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    Honest Trailers | Black Widow
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Title Design: Robert Holtby
    Written by: Logan Rees, Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
    Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
    Edited by: Kevin Williamsen & Randy Whitlock
    Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
    Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
    Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
    Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
    Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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    1. Grandmaster Flash

      had low expectations going in and still found it boring and predictable. the fight scenes were all cut to hell. I look forward to forgetting i've even seen it

    2. bels dacumos

      please do honest trailer of Run BTS series!

    3. Robert Haley

      Saved the best for last...those final 2 jokes (the brutal murder and tic tac toe) are genius.

    4. mewkatlol

      I count woot for dis moovie

    5. Ryan Pierce

      In the MCU the airforce has no radar.

    6. Rock Start

      Nice v..

    7. Madhu Sarda

      now what about loki

    8. Souradeep Banerjee

      Remove Antonia (I'm not calling her Taskmaster) and the movie would be no different

    9. LinkMarioSamus

      Looks like I didn't miss much.

    10. Liza Unicorn

      Finally a Marvel movie without any stupid Stan Lee cameos or Samuel Jackson cameos. I re-watched the whole movie just because of that.

    11. Seb Taylor

      Surely if they guy's pheromones prevent her from committing violence against him she could stand out of range of his smell and shoot him? 🤔

    12. Cool Vibes Radio

      Your death count is way too forgiven.

    13. R Sarvesh

      3:52 i knew i wasnt the only one who noticed the resemblance

    14. Madhumita Annam

      Please do Loki

    15. Grow your own legally in Canada

      3:45 ‘what if the most powerful force on earth, girl power, fell into wrong hands?’ Wow. 🤭🤣

    16. Kevan garner

      This movie was so bad lol

      1. Alrighty Then

        Not bad. I would say Disappointing

    17. Alrighty Then

      They should have introduced Yelena in Hawkeye. Just like T'Challa in Civil War, have a mini story about Yelena taking over the mantle of Black Widow to get revenge for her sister's death. When you think of movies names like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America. What do you think the plot will be? Chances are it will be about how those men become these particular heroes. Origin stories. Or perhaps it's about how Natasha's family are on the run from the Red Room after breaking free, and learn about Nat's death, and thus, their family dynamic takes a mighty change from the loss of their escaped brainwashed assassin turned hero Black Widow is the first "useless" MCU movie. Existing only for Yelena to take the spotlight. All that Mystery, Drama, Suspense, Horror filled past life of Nat's turns into a thought of what a film like this could have been.

    18. kurioscomics

      I didn't even finish watching it. I really wanted this to be so good.😭

    19. KittySnicker

      “Helped Hawkeye…keep being Hawkeye.” 😂

    20. Beatrix Vanvar

      The Harvey Weinstein joke never gets old

    21. Benny Pd


    22. Matthias Foo

      unless you are actually from eastern europe...in which case...you are mute

    23. José Alves

      That invincibility of them took me out of the film a little. They survive stuff with no injuries. It's difficult not to compare to Winter Soldier, in which they show being more vulnerable to guns and crazy villains.

    24. ThePhantomDiver

      Puh-puh-puh-puh-puhlease give us Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie trailer!! U(•ㅅ•)U

    25. Blade Raven

      Why haven’t you done All American yet?!

    26. Miles Trombley

      It waited too long!

    27. lijia wang

      please do snake eye!!!!!!!

    28. AKBees

      'm glad you have that "should've died" montage because i literally yelled "OH COME ON!!" when i saw that car crash. there's no way yelena is the only one remotely injured from that!

    29. soiung toiue

      getting a Disney show, too! Ahhh, I feel so cheated!!

    30. diypictures

      I watched this movie and immediately thought of Harvey Weinstein when Drakoff came into the picture, lol. They knew what they were doing with that one lol

    31. james paquet

      I was wanting to see a black widow & hawkeye movie

    32. L W

      Out of all those plans Ned's plan to be bachelors in Europe was definitely the best. It never worked out but it was still a great plan

      1. soiung toiue

        "Using the powers of his colossal stank to keep him safe" 😂😂

    33. Oakshield

      Wow, this movie looks so bad it might give Thor 2 a run for its money

      1. Oakshield

        @Alrighty Then I'll be skipping it. Not enjoying Phase 4 so far. I'll watch Dr. Strange and give Eternals a chance. If those suck too, I'm out.

      2. Alrighty Then

        This movie is pretty much a Captain America: The Winter Soldier knockoff

    34. Austin Triebe

      They should have just released it to Disney+ after the first or second delay.

    35. Quinton Muchena

      The Harvey Weinstein quip is on point

    36. disney trek


    37. FreakinSweet86

      Harvey Weinst-I mean Dreykov

    38. Jean Genie

      yes! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who saw the Harvey Weinstein parallel

    39. Ishara Sampath

      this is good 😂

    40. Anthony Eldridge

      After seeing the falls she handles in the movie, she should have just hopped right up, in one piece after she fell on the Soul Stone world.

    41. Michael Parker

      They already did a black widow origin it was called red sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence and it was absolutely awful

    42. nexxusty

      I liked this movie. Especially Yelena. I loved her.... Meh.

    43. Blue

      Still wating on loki

    44. Dewaldt

      I prefer the SNL Black widow.

    45. Sobble-swsh

      honestly, screen rant and screen junkies should just merge into one at this point, merging their subscribers would make them more money, and they both have amazing workers, who would bounce right of eachother.

    46. Nato

      "Using the powers of his colossal stank to keep him safe" 😂😂

    47. Mikey Carmine

      “Harvey Weinstein”. 😂😂😂😂😂

    48. allanhouston22

      Mostly jewish female actors, we should all be proud

    49. Adam Sartain

      I'm sorry, but if you couldn't throw in a Daft Punk joke about Taskmaster, are you guys even trying anymore?

    50. Insanul Hoque Aurka

      Do the Castelvania animated series from Netflix

    51. Joseph Ballard

      Black widow is the skyfall of marvel. Still pretty good

      1. Jack Jackson

        I love Skyfall.

    52. Jason Caetano

      Notice how he didn't have a lot to complain about and just played a planning montage

    53. Tinsel Nettie

      So does this guy troll only marvel movies or dC movies too?

    54. Darth Vader

      Black widow wasn't dropped this month She was dropped 2 years ago in endgame

    55. Damien Lee

      Marvel wins this round Black Widow > Wonderwoman 1984

    56. Paula Marie Navarra

      Umm... Guys... where's the honest trailer for Loki?

    57. weeb-kun

      She is actually enhanced in comics

    58. Liam Carroll

      The Girlboss Robocop Industrial Complex

    59. La Cupcake

      I get why everyone is upset at the movie, but I actually really enjoyed it. I feel it could’ve been a sequel to a first movie about her origins, and that it should’ve come out before endgame, but otherwise, it’s a solid movie. Maybe not my favorite but it’s definitely up there

    60. B-Conn66

      This movie was better than I expected. I didn't have high hopes. They did almost seem to forget that Black Widow is a normal human

    61. Tyler Jelinek

      Such a poser

    62. Eastlyn Burkholder

      I actually think this trailer is better than the trailer they did decide to use.

    63. Quantum Shhhart

      DO GUMMO.

    64. Sajed Khan

      Say Please " Boom Boom bara Boom boom, Gotchaa! (Wink)"

    65. William Byrd


    66. Roland Baldwin

      Also planes and helicopters don't fly unaffected when there are bullet holes in them. The cabin depressurises.

    67. Julio Nava

      In stock viet Russia M C's U hahahaha

    68. R Mak

      Movie felt like a cartoon. It's amazing that the story chronologically before Black widow was the best movie and Black widow is the worst Marvel movie so far....sigh. This was a real lost opportunity.

    69. Vivien Bresson

      Could we please have Lokiiiiii?

    70. Nathan Lucas

      C O L O S S A L S T A N K

    71. unretrofied619

      Why is nobody talking about how they spoiled the Taskmaster reveal in the the credits itself???

    72. Gesses

      Just how have you not have done troy by now?

    73. Lisa Holtze

      I've heard of cricket chirps to fill an awkward silence, but the frog 'ribbit' in the silence after Hawkeye rips into Thor was hilarious!

    74. Navpreet Mehmi

      You missed one, it was supposed to be another 'only for the wamens' movie, but it turned out that THE TASKMASTER was actually played by a MAN. So whenever the girl has her helmet on, it's actually a man acting and doing the stunts.

    75. yash bhatt

      Loki Honest Trailer!!!!

    76. Victor Lopez

      Hey hottest trailer can you do the multiverse saga

    77. The Fab Aj

      Black widow was an origion story, But not of Natasha.

    78. Bharadwaj VS

      Please do LOKI

    79. Darth Stryk

      I thought these were supposed to be funny? I mean, they normally pick apart what's wrong with the movie while being funny but this is more just picking apart what's wrong with the movie.

    80. Adam


    81. diogo Peixoto

      See I don't even need to watch it now

    82. Pro Ant

      When are we gonna get a Loki trailer?

    83. TyKs_29 plays

      I dont have a problem with this movies except one thing Taskmaster: enough said The costume design i dont like it doesnt fit with the og suit, And taskmaster a confirmed male character in the marvel universe is a women Why, out of all the villians to either name or gender changed they slandered my favourite

    84. Tamzid Rahman

      the most powerful force "girl power" HAS FALLEN into the wrong hands

    85. KoolaidGio

      Do the office

    86. Anjan Das

      Plese say "ahh tiktok videos are poison to my eye stomachs"

    87. bashenga the black manta

      For us it was to late for this movie but for the future generation its not, they will ha e the option to watch black widow before infinity war and endgame

    88. rilla46

      Taskmaster could have been epic

    89. Josie Aguilar

      Please do older movies...

    90. Rohan Ahmed

      Please make Loki S1

    91. Sterling Goodwin

      Took me a second to get the most brutal murder joke lol

    92. Luis Bjerre

      Mini Jovovich

    93. AllegraRuiz

      Please do LOKI!!!! 🐊

    94. KILLER_Arzz!

      Do aN entire anime series

    95. SomeFamousDude

      I’m Soviet Russia M C’s U 😂😂😂 that was amazing omg

    96. Neel Javia

      This movie would have been great if the Russo Brothers had directed it.

      1. Neel Javia

        @Jack Jackson Who?

      2. Jack Jackson

        Cate Shortland is better than the Russos.

    97. Neel Javia

      The movie was great until they got to the Russian prison to free the Red guardian. Until then the movie was so serious with a dark atmosphere everywhere. After that it was the usual cliche MCU movie with jokes every second and the ending sequence was so lame with the task master's reveal. Had hoped for a great fight between the Red guardian and the task master or Natasha and the task master.


      Please say “the emoji movie is a masterpiece”

    99. steven Simmons

      The sister is funny