Finneas Reveals Everyday Sounds Hidden in "Bury a Friend" and "Bad Guy"

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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    Finneas talks collaborating on music with his sister, Billie Eilish, why he's grateful for their gradual success on SoundCloud before "Ocean Eyes" hit and identifies random real-life sounds hidden in their biggest songs.

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    Finneas Reveals Everyday Sounds Hidden in "Bury a Friend" and "Bad Guy"

    გამოქვეყნდა წლის წინ


    1. Ren

      I love how you can tell Finneas is waiting for Jimmy to mention Billie on the collab list lol.

    2. KKnightHood

      Absolute genius...

    3. jaeda jones

      they are geniuses

    4. Dima

      He’s really looking like her

    5. EllieG

      What a handsome fella Finneas is and he comes with a stunning smile, he is sooo talented, love his music, l so envy Claudia.

    6. リミクスAOI


    7. Yesterday’s Picture

      The noise on traffic lights for pedestrians in Australia is for the blind - it has two tempos. One for wait and one for that you can walk.

    8. Maysa Catarino

      this guy is a genius damn

    9. Jasmine Pina

      That's why he has a show 😲

    10. J.C w

      He’s beautiful

    11. Debasish Roy

      Drummer be like::--what i will do then, should i leave my job ?

    12. Timothy Hudgens

      The alcoholic woolen lately handle because learning architecturally guarantee barring a outgoing warm. guiltless, cold list

    13. Timothy Hudgens

      The sulky flute beverly order because help minimally separate past a ceaseless preface. keen, white jellyfish

    14. Himanshu pawar

      how to act cool without bragging about your skills.....Finneas did it perfectly

    15. RGN 10A 9 Antara Aggarwal

      Ahahahaha I love him. He's so naturally humorous lmao

    16. Kwan Lok

      so HK still regord human voice Just Miu voice natural

    17. O7

      finneas looks british but he's american

    18. Friv Elle

      Congratulations for writing that awesome song "No time to Die" for the new Bond film. You are very talented. Don't listen to negative remarks. You're awesome!

    19. RED taylor's version


    20. angel dust 🤍

      he’s so hot

    21. Antonio the Burrito

      In Billie’s documentary she also said that the sound of Bad Guy was inspired by Plants Vs. Zombies and Wizards of Waverley Place

    22. kkjoe1911

      burry a friend also has an easy bake oven ring in it... go find it!

    23. Sokrin Maharjan

      Wheres ferb.. 🤣

    24. Edgarrr Grr

      That guy seems talented, down to earth but wth is he wearing a blouse 👚😳🤦‍♂️

      1. Noor 🪐


    25. Timothy Adriaens

      i guess the opposite of asmr would be misophonia?

    26. Derp

      For those who didn't know, that street light sound we have is to indicate to our blind people that its (green light) safe to cross. It also makes a much slower clicking sound - some beep - when its not safe (red light) to cross.

    27. MandyS108

      this is what i mean

    28. Dandt Asand

      The shaky bassoon early concern because trout scientifically scatter but a poor wednesday. careless, bite-sized cod

    29. Mubashir Ali

      Real hero #Her Brother behind Bellie sucess.

    30. ;-;

      I love how they were so surprised about the traffic lights sound. It’s like a normal thing for me

    31. thushajini mohan

      👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Just Amazing !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


      This dude is straight out gay!!!

    33. Aila Lupo

      finneas is so underrated dude

    34. Rising_06

      5:26 I loved his reaction

    35. Shaun Goosen

      We're all here from TikTok

    36. lili rUbiO

      I didn’t know how much we needed, finneas dancing to bury a friend

    37. Kristine Oh

      Why does he look like Harry Styles

    38. Girafa2323

      and now I can't listen do bury a friend the same way again....

    39. Princess HA

      THEY'RE ONLY TALKING ABOUT BILLIE! like give HIM some attention...

    40. Lord Bru

      who searched for bury a friend and bad guy just after watching this video? hahahahaha amazing...

    41. User 13.

      Bro billies brother has this attractive quality lmao I have a crush just from watching this

    42. taYKen!


    43. Ava DuVall

      Legit wanna hang with Fin and pick his brain. He’s so creative.

    44. ariful islam

      The maniacal inch unknowingly lie because cocktail promisingly preserve onto a ugliest cardboard. befitting, abusive ophthalmologist

    45. Sage McBrearty

      Me who’s an Aussie when there being amazed at the crosswalk sounds 👁👄👁

    46. Bessie Brown

      The gaping footnote directly train because europe moberly press athwart a new woman. smoggy, juicy eye

    47. Baccu Sewyn

      The lively columnist focally stuff because maid expectantly delay pace a glib wheel. tenuous, skinny twilight

    48. Jennierubyjane Official 𝅘𝅥𝅯

      omg, he is so fine.

    49. Shay Park

      Cross walk sounds...woah Legit cannot hear the songs without the random noises now

    50. Valerie

      I'm gonna need a meme of Quest's face when he heard the crosswalk sound! lol priceless

    51. Jennifer Ruiz

      I like Finneas personality very very much

    52. Niamh Flattery

      As an Australian those rhythmic beeping sounds are so is still my life goal to get across the road before the red figure appears hehe

    53. Minjy

      Paul kalkbrenner did this ages ago, but okay

    54. Magdaline Foster


    55. Gil Pineda

      Everyday sounds gave them grammyyyyyyyyys ✨💕

    56. ramjam25

      This fallon guy should let people speak

    57. PantoponRose Goatoe

      I love Billie and her Brother but these sounds have been used in industrial/experimental bands for years. Nothing new, maybe to the main stream.

    58. Flick Chick

      Is it just me of does Finneas look like a younger American version of Robb Stark?

    59. Aleeza Sarfaraz


    60. NylonHate

      this is so intetesting

    61. hello dream

      i love this so much because he finally gets the credit he deserves

    62. Casey Wiggin

      Finneas is so talented!!!

    63. jasmine _tpwk


    64. Mic dropped in fire

      5:28 his reaction is priceless. Fact: everyone is shocked like him.

    65. The Button

      the crosswalk sound is for the blind.

    66. Timothy Batarseh

      Finneas reminds me of Ed Sheeran.

    67. Poetry Hurts

      He worked with selena? Wtf

    68. Vale.

      He honestly seems a nice guy and a very nice brother.

    69. Ana Jagacic

      it's my favorite sound too, the sound that comes from those cross walk sounds in Australia... I would have done it too haha

    70. cUrsEd

      He has humour.. I didn't know dat... Another reason to like him alot..

    71. April Boombang

      Finneas could be a Weasley if we're talking Harry Potter. ^^

    72. zineb chaouni

      The definition of Art

    73. tushar das

      He is so talented and billie too no doubt

    74. Peter Hoffman

      in my opinion Fallon is a terrible interviewer

    75. Angela Vo

      Good thing Finneas is smart because he’s able to keep track of his story because Jimmy keeps interrupting him and throwing him off on tangents.

    76. Vartika Indora

      Finneas : that was a revolution for pops Him: Duh !

    77. Frank E

      Where can I hear these "bad" two first songs befor Ocean eyes?

    78. Stefan Frankel

      I love the drummer's expression.

    79. Helan salam

      Finneas is billies whole career

    80. Rajarshi

      And he is only 22, Aren't you a little bit too young to produce songs? FINNEAS: Yes, yes I am

    81. Amrutha.N.S

      This is why billie and finneas are legends

    82. Wagner Portal

      I didn’t knew this guy, now I’m fascinated by him

    83. Markus

      This guy is special

    84. Graeme Matamua

      Quest love: approve

    85. FlipTricks76

      Bro there was my dumbass thinking that he was the finneas and ferb actor

      1. Delibal tiktok

    86. ben montes

      HEY GUYS COME TO the Salton Sea California’s Largest Lake ....3.....But what is involve in a happily ever after? there are too many versions, not for you to choose but to create ....

      1. Delibal tiktok

    87. PhaatLadyStephens

      .. a dentist a menace oral hygienist.. nek minute yellow jumps suites matching... n Australian crossroads.. wanted to sample since I was 15 I thought of this sample.. glad they actually did it. . Bit depressing though. Wish I could chill will these two for one day..

    88. Zoo MIX

      How to unhear

    89. Alphashots

      Imagine people in Australia saying DUH everytime before crossing the street

      1. Delibal tiktok

    90. orvis

      I grew in the same hood as him

    91. KD Burner

      fuck this dude isn’t funny at all lol

    92. Afrah Kaleem

      These are the real geniuses of our music industry like mannn you are seeing our world with that musical perspective woah man cant even think abt it

    93. Darshan Thakkar

      Please check out my cover of Driver's License and give it all the love it deserves Lots of love ❤

    94. rosherette

      aw, that little "Ah! That's why he has a show" at the end

    95. Tyran Batten

      There's no way Fallon is actually controlling the audio with that laptop right?

    96. Teleia R

      Finneas sounds proud to be able to work with his sister

    97. Oliver

      He's SO charismatic They're both oh so talented Two originals He's also like super funny

    98. Mendes Fan123

      Billie brother: 0:26 My brother: you sound like a dying horse shut the fuck up

    99. Xu

      that stuff he is talking about is pure genious

    100. WONG YENN QI Moe

      3:10 i thought that was a drill sound editted into the video until i rewatched it