Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish

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    Directed by Billie Eilish

    Special thanks to Ashley Nickole, Joya Jackson, Kerrice Brooks, Lexee Smith, Nataly Santiago, Yuliana Maldonado

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Lost Cause. © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records


    1. Sara Mirko

      So at the end she decided on showing off some skinnnn.... this is just the beggining

    2. Václav Šonka


    3. Shanmuga Prabhu V

      Who is here after madan gowri bathroom song ???

    4. verydump • 27 years ago • edited

      My childhood crush became my adult crush

    5. Manal Atia Saleh

      The video propley made the song viral and know how people's ex can be all the time


      Acéptalo, no veniste por la musica😐

    7. billxsher

      ayuda no puedo respirar

    8. Agatha Gaijutis

      Eu amoooooooo essa música

    9. omg_Mïrîx🖤💚

      I so beautiful

    10. Microsoft Store

      2:28 0:02

    11. jocabed martínez

      y’all hating like y’all never had a girls night and don’t let ur brother in 🤡🤚🏼

    12. fors


    13. the most honest person ever


      1. i couldn't think of anything

        for what?

    14. what

      It is interesting because I know everything about you, but you do not know anything about me

    15. Phạm Chí Linh

      be yourself

    16. José María León Verona

      Se ve cambiada,y ahora es mejor

    17. Rupali Rupa

    18. İREMUÇAR

      Billie eilish 💜💜💜loved


      Billie???? What?

    20. Lil Dicy

      Two days till happier than ever

    21. Алдияр Уртамбаев

      Чем-то по звучанию напомнила стиль Эми Джейд Уайнхаус

    22. Екатерина Кузнецова

      Аааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    23. SurfWriter

      Is there a melody in there? Yeah, they're all having a fun time playing to the camera. But I was looking for actual music. Maybe there's a song by her elsewhere.

    24. A҉D҉R҉A҉A҉ 🥺💕


    25. Laura Negron

      Looks like she sold her soul!

      1. i couldn't think of anything

        She's Christian.

    26. freestylee

      my fav song of her is my future. i love that. THATS a masterpiece! you already can imagine that i don't like this just comparing this to my future.... hope she'll return that way.. and also i loved that she didnt show herself so much those days, now she's twerking in front of a camera... :(

      1. freestylee

        and no, i'm not saying that i liked when she was depressed, what i'm saying is that this song is not good as the other ones she has out. my future is her best song, both lyrically & sonically. peace ✌🏼

    27. Luis Lopez

      música para gente con algún tipo de retrassssssss

    28. JMAS

      so basically someone ghosted her and this is revenge

      1. i couldn't think of anything

        It's about people wanting you fir just a body. And how they will say that you are special and that they love you, but they don't. you just fot their ideals.

      2. JMAS

        what a douchebag if someone sent me flowers id at least appreciate it and thank them

    29. كدش قيمر - Qad Qamer


      1. كدش قيمر - Qad Qamer

        @Peachy Bea♡♡#weloveyoujennie Sorry but I love you and Billie Eilish

      2. Peachy Bea♡♡#weloveyoujennie

        @كدش قيمر - Qad QamerShe did an explanation

      3. كدش قيمر - Qad Qamer

        @Peachy Bea♡♡#weloveyoujennie So why are they doing these things so close to each other?And they kiss each other

      4. Peachy Bea♡♡#weloveyoujennie


    30. yongczetan

      I see only Lays chips and chips and chips😂😂😂 such a successful product placement goes well with Billie blond hair n skin tone❤️❤️😂

    31. dilnaz zhukenova

      Вот это я называю лезбика футуриста

    32. MEGA CREW

    33. MEGA CREW

    34. MEGA CREW

    35. MEGA CREW

    36. Becca禦寒

      She always surprises me, always.

    37. queromuitosub_ Kun

      Very good essa sua música, arigathanks por mais uma obra de arte

    38. Vivienne Jacobsen

      Billie looks so much happier, she looks likes shes having fun with life!

    39. Typical Normal Boi

      i'm seeing thighs every where

    40. Rasem Laeda

      Еще немного и очередная майли сайрус,но пока все ок.

    41. Kiffa olan

      Как сказал маэстро, эта тряпка без голоса даже на швабру не годится, потому что тряпка на швабре должна быть чистой.

    42. Sylvana Hall


      1. Iwa-chan💢

        Then don't watch

    43. Jonathan cecilione

      hope she finds that cat :)

    44. Niños Perdidos Clika

      te amo tanto

    45. naaaa


    46. b e a c h x x w a v e s

      Here it is, the video that started it all…

    47. jedibhoy jr

      she is so fine

    48. Gabriel Barbosa

      18 years old….

    49. Gabriel Robson

      kween demais A MAIOR THE BIG MO

    50. Rodrigo 11 ♛


    51. Rodrigo 11 ♛


    52. ✠ Dravid zwezda ✠

      Lol i forgot to listen the music she made.

    53. ✠ Dravid zwezda ✠

      i never know which job i should get. now i am sure %100 to be cameraman

    54. michi.


    55. Noah Ariza

      Crap music 💩

    56. Ricky

      If you know one song of Billie Eilish, you know all songs…😅😅

      1. Ricky

        @Jon Andy I‘m over 40(!)😳

      2. Jon Andy

        You joined GEproms 14 years ago?? How old are you

    57. Paul Patrick

      Oh my God...I'd wreck it owed me money into the middle of next week..good god

    58. yaskween

      She’s a traitor

    59. X7 YOAN SSJ


    60. Connette Williams

      *cries in boredness*

    61. Roxy Cole


    62. rosye

      Im omni, with a preference for women, and i cannot find this offensive it just dosent hit me like its something bad-

    63. Leezy E


    64. Diego Luna

      oh my god I'm dying, mark him ah the paramedics I'm dying just to see that beauty of Billie ♥ ️🥰 ♥ ️

      1. Angela miss

        *S-E-X C-H-A-T* HOTTIEGIRLS.UNO ?? ADD KARO 😎 SNAPCHAT- Kunal4g Insta- Kunal4g. #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾....

    65. Liesbeth wuyts

    66. Alwafi Charki

      damn the only good thing I though in this generation of artists got ruined just like that .. damn girl I though you are different

    67. Brandon火影

      billie is so fine

    68. Julie Manuel

      Love her!!

    69. Savannah Tolley


    70. DaVinch1

      Кто с тик тока чтоб понять почему она замедлила этот момент?

    71. Abdulsalam Johar

      Y u do that? That not good Ilove you billie❤

    72. BruceLEE


    73. Tomboy 4eve

      I like how even in her sad pieces her vocals are sunshine.

    74. Los gameplays del vago

      This song sounds like portishead, nothing new.

    75. chocolate milk

      Chocolat milk was here

    76. ملكه فري فاير


    77. Science 2020

    78. Karim Khaled

      lesbian party wow

    79. Aleedraco

      It is beautiful 😍😍😍😍

    80. Emuykeg _

      She sang a beautiful way of saying niggas ain't shit

    81. ꃳꋬ꒯ .

      You're the best 🙈💘

    82. Abel Tejada

      I have mixed feelings about this song, i absolutely love it, but I can't help but think about the mixing everytime I listen to it. The mixing is on point, but I feel that the voice its a bit too loud. I know it's meant to be like that but for me it's a little too much.

      1. Dr. House

        I think it’s intentional.

    83. Enderguin58YT

      it's a slumber party. *clothing optional*

      1. 𝘥𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘟𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘦𝘥


    84. Dmitrijs Beibaks


    85. namjoonie ♡~♤

      Damn I never thought to see this new version of Billie is beautiful 💖

    86. javeria irfan

      Very awesome keep it up

    87. Max Bukowski

      1:35 ,,someone luke you would always be so easy to find" we do we see on screen? A girl that is shaking her ass like wtf is that? Girls that are shaking their ass on left and right are something special? Idk maybe wrong timing but i dont think so bc she has money on good directors.

    88. Ines Combi

      Elle a change son style elle et un peut plus féministe mes ses style de musique non pas vraiment mes elle belle

    89. D A B I SAMA

      الفيديو كليب بعنوان شوفو جسمي 🙂🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Alwafi Charki

        بيلي تغيرت

      2. najia salih

        فعلا 😂

    90. احمد الشمري

      اضيفو اللغة العربية يا ناس

    91. Celis •

      Billie: god🔥 Song: Zzzz

    92. •Gacha_mimi•

      Dont be mean i know the the song dont match the vid but why hate just shut up she is finialy out of her comfortzone so be proud fans of here mhm Mia love you billie and the song #billieforever