AURORA - RUNAWAY - The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Nobel Peace Prize Concert

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    AURORA performs the song “Runaway” at the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Aurora Aksnes is a singer-songwriter who crafts dark pop music of rare depth. She is a shooting star most known for her singles “Runaway” and “Running With The Wolves”. In 2015 she covered Oasis’ song “Half The World Away” which was a part of John Lewis’ Christmas advert.

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    Directed by Kim Strømstad
    Copyright Warner Bros. / Gyro

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    1. kinzbunny🐰♥️

      everything about this is so beautiful, her, the dress, the fact she’s barefoot and so in tune with her voice and soul! 💛

    2. Music Holder

      This song is special

    3. #Ms Black.


    4. Rakshith

      Auroras mind said I will sing a beautiful song, and her body said what shall I do, anyway I'll do something too

    5. Neko Chan

      Gives me goosebumps

    6. Farel Cassaro

      There's pop, metal, classic and there's aurora 🤗❤

    7. Farel Cassaro

      Aurora herself is her own genre

    8. reyeez rr

      this song gives me chills, so good |/"-"|/

    9. Swaranjali

      Ammazzing....... 🤩❤

    10. Bot Boy

      The finicky promotion summatively pack because fountain markedly memorise except a malicious can. snotty, giant camera

    11. lorde barao lorde barao

      Além de linda canta super bem🥰😍❤🇧🇷

    12. Pragya Sibakoti

      i love this song its just like my like but now im 11

    13. Bijay Kunwar

      After 5 years .^_^.

    14. Elias Rodriguez

      Omg i love it

    15. AbhinavInvincible.

      She lives her songs. 🙂

    16. Xanthe van Gorkom

      what are she doing with here hands??😅😅

      1. RJ RTV

        She is feeling the moment

    17. Bob 01

      I personally find the fact she's singing for the Nobel peace prize insulting. Why isn't she wearing any shoes?

    18. The Gnorfuls

      ❤️❤️❤️😢😢 I love Aurora so much

    19. sara giusti

      Personalità e voce fantastica

    20. Sarah 💜

      This song was out 6 years ago? And I'm just recognizing this now?? God, i missed so much💀✨

    21. Techi Abik

      MØ sang lena on in for this same platform and boy oh boy hearing Aurora it just makes me want to heart this two beautiful ladies sing together.

    22. Angel Nathalie Millamina


    23. Pulsating Genius

      It's the masterpiece

    24. Vaishnavi Pawar

      Phenomenal 💯

    25. Yogesh P


    26. wahyu permadi

      How beautiful she is ❤️

    27. kamaboko gonpachiro

      i love her

    28. Pulkita Sharma

      I am elated to find you Aurora... Words can never describe what you make me are heaven personified...and this is my favourite song of yours...god bless you...keep shining, thriving and living the way you please 😊

    29. Rade0n Yt

      I Thought She Edited Her Voice In Official Music Video But In Real Its Fire

    30. Vivek Ambrose

      Simply amazing she sings with her soul❤

    31. moon

      she telling her stroy by singing it

    32. moon

      I like how calm she is she dont care what people think about her I felt it on the song

    33. kashish

      I just love this voice

    34. belle ?¿

      Aurora is so peaceful i love her :)

    35. Pok Pik 😁✌️

    36. Discover India Films

      Such a beautiful song, 💜 Such a beautiful performance! 💜

    37. melvin

      Who's watching it in 2021😍🥰


      luna lovegood vibe

    39. rubasha khan

      why was she vibrating is it her style ummm first time watching her and falling in love with her🥰🥰

    40. Mobin patel

      She is simply awesome such a beautiful voice what a wonderful day ❤️ to first time hear it ❤️

    41. ༼Captain༽; ༎ຶ Jaçk ༎ຶ ; ༼Šįląmßų༽

      Phinaminal Voice...😍😍😍 I Love Her Voice....💙💙💙

    42. អារីនខេមរា now


      1. Kott Brudi

        To control her voice better

    43. Stella The Star

      AURORA doesn't need auto tune, auto tune needs her

    44. Premji Premji

      Omg,my ears wake up after listening to this,she has a great voice😘

    45. Kunal Dcunha

      The best song

    46. mohamed shahansha shanu

      no words🥰🥰🥰🥰😍

    47. Victor Marinho Correa

      yo, I thought this was a kanye cover

    48. Cà Rốt Guitar

      how can a human sing that good??? cant imagine....

    49. Mazen M.El-Gayar

      she reminds me of phoebe buffay lol sing smelly cat

    50. Froggy Queen

      i love that shes bare foot anyone else notice that, arriana grande would have a 1000 dollar dress and shoes and shes out here dancing and having fun : )

    51. cannelle

      Queria ter esse talento ._.

    52. NT7

      Such a wonderful lyrics, soul healing music. Thank you so very very much for your unique ♥♥♥.

    53. Aurthur

      why is she barefoot

      1. Basil Vander Elst

        More comfortable?

    54. 1

    55. Roni Lajeo

      Wait a min... This is 5 years ago?

    56. George Hayman-Bruggs


    57. Ranjitha V


    58. Surendra Bansode

      She always gives Luna Lovegood vibes

    59. Sabiha Jarin

      ohh...this voice

    60. BNana

      August 2, 2021.

    61. Gin

      Just beautiful.

    62. Alessandro Anderson

      This interpretation explains why we love music, thanks Aurora

    63. Kenisha Tandwalia

      Her respect towards the platform 🥺🥺🥺🥺 ... She is barefoot and that is something that should be really appreciated ! ❤️


      Omg her voice is so soft I like it I remember something definitely but i dont know

    65. Isaac Freeman Mensah

      When you get standing ovation and tons of claps from an audience filled with nobel prize winners or potential winners. You know you've won in life. These guys hardly listen to music but if they do then it's indeed a masterpiece. God bless Aurora.

    66. ThepearlGvlogs


    67. ThepearlGvlogs

      Aurora at 11yrs: writing a son Me at 11: staying on my iPad up till 11:00pm, then running as my mom has a shoe in her hand

    68. Mardhiah Khairil Anuar

      how old is she?!?! looks like 15 or something but her voice like shes 20+

      1. Mardhiah Khairil Anuar

        @Saara Hussain ohhhh

      2. Saara Hussain

        She’s 19 here

    69. Kamldeep Jaral

      I just love her voice.. ❤️

    70. Deepak patel

      Listen at a speed of 0.75x

    71. Pogo_bearYT

      Wear headphones then your going straight up to heaven ⬆️

    72. LordKatyusha


    73. Tekz2010

      Stunning, beautiful and captivating vocals! She tells a story with her voice. Truly beautiful

    74. Kit

      The nobel WHAT?!

    75. FruityBooty

      oh. i thought she was irrelevant and started getting *some* popularity because of Frozen 2

    76. That one dumb girl Sevgi

      She's really talented

    77. Parul Dhoundiyal


    78. A Leo

      Hey dress looks so much like the Filipino Baro't Saya.

    79. Facts Scraper

      Goosebumps ❤️❤️

    80. Tuntara Gaming


    81. Sara Hutnikova

      She’s so talented I freaking cried what-



    83. Harmonia com a natureza 🕊️

      Beautiful mystic music

    84. Ghazanfar A. Sargana

      I am leaving this comment here so some year or some months someone likes it i remember of this song❤ 6 years ago let's see if anyone listing this song in 2021 or not😃😃😃

    85. Suren Limbu

      I love this song I always sing it

    86. Misshie Eilish O'Connell

      Suena muy idéntica, su voz es hermosa

    87. Its Oreos gaming

      I'm ngl I almost cry when I hear this song :(

    88. fret..?

      roblox needs a event on HER I LOVE HOW SHE EXPRESSES WHAT SHES SAYING

    89. XxGodGamerxX

      Quarter of the views are because of me

    90. gefdd dfrhng

      hi aurora

    91. Dinesh Reddy


    92. Nithya Murali


    93. Rocky Riddles

      This is 💯 %music😍

    94. Rocky Riddles

      Her voice is clear as crystal

    95. Explorer

      Angel On Earth ❤❤❤

    96. Msturtlerabbit


    97. Alun49

      She has real character in her voice. So unlike so many over-coached pop singers who end up sounding the same as each other, using the same kind of vocal gymnastics that is all technique and no soul. Her voice is her own.

    98. Dhanraj arts

      I think she believe that stage is a temple. That's why she wont wearing slippers in that stage

    99. mâñı߲ə߫k

      Just one word: incredible

    100. putri adinda 3

      Voice the best 👍👍