Billie Eilish - No Time To Die

Billie Eilish

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    Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


    1. vincenzo Giambanco

      I am not a special fan I am your love. I love you baby girl stop calling me a fan. I love you.

    2. kousik banerjee

      The most overrated James Bond song.

    3. Jonathan Trauner

      If Scarlett Johansson is cast in one of her final Oscar winning films it should absolutely be the final James Bond film in 2022 or 2023. It would be phenomenal. Mrs Gal Gadot Varsano Wonder Woman should be in the final James Bond film too.

    4. SurfWriter

      I've been sampling her music after reading a feature piece on her, and frankly I'm not impressed with what so many others are finding so great. Her voice seems OK but the delivery is as stagey or inauthentic as the self-conscious mugging she does in this video. For my money, a lifeless melody and largely sing-song rhyme scheme in the lyrics with only one or two particularly good lines--the title of the song, and "the blood you bleed is just the blood you owe". I know the fan base will be outraged by my failure to gush over her. Oh well.

    5. Serkan Çakar

      i m listening while nashor alive

    6. Stainless DMC

      This is an absolutely perfect Bond song, and easily one of the most emotional of all Bond theme performances.

    7. Cesar Ayala

      Is this supposed to be good??

    8. Valentina Mines

      Do you know Billy I was hair was a wig

    9. The real James Bond

      Everyone: talking about billie Me: yeah yeah, I’m here for bond

    10. Emircan Yaşurğa

      I don't know shoul I write here but I fell in love with my best friend and I can't tell him...

    11. Dinesh Mungra

      Cannot wait to see this in theaters!

    12. Nasrin Lotfi

      Love you♥️♥️♥️

    13. Super cute snake

      Billie: I wanna end me... Me: TRY IT, AND UR DEAD... Billie: ...o-ok... Me: Thats what i thought ... hmph Billie: .......

    14. addie

      i heard this in the documentary and instantly wanted to hear more, love this song

    15. Mohammed Numan

      Its touch my hurt

    16. Jeremy Harrelson

      Fantastic. Amazing talent

    17. Kaká Medina

      I love you billie forever😢😢😍😍

    18. Jeanne Cihla


    19. tufail khan


    20. Kicking Saturday

      In case you want to prove me wrong This is the perfect song and singer Alice Fredenham singing 'My Funny Valentine' - Week 1 Auditions | Britain's Got Talent 2013

    21. Ariana  Grande😍😍😍😍😍😍

    22. Kicking Saturday

      Ok I will stand up and I will be fair I love the singer But what I don’t like is lips with film They don’t match and the microphone doesn’t sound like this I know About TV and film and lipstick lip syncing But I will say a session will speak volumes On a film ok if you want to act the sound Fine and not give it a live sound Fine my heart will stay with rolling in the deep why to many reasons she doesn’t lip sync why be fack it for a film oh to look better mmm but if I turn off the bedroom screen and listen and watch the movie clips with out Billie face ok I would love it Haz wouldn’t say I am correct because film has no rules but am I right about sound on sound He might say welcome to dogs of digital filming sound is a open mind and book But can it hurt the art of a singer the answer is YES music and film can be a risk even if you get super rich I just don’t like Britney Spears lip-synching neither does Elton John case closed that’s where I stand

    23. Michelle Gräfe


    24. N


    25. jarred mercuri

      Best song she has made

    26. Принцессы&Принцы

      love you

    27. mediascribble

      this wasn't a phone-in from her. Exceptional performance.

    28. Friso Flor

      October guys than we can see the movie finnaly!

    29. khokhar jamal


    30. Erdem Memisyazici

      A simple "bae" would do. 😁

    31. Anna Creel


    32. The  Weeknd😍😍😍😍😍😍

    33. Relojes Clásicos

      muy buen tema

    34. DJ FLOWGOD

      Adele did it better

    35. Rocco Lomamma

      Hype assurdo per il film! Il grand finale dell' Era Craig!💙

    36. Victor

      Worst 007 song ever.

    37. Kurt Vanasse

      Better fucking believe

    38. MR SAMURAI


    39. MUSIC❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    40. ✨Billie cute✨

      I love you Billie💚🖤✨✨✨

    41. hanaA

      My favourite song

    42. Fred S

      They better start the movie with an explosion, to wake people up after listening to this sleep-inducing shit.

    43. Eʟᴢᴇᴍꨄ︎

      Billie Eilish're too special to be true

    44. Jeremy Bonanno

      Love you

    45. Walk in Saint Petersburg /Прогулки по Питеру

      Божественно! Прекрасно! Ты СУПЕР!!

    46. Sum1

      And that's all you'll ever see of the movie

    47. Sbeve

      Absolutely freaking perfect Bond theme song. Truly a masterpiece. Way to go Billie for being the youngest person to ever record a Bond theme.


      This is better

    49. sawsan

      the things that hurt you don't think of it just this.......


      well it's been a year and now and listening to this today with a fresh perspective.... it's not too bad... much more barable than that ear splitting screaming from that sullen gobbed Sam Smith ..

    51. 06Glaser

      Lea Seydoux said she cried when she saw the film. This song makes me think I might be crying by the time the end credits roll.

    52. touchpower

      awful voice. hate her

      1. Samarjeet Bhonsle

        Stfu, noise is probably what u like to listen to then ig

    53. Анна Онищенко

      my lovely song

    54. Deon reed

      Is there an English version of this?

      1. Samarjeet Bhonsle

        Um, is this a joke 😂

    55. sarita mohite

      Y the heck wud ppl dislike this songggggggg!!!!!!!!

    56. Hello Idk what to name myself hihi

      Put it on 1.25 x speed, and you have a whole other song!

    57. Russell DeWitt

      Well I did want to see this movie.

    58. Boomrr8899

      the trombones play this in marching band. its pretty fun

    59. Tabark Ahmed

      Was I stupid to love him?

    60. kauani nevies

      i luv uu

    61. Marcus Mena

      mehh ...

    62. kazik yt

      Worst bond song!!!

      1. kazik yt

        @Samarjeet Bhonsle Oh ok

      2. Samarjeet Bhonsle

        It's just a promotional song not the actual movie song

    63. Scott Winters

      After seeing this video, I'm sorry, October 8 cannot get soon enough! I can't wait for No Time to Die!!!

    64. Aidan Trojan


    65. Manuel Rodriguez

      I miss old powerful and intense bond songs like "Casino Royale´s"

      1. Samarjeet Bhonsle

        @David Painter ye but something 'different' doesn't mean 'bad'

      2. David Painter

        @Samarjeet Bhonsle skyfall is the benchmark tho

      3. Samarjeet Bhonsle

        This is powerful too idk what's wrong

    66. Sheuli Roy

      Billie. My Idol. You Did It. You won the Grammy for this song. That's what i wanted.

    67. Apollyon

      This song seems like it's from James perspective about Madeline who will probably betray Bond in the end.

    68. Michael Hayko

      This has to be the absolutely slowest Bond theme ever. Which is not a bad thing but, No backbone.

    69. Michael Hayko

      They should have hired Evanescence!

    70. Preza.Gonzalez. Milton.2IV11


    71. Miguel Dos Santos

      Bond, James Bond

    72. Atakan Üçler

      Sounds like Skylar Grey’s “Dry” ain’t it?

    73. hoedemakerbart

      Release the damn movie

    74. DANIEL Navarro

      Name's Bond. James Bond. Cannot wait for the movie to come out. As well I applaud Billie Ellish. Very well-made song. Hopefully, the movie No Time To Die is a good one. Only one can wonder. Godspeed, for Queen and Country.

    75. [as]

      stop like 9 months ago?recently released..

    76. Baishali S

      Just another depressed shit

      1. Samarjeet Bhonsle

        It sounds so heavenly, and it's for the James Bond movie so

    77. Rock Suga

      The intro like Fake Love??☹️

    78. Billiestan

      Ahhh this voice❤️❤️❤️

    79. French learning


    80. Sahla Akbar

      0:38 its damnnn awsm

    81. Miglė Šačkutė

      Wish, that she would write more songs like this😍🖤

    82. Bad Bunny❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Billie Eilishmusic

        Thanks for your sincere compliment and love,I’m not complete without you as my Fan I have you to be most thankful for 🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖

    83. Alana Martins😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

      1. Billie Eilishmusic

        Thanks for your sincere compliment and love,I’m not complete without you as my Fan I have you to be most thankful for 🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💓

    84. Alana Martins😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    85. Nivas

      Can't wait to watch it on the big screen.

    86. Lulu

      Jmd Deutsch?🇩🇪🇩🇪

    87. Nomi Arshad

      This is ultra masterpiece.....🏆🏆🏆

    88. Cadenza ✤

      There's no demand for chills out here

    89. Linda


    90. Naiya Bhogayata

      "You were life,but life is far away form fair" . This hits "HARD"

      1. Billie Eilishmusic

        Thanks for your sincere compliment and love,I’m not complete without you as my Fan I have you to be most thankful for 🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💓

    91. sra. kim


    92. Hailey Reed

      Nine months later and this song still makes me forget how to breathe

    93. Caz B

      One of my fave Bond themes 🤍

    94. Ethan Johnson

      "you were my life, but life is far away from fair." DAMN I FELT THAT-

    95. Y.Hernandez G

      Billie eilish ❤️Xxxtenations

    96. Super Duper

      2 things of beauty in this clip; 1 The song 2 The Triumph Scrambler Bond is riding

    97. Boca Rosa Official😍😍😍😍😍😍

    98. Kairo

      bro, am I the only one that feels good after listening to her songs instead of being sad? (I love u Billie

    99. Aesthetic Shea

      2:03 omg she's so beautiful

      1. meow •ㅅ•

        finally somebody talking about that part