin

      this will forever be iconic and one of my favorite performances

    37. Izzy Martin

      this will forever be iconic and one of my favorite performers

    38. Dj Justice

      Cool paints XOX😇🐾🌟🌟⭐☀💥🌙🌈🌙💐🌈🌛💐🌛🌙💝☁💝🌈💐🌙✨🔥😘😘✨😘😍🔥😘🔥💋

    39. Dj Justice

      Xoxo DJ.DEB.USA SAYS HALSEY IS A SEXY BEAUTIFUL SINGER...XOXO 6/1/2021🌈💝💝🌛🌜🌛🔥😘🌛🐾😍😘✨🔥😘✨😘✨💋🌛🌙💐💫🌟🌠🌟⭐☔🐾☔😇😇⚡🎇🎇⚡🐾

    40. lala

      i love your per

    41. Noah Tsaliach

      How? How does she sound so much better live while running and dancing?😍

    42. Mohammad Rahimi


    43. Disa Villada

      LOVE U 🌌

    44. reffoelcnu alouncelal

      She’s the only artist that is really saying something .

    45. Kong Somnang Official

      Sweet and I really like this song please 10K

    46. Shin Beyond

      I Interested to cover your musics😍

    47. Jonathan Bernal

      My fave song on the album

    48. Trina Alani

      i remember when my son past away i miss him

    49. Apple Music Channel

      May 2021 who still listen to this song? Kindly let me know by raising your thumbs up.🤞

    50. tieqah tieqah

      Woaw ! This is soooooo awesome ! Halsey I love you badly, and the other one , my God She is sooooo supportive and soooo patient what a kind heart ! Thank you soooo much for uploading this one 😍🥰❤🤩💕🌷💐💌🌹⚘😘🙏 I love halsey forever and people on her side badly ❤

    51. Val

      Is that Demi's friend and choreographer that we see in her new documentary?

    52. Dirk-John Michaelis-strassberg

      Bin sehr erfreut das die Musik im 21 Jahrhundert weiter geht mit sehr guter Songs.

    53. Ismellliketeenspirit

      This was my gay awakening

    54. notflowertugce

      fuck this is artsy

    55. Joelyn Sofhia Viray

      that’s my baby 🥺💚

    56. 11 -

      Lol the bisexual color at first... thats genius

    57. Anisa Caun

      Kesini gara2 ayu tingting

    58. Catfee's Vlog


    59. Saurav Thapa

      She sound amazing as always but also choreography is awesome

    60. Zeynep Şenol

      She's so cute 🥺

    61. BTS-Aze-army


    62. t u r t l e

      Is this a girls sleepover basically but instead pillow fights you get a damn paint fight?

    63. LUZ

      Linda demais!!!

    64. Alejandro Monzón

      she is a performance artist, her performances always make you feel somethin

    65. Tori Gandy

      Why do I feel like this is something I would call true “performance art” when I’m barely even familiar with the phrase? Visuals were dope.

    66. khanyisa Mba_

      Unpopular opinion : Halsey can't sing, she's walking pretty privilege 😕

    67. Fred Herrman

      The performance with Lady Antebellum was much better.

    68. Sahan Dhanuka

      Songs in the soul

    69. züm


    70. Mahtab Sdr


    71. Pia Becker


    72. Kristína Mitrová

      I don’t understand how people can dislike this woman, I’ve been a fan for a while and she continues to blow my mind. This is phenomenal. Her talent and hard work and creativity are off the charts.

    73. Alex Sarkol

      This Is Art!!!

    74. Sophia Segura

      O microfone ta ligado Halsey !!!

    75. Mohana Mukherjee

      This performance gives me goosebumps

    76. Vasundra Koul

      Oh so we're playing holi now huh?

    77. Animya Niglibzö

      This is art

    78. Krystel Jennings

      just how they painted the colours of the bi flag at first💘

    79. Elinnie _

      returning back to see this stunning stage again and again

    80. joohwangie

      she's doing all that on stage and her voice is also so stable at the same time?? she's amazing! love her vocals

    81. Mark Rallen

      her voice training is amazing. all that extra running around and shit and she still sounds amazing. i can't say that i am her biggest fan, but if you are not. than you really dont have an appreciation for MUSIC in general. god bless Halsey

    82. westernizedgirl

      Props to the dancer pls w her feet on her head

    83. Reshmi Poddar

      Was Halsey singing or playing with colours I guess she was enjoying 😂💜

    84. JereWasTaken

      *Ultimate Finger Painting Battel Ensues*

    85. Lujan Martinez

      3:01 fuck the dancer almost fell off.😅

    86. Carolyn Crossman

      3:00 dancer nearly went for one lol.

    87. headmister1

      Live the original and the stripped version of any Halsey songs are the absolute bomb. I also love the behind the scenes of Halsey music videos they are so cool to see how they are made

    88. julie kim

      this is art

    89. FlatB2

      Whos the dancer?


      Beautiful choreography and with Halsey's voice it's FABtabulious. mobeleash

    91. Madison Johnson

      Whoever reads this Love one another Jesus loves you Gods got you and Jesus is coming back soon God bless you

    92. Syazwana Azman

      I'd prefer the breaths, the pauses in a live performance over a tweaked, smoothed out so called live performance. I'd hate to drag kpop into this but I wished kpop went back to live performances like this.

    93. a x

      She has incredible talent 🌹

    94. Dez Ade

      she did so well 😍


      Halsey may not be a soul singer ... but her live singing is really strong despite her more small nasally tone... she sings on key while moving a lot very well ....this performance is amazing and highly theatrical

    96. Moody Music

      Don't worry. You're not the only one listening to this masterpiece in 2021.

    97. Yağmur Dalgın

      THİS İS ART.

    98. Sagnik Rana

      kaise kar lete hai aap?

    99. Bruhify

      Okay respect to Halsey for literally dancing, singing and painting during this performance... but literally every kpop group dances, but then again, their trained to...

    100. Nitika Webb

      This made me tear up cause it’s something different to see