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    Visitors Lazio opened the scoring though Joaquin Correa, but it was Alvaro Morata's two second-half goals that would make the difference as Juventus collected all 3 points | Serie A TIM
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    1. junn

      correa is so underrated


      Is the best juventus..

    3. My Kitty Cats

      Who else felt a positive sensation in your body after the Commentator said "JUVE FLYING AGAIN"?

    4. davin gaol

      0:35 1:29 2:00 2:23 2:40 3:12 3:26 3:42 (what a face that is)

    5. seeni gzty

      When Juventus don't focus on Ronaldo, they play like a team

    6. bocoy noiu

      When Juventus don't focus on Ronaldo, they play like a team

    7. Masum Rana Masud


    8. Jetter Smith

      Who is Better Dybala or the Barcelona Demeblé???

    9. Marc Aomine

      Chiesa the most regular Juventus player

      1. seeni gzty

        Cr7 ♥️😘♥️😍😍

    10. Sugarist0

      A bad player and an inconsistent one is different

      1. bocoy noiu

        Penalty goib

    11. Владимир Ланг


    12. Legend Killer

      Chiesa is the only player that is keeping Juventus alive

    13. Roberto Carretta

      Lazio always has been a terrible team

    14. Kamil Woźniak

      See, in this game they tell a player to lie down behind the wall to protect against shots under the wall, why they abandoned this tactic in CL's game against Porto ? Who decides about this?

    15. A K

      Dybala and crstiano be like lets see what can they do with out us

    16. Rio Riot

      PIRLO OUT!!!

    17. Ashraful tiger


    18. Stiven Mota Silva

      Portoooooooooooooooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍾🍾🍾

    19. abhigen0290 bhadour

      2021 day to Monday

    20. The Predator

      Yeter laaann yeterrrr #freeronaldo

    21. ASD ASD

      في عرب

    22. Muhammad Nurlan


    23. Miraj khan

      Cr7 ♥️😘♥️😍😍

    24. O Man

      Penalty goib

    25. Drowning Fish

      0:17 if only they used this technique against Porto’s free kick😭🤣

    26. Abdoulaye Mballo

      Pépé 💪💪💪

    27. Julio Lopez


    28. แพะแอบดู

      Pirlo, Szcezny, Bonucci, Kulusevski, Cuadrado, Arthur & Bernardeschi. FIRE THEM !!!!

    29. Bismakos Hellas

      Pame juventus

    30. Hasan Kaya

      2.gole spiker bile şaşırdı yan ağlarda sandı 😄

    31. Eduardo Marketer Pro


    32. M.K. S.

      I PRAY, that = ALL of the [very]_Italian Clubs/teams, do well: in_ "Europe" this week/ALLways; but -especially; as it is = "exactly a week (and a day, (today)); from/till: = "Italia's"_Unity/Unification_ date/day!!"!!?? -M.K.S.

      1. M.K. S.

        **Just for (the [very]) future -reference, "this [very] post": was written/typed, on: "Tuesday: the 9th, of March, 2021!!"** M.K.S.

    33. Alberto Gatti

      Great performance

    34. Олег Уганин

      И бе 7 не плохо с играли.

    35. Sports Bulletin

      I am here because of Ronaldo

    36. سامي هادي مسلم هداد

      Where is Ronaldo🥺

    37. JackSparrow7

      amazing goal by rabiot!

    38. abbas

      Glad this time morata stayed onside

    39. karimkopra

      a moment of respect to demiral level of defence 1 v 1 and he give his back and run away -___________________-ُ

    40. i&d official

      Orang indonesia mana suara nya

    41. Arin611 razdan

      why don't u start dybala pirlo

    42. Lucas Adams

      Why does this have a 3.4 millions view? It just a normal serie a game

    43. Dafydd Davies

      *Correa is my FAVOURITE! #8-D X

    44. masady _1605

      4 Forward Players Handsome In JUVENTUS 😎

    45. hanad raas

      ⚽️👉 We all love Juventus 💪😍Forza Juventus ❤️✅

    46. greg lialios

      The nostalgic desert phylogenetically unite because chard sequentially mate to a complete accelerator. sweet, fresh court

    47. amt Sn

      this lazio goal keeper should save first two JUve goals easily. He goes down way before his opponent shoots . Also cover the angle your opponent coming from not the other angle


      thank you for morata,rabbiot and chiesa..the best perfomance..👍

    49. Maneka Mathole

      Ronaldo was like "Not bad"

    50. Paulo Ribeiro

      That sound of the net when morata scores.... amazing

    51. Van-Elliott Asoba

      Chiesa just needs to work on his finishing then he will be an astonishing winger

    52. Van-Elliott Asoba

      Chiesa is a flipping baller lazio played well but when morata is playing well juve look stunning

    53. Alberto Santos Santos

      Força juventus espeta 3 ou 4 a esses chulos do porto adorava não valem nada corruptos para eles não há justiça fazem o que querem e onde querem

    54. Alex Giucastro

      I watched this match with the whole fam and we screamed at rabiot cause we thought he fecked up😂

    55. Panos GP

      Alvaro Morata 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    56. Nursultsn Risbek


    57. Destroza Ojetes

      Como canta Pepe Reina......

    58. Aldonis Ambel

      Penaldo no sirve lol el arquero de juve escapo a este equipo malo.

    59. SNR


    60. walter tonelli

      basta che i giocatori della juve cadano in area ed è rigore ....

    61. Stephen maharaj

      CR7 for world president

    62. Karlo Doležal

      morata wery well the game. scores 2 goals in the match.

    63. Mehmet Köseoğlu

      2:51 Merih 😂

    64. y_a_m_e_n

      I love Juventus🖤

    65. Mahmoud Mai

      1:03 Ronaldo would be like Bruh

    66. Casimira Valerio


    67. עדן סטרודובץ

      morata is so lucky i can see him miising his shots in another day

    68. Yusuf Kaplan

      Bu juvede helas veronaya yeniliyor Lazio yu yeniyor

    69. Mohammad Rashed

      Joaquin Correa is a pure gem. ❤️


      Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

    71. Abood Kher

      Juventus in my heart

    72. serena

      Morata is best

    73. serena

      Who a winner it's a Ronaldo

    74. i Moat


    75. EMIL SALIM

      Without ronaldo juventus play enjoy

    76. bilal kerkass

      Rabiot's goal made me hit the thumb's up button unconsciously 😅, it was real a superbe GOAL 🔥

    77. Vitaly

      Why Dybala not playing?

    78. Vincent TuffGong

      I can see Ramsey is stl one of the best midfielders,I cried when he left Arsenal

    79. SONIC FF

      Sorry about this but CR7 ENDED FOOTBALL BY COMING HERE 🥺🥺🥺

    80. Real Nasr

      What a screamer by rabbiot

    81. PRO GAMING


    82. Şeyhmus

      Merih Demiral için geldim

    83. RAMP *

      Почему Роналдо не играет ?

    84. KİNG İS BACK

      Ronaldanun oynamadığı maça bakmam

    85. Habeeb Abi

      Malluz ibade c'mon😝

    86. jose maria ordas fernandez

      Morata cos aspas arriba en la selección, último aviso jajaja

    87. Smax Star


    88. Smax Star


    89. Manchester United Fan

      No Ronaldo but Juve still have Morata the goat

    90. Reza Qasimi

      Ig they should show the 11 side in the highlight We should know who is playing and who is in the bench


      Okhee oane sriankdb(indonesia like) :)


        Ga bisa basa inggris :(

    92. Dr NGABO Michel

      Can someone finally appreciate Joachim Corea's goal? Surprisingly I am the only person to mention that his goal was intelligent and amazing.

    93. นับถือรูปปั้น

      เลี้ยงมากมึงอะF. Chelsea

    94. Andher Dompu


    95. Shipdacheese

      Rabiot should play as an offensive player he was offensive at PSG. Ronaldo should play on the left wing and that's that. He has adapted his game to play this 4-4-2 grandpa formation that no serious teams are using anymore at the high level but that's not his place. I highly doubt Juventus is going to pass even Porto with this defensive!

    96. Александр Селиванов

      To the top of a board, Juve!!!

    97. AJ Scott

      Can anyone explain why Cuadrado was lying on the ground during the free kick? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    98. Klajdi Zaka

      Forza Juve ❤

    99. Roban Sports


    100. Gritty_Doc

      Chiesa what a player in making..