These Cristiano Ronaldo Skills Should Be Illegal


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    Cristiano Ronaldo: Best Ankle Breaker And Ridiculous Skills In Football
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    1. Ronnie7M

      Maybe make a one-hour version?🤔🤔🤔🔥 Write your thoughts in the comments👇🏻 Song: Wizard - Fatality P3RRY - Burnout

      1. xDude - Gaming



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      3. Johaar Jacobs

        Greatness in this lifetime👌👌👌

      4. Cᴀʟʟϻᴇ• vIᴘ

        Some should be ban but not all his skills

      5. Gurpreet Singh


    2. Akhilesh Malik

      Cristiano Ronaldo do to much struggle in his life and you see his success at current don't blame him otherwise something bad will happened with you

    3. Akhilesh Malik

      Nothing is illigal if you try it from your heart

    4. Dev Mittal

      Such a irritating music

    5. Dev D

      ronaldo is legend

    6. Medium Spec Gamer

      Ronaldo had done hard work in his life to be better than others, so it's you who should be illegal.

    7. Shirshajit Mods Minecraft Gaming

      It should be illegal

    8. dahech wahid

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    9. dahech wahid

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    10. dahech wahid

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    11. dahech wahid

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    12. raju chhetri

      i don't know how does he do this type of skills . Wonderful skiller

    13. White wolf Gaming


    14. Prachita Khambal

      Legend is legend No words for him

    15. Iivikevi Vitsu

      Ronald's skill is legend

    16. Asharaf A

      Ronaldo Uyir

    17. Emmanuel Rodriguez

      eso no es falta cr7 el bicho x100pre

    18. சித்திரம் பேசும்

    19. Danny R

      Is Cristiano Ronaldo really that good? Answer: *F**KING HELL YEAH!*

    20. Krushna Chandra Sahoo

      Who Ronaldo lover

    21. Mr.Marsh Gamer

      When ever i see him, i am like, wow!

    22. Maya Kannan

      I love choron

    23. Saurav Dixit

      Legends are different and he is a legend

    24. MrXceller

      i have seen better

    25. Broken bot gaming

      Ronakdo is legend 😎😎

    26. Mamoun22

      The song 😂😂😂😂😂

    27. Pratikcha Chhetri

      Hey ita not illigal🙂its his effort of many years♥️

    28. Yashi Gupta


    29. সাত্যকী ব্যানার্জি

      A brilliant player had born

    30. LOVELY BAHI ff

      He is my game charcter

    31. Mangal Sing

      Fanatic skil ❤❤❤❤

    32. SPAMMER

      Legend 🔥😀

    33. Mr. Roshan

      Use telent bolte h bhaiii

    34. Varun Sahk

      If people watch messi they will go crazy

    35. Dhammu gaming

      I love Ronaldo skills

    36. Abdul saleem Saleem


    37. brawl power

      He is real legend love him😀❤️🔥

      1. Rashad Manme

        Very gOOd cr7

    38. Sudhakar Reddy

      His tricks are not illegal you are really wrong

    39. DINESH Kumar


    40. Fail Mehdi

      Turkey 🇹🇷 (and Azerbaijan 🇦🇿)

    41. BT BUDDHA FF

      ɪᴛ sᴇᴇᴍs ʜᴇ ᴘʀᴀᴛʀɪᴄᴇᴅ ʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ʜᴀʀᴅ

    42. Divij Dutta

      Why should these be illegal

    43. HOWOW TV

      Ronaldo be like: buyyy

    44. Kwestan Art

    45. Dhan Tamang

      Only one Ronaldo can do this

    46. Lakshya Babbar

      Bhai tum se nahin hoti to illegal hai kya

    47. Pramod Patil

      Real Hero...Jay Hind...Hindustani.

    48. HAMZA 7k

    49. A7 Star Creation

    50. Teerth gamer

      Matlab kuch bhi what is illegel in this?????

    51. Ashish 0p

      Never mess #CR7

    52. Legend Gamer

      Because of ronaldo i am very disappointed in free fire

    53. Laura Ribeiro

      Portugal ♥️

    54. gossipzz informationzz

    55. kunal

      How mamy people wait for cr reply on this video

    56. My silent words

      Jo aacha ban jata ha Usko kharab kahne ke liye sab apna bahana banata hai 😑

    57. Domingo Benjamin Castro Us

      Cr7 is the best ever 🐐💯🔥🔥🔥😎

    58. AIA NI


    59. Predator 21

      Like CR7 Comment LM10

    60. Sub Sub


    61. Max fire Gaming


    62. Rahul H Nair

      2 min silence for those, who really thought those moves are illegal cause of title.😂😂😂

    63. Boss gaming

    64. Tanjil Ahmed Nazmul


    65. Rakshit Makhnotra

      He is best as compare to all other football players

    66. Mac Beth

      Those defenders disliked this video....😉

    67. Ayush Umang

      He is football hacker

    68. Adithyan Manoj C1

      Ronaldo is a amazing gentle man and a professional footballer

    69. Mohamad Ahmadi

      این سلطان

    70. Jobs Moldova

      Imagine your season being the worst and for some players the best

    71. Ganesh Khatri

      his skills are not iiileagal

      1. Ganesh Khatri

        You fool

    72. Jasmin Taya


    73. Kausar Rahi

      Wow superb ronaldo sir

    74. karsi Kamsar

      His skills was not illegal . why are you thinking that this was illegal

    75. karsi Kamsar

      His skills was not illegal . why are you thinking that this was illegal

    76. Toxic_Mint

      He is so good people thought he was an alien 👽

    77. op dark shadow legend ninja


    78. Shayan Shameeml

      Omg put this as your status and make them jealous

    79. Shayan Shameeml

    80. Ajith M S

      RONO sir ❤

    81. Golden foodies vlog

      He have ability to snatch ball from 3,4 opponent bravo what a mind and skills and talent

    82. Golden foodies vlog

      No one can compete Ronaldo ever he is best

    83. Imtiaz Ali

      Ronaldo my favourite character free fire

    84. 777Reaper777

      Regular skills but perfected

    85. Elroie Tegete

      0:49 Rip lol

    86. Aabir Hazra

      Vamos Vamos 🔥

    87. Hari Adhikari

      Love you RONALDO

    88. JC 29


    89. baseer bhai Live

      My free fire famus cracater crono i love you

    90. arm run


    91. mira shrestha


    92. hrly.d

      All of his opponent must felt so stupid 😂😂😂😂

    93. Rehana Sadia

      His skills are not illegal.ok

    94. MBCOMPS

      please search haaland waka waka

    95. Rayane Bouziane


    96. Jen C. H


    97. Royal Rusher FF

      I like it ☺️😍

    98. varun sharma

      Good Ronaldo

    99. varun sharma


    100. Gabriela Vuscan