Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (LIVE FROM MEXICO CITY)

Billie Eilish

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    Billie performs “everything i wanted” live from Corona Capital in Mexico City.

    Listen to “everything i wanted”, out now:


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    1. Sam Ash

      Her pigtails are adorable lol

    2. Tanjiro Agatsuma

      '' I TRIED TO SCREAM '' , AUDIENCE screams lol

    3. AMANDITA🥑💛

      Incrível ela♥️

    4. Salsa Colombia

      Mexico was the testing ground for All I ever wanted lol

    5. Espinoza Velázquez Alexa Michelle

      Mexico por siempre en tu cora🥵😔♥️♥️

    6. Sahil Sukhdeve

      At last billie says thank you That moment is best🔥🔥🔥❤️

    7. Iuliana Bejan

      Love you 👍👍👍👍👍

    8. Sam x

      Music is just amazing really

    9. José Gouveia


    10. Ana Moreno

      how can she sing this without crying

    11. Wendy Mitchell

      Your voice just keeps getting stronger and better great job guys. ICESISS

    12. Nora Picuasi

      se que algun dia yo tambien ire a algun concierto de Billie Eilish solo es cuestion de paciencia💓

    13. Djevando

      Elle est géniale !

    14. DELE 11

      Any malayalis after corona🔛😂


      This song has a different vibes form me

    16. addie

      “and you say, as long as i’m here, no one can hurt you” “if i could change the way that you see yourself, you wouldn’t wonder why you’re here. they don’t deserve you.” “it feels like yesterday was a year ago, but i don’t wanna let anybody know” “i saw them standing right there. kinda thought they might care.” this whole song hits hard lol

    17. Sami Constantinides

      444 Love u Billie from my heart girl 💚 God bless you!

    18. 😎EL-PANA-TAILS 😎

      for when in Argentina

    19. Ante Starcevic

      well i get it, but i dont get it

    20. Devis Man

      My Soulmate 💖

    21. micaelly Vitória 11

      I love you Billie

    22. Abdu Aqeel


    23. Nandazwayz D

      This song has something in it that makes me cry every time I listen to it.

    24. Lyxcis

      We want the buns again😭😭😭

    25. x CUP x

      I love you 🖤

    26. বাবুল নেওগ

      I 😍 you

    27. _-Mockingjay-_ #HG

      Who’s here again July 2021?🥲❤️‍🔥

    28. Sami Constantinides

      I believe we got the best try! You're so beautiful inside and out just the way you are your style your music you have good intentions & you never thought even for a little to take someone else's place or compete for nothing and you avoid arguments & confrontation not cause you can't handle or take care of things, no, simply cause you don't see any benefit, for what? right? Yeah! Very very modest & humble you are, more than anyone would think you are, money &/or fame, you are the same, very true to you, and all that it is for you and more to come, you are worthy of it, and if I may say, Billie Eilish you are a friend anyone would wish to have, and you are a beautiful compassionate one. Somethings sooo beautiful coming. I love this song! Maha

    29. Athirah Fairuz Iriansyah

      Gw yang pake baju biruuu

    30. TEK

      Billie: exists. Crowd: DIES. I can't blame them. I'm old enough to be her dad and I am enthralled by Billie's talent, and Finneas' talent. This song is so touching because it is such a genuine expression of their love.

    31. Olinda Amador Garcia

      l love you

    32. Kristine King

      So powerful! I applaud you shining light on this subject and expressing your feeling. My brother is my rock and I his. I get it.

    33. pocoo

      3:51 Bailesito little dance

    34. Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi


    35. Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi


    36. bitcheilishs

      Te amo billie

    37. Ботир Абдукаримов

      Голос огонь

    38. Delicca Tollner

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    39. پانیز پناهی

      من عاشق بیلی هستم و ارزوی موقعیت براشون میکنم 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘

    40. Rv Joy

      Her music was so freaking incredible, but what happen to her music now ?😩

    41. Nene Kinz music

      Love from PNG 🇵🇬

    42. Wenry⚡️ウェンリィ

      I'm Japanese and I'm doing hip hop.🇯🇵 I love hip hop all over the world.🙃If you like, listen to my song and subscribe if you like it. Thank you❤️

      1. Kyra K.

        Are you a girl?

    43. Calistablox

      How did Billie survive under water in the official video for so long

    44. Calistablox

      Billie will always be the besy

    45. andrew huesca

      Much props to all the companies that build stages for concerts year around

    46. andrew huesca

      Funny Boston commercial Sam Adams brewery, get you vaccine shots asap or when your ready to

    47. Dharmendra Khetia

      who loves her

    48. Nataly Vanessa Cortés Gòmez

      Ola te amo.💘

    49. The voice in your head

      For me its like one of the best songs ever made

    50. 4nd3rsOn Souza

      Cadê os Br?

    51. _Realism_Art_


    52. sevin

      l love you good job Let's go

    53. محسن زارع

      best song of you

    54. Fernanda Espinosa

      que estable es su voz omg

    55. Cauan Silva


    56. Cauan Silva

      Xxx tentacion

    57. ImTheBadGuy

      Why am I crying for no reason?

    58. ImTheBadGuy

      Why am I crying for no reason?

    59. Tobie Roesner

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    60. Fernanda


    61. Nezira Kaplan

      Brother ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍😘😘😘🇰🇬

    62. Tobie Roesner

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    63. Lilni

      Me hubiera encantado ir pero no pude 😭✋

    64. joseder eder

      Chuladaaaaaaaa esto es arte purooooooo billie es perfecta

    65. Manobal Dulce

      yo también soñe que lo tenía todo, soñe que regresabas corazón):

    66. Manobal Dulce


    67. Manobal Dulce

      La morrita q le gritó t amo, yo la amo más

    68. Manobal Dulce

      noOoooOoo yo no sabía q me iba enamorar d ti cuando andabas por mis tierras, alguien matemE porfavor

    69. Li Koji

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    70. Jeon Ilomila Taehyung O'Conell

      Ese día fue el mejor de mi vida...

    71. Sam hil

      Love this song!!!

    72. joseder eder

      Como no supe ☹

    73. InforTRIQS Corp

      2019, acredito que se todos soubessem o que estava por vir iriam pedir mais Bille Eilish

    74. Alaginian

      brings the joy over a thousand of sadnesssssssss ... heaven

    75. garry vigier

      J’adore vraiment tout ce que vous faite !! Et ne vous laissez plus jamais abattre , car vous elle belle et une artiste phénoménale et incontournable. I love you me transperce le cœur ! Bravo bravo et encore bravo . Sorry !! I’m not speak french

    76. science

      Good song🤩

    77. Rider Riding

      yeah we got this bay teach me how to see myself differently , lets move to Spain

    78. Rider Riding

      can you change the way i see myself i think its already happening

      1. Kyra K.

        Bi sh what?

    79. Reza Amiri


    80. Leonie Alt

      This is so beautiful wow

    81. Sandhya Music

      Love you so much ❤️ from india🙏

    82. Ramzi mixx

      You can't be so obsessed with a dance The dance:

    83. نبيل الجزائري

      I love u alone Billie Eilish 🥝🥑❤️

    84. A R


    85. Jessica

      I love you 💚💚💚💚

    86. Sebastian Benito

      El esconder su cuerpo

    87. Emree Jonah

      Love it ❤❤❤😘😘🤩🥰🥰😍😚

    88. Erwin Tomas Castellano


    89. Stefano Caiazza kids Commischef

      That's Incredible🤗🤗 you are unique💚🧡

    90. Mike B

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    91. juan flores

      eressss hermosaaa billieeeee

    92. Abdul Syed

      Billie Eilish's songs are all so interesting to listen to, both the music and the lyrics are awesome; especially this one

    93. Ruby Garcia

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    96. Sergio Arias

      She had all of the lyrics right omg how! She even has all of the stops right

    97. Galuh Kumala

      I had a dream I got everything I wanted Not what you'd think And if I'm being honest It might've been a nightmare To anyone who might care Thought I could fly (fly) So I stepped off the Golden, mm Nobody cried (cried, cried, cried, cried) Nobody even noticed I saw them standing right there Kinda thought they might care (might care, might care) I had a dream I got everything I wanted But when I wake up, I see You with me And you say, "As long as I'm here No one can hurt you Don't wanna lie here But you can learn to If I could change The way that you see yourself You wouldn't wonder why you hear They don't deserve you" I tried to scream But my head was underwater They called me weak Like I'm not just somebody's daughter Coulda been a nightmare But it felt like they were right there And it feels like yesterday was a year ago But I don't wanna let anybody know 'Cause everybody wants something from me now And I don't wanna let 'em down I had a dream I got everything I wanted But when I wake up, I see You with me And you say, "As long as I'm here No one can hurt you Don't wanna lie here But you can learn to If I could change The way that you see yourself You wouldn't wonder why you hear They don't deserve you" If I knew it all then would I do it again? Would I do it again? If they knew what they said would go straight to my head What would they say instead? If I knew it all then would I do it again? Would I do it again? If they knew what they said would go straight to my head What would they say instead?

    98. Ruby Garcia

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