Game Theory: FNAF, Return To The Pit (3 New FNAF Theories)

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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    Welcome back to MatPat has too many FNAF theories, that he needs to put multiple in an episode! Today we are going to cover 3 more short Five Nights At Freddy's theories, focusing mainly on the new books. From more information on the ever important Cassidy, to William Afton's time travel shenanigans, there is a LOT to cover! Let's dive into this time traveling ball pit, shall we?

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    0:00 - Theory #1
    7:40 - Theory #2
    12:53 - Theory #3

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    Writer: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. What am I doing here...

      I hope that if this is ever figured out we get a recap or timeline of everything because I am so lost at some points

    2. Ben Sansom

      Could the guy that scalped himself be related (not family though) in anyway to the stitch wraith?

    3. xenojiva

      At this point MatPat could make a theory about how I’M an animatronic and I’d believe it

    4. Piano Vampire

      I wish I hadn't made the mistake of going on Twitter today. Actually, it's always a mistake to go on Twitter.

    5. darius kyle LEDESMA

      gumdrop angel is just miss sweet

    6. fasih cool dudes

      12:39 i get its saying that stop thinking about dirty stuff cause thats giving reference to weird sexual questions

    7. 4LitreJeeper

      Please pray for my mom who's in the ICU on a ventilator fighting for her life against this virus for 4 weeks now and struggling. Her name is Doris. I don't have much family. If you can take a second to pray for her please.

    8. Backonja

      I'd say that there is no timetravel, and that, perhaps, Larsson's glimpses into the past serve as explanation that what Oswald saw, was more of a hallutination, rather then an actual timetravel...Just a thought, I'm pretty sure there are holes in that explanation.

    9. AtharvBk I like bees

      still wanting to know why william killed the kiddies

    10. Syed Danial

      Hi MatPat, this is my own theory. Without any proof at all. What if Mike and Micheal are different entity. What if Mike is the "Crying Child" and Micheal is the main character from FNAF 1 to 6. Like I said, this theory has no proof.

    11. Pumpkin Bun

      What if when you go in the ball pit in security breach there is a chance you will get a cutscene as an Easter egg, and it's the murders

    12. Çağan Tongur

      11:37 they can be bubble gums maybe?

    13. Slap my Hand

      MatPat should take a look at dsaf. It would be able to justify some of his theory's and it would pose new questions for the fnaf game.

    14. мαѕтєя кυиʝ

      Watch And Know

    15. silver-chariot1000

      Also super horror bro stole your first video on security breach saying that vanny is vanessa and alot of other stuff

    16. Matt

      ONE on trending? Wow

    17. bocil baper

      Wow 100 rb like in 1 day

    18. RedArrow 2

      The detective's name should've been Mathew Patrick

    19. Bornulhu

      Jesus Christ, I pray to all the old deities just so time travel doesn't get introduced to this mess of a plot.

    20. lunerlilly

      Mattpatt that theory isn't dumb at all. If he's seeing memories like that over and over, while going back in time to the incident. Then wouldn't he eventually be driven insane into believing that he is indeed Afton 🤔. Because here's something to think about. What happened in Afton's childhood? Also the abusive behavior can even be explained due to the memory relapsing. You could think of it as a severe case of PTSD.

    21. Lucole

      Imagine Scott Cawthon dies (let's hope he doesn't) and then we never get to know the real Fnaf lore.

    22. springtrap

      i can't wait for Rick and Morty season 5 :3

    23. Moonlight Atonz Fam

      Pretty soon there would be FNAF theory channel.Wait for it

    24. Mr. WaterBottle

      I bet you Cassidy died in the ball pit because her parents were anti-lax edit: anti-vax

    25. 日本式マッサージ  ✓

      I'm single

    26. the emerald chat

      Boi what is this new book, a gumdrop woman... What...

    27. •Bea•

      The uprising

    28. Bread Animates

      you played it, now make an omori theory

    29. 一枚宅男

    30. EmxlyyyBxnn

      never stop these videos ❤️

    31. memecat

      Hey what about anthem there is a lot to cover

    32. abused cheeseburger


    33. ATripToMars

      I love how insane this series is

    34. Pug Galaxy'

      Have you talked about the final chapter of step closer it's about susie and it basically confirmed she's chica and it's about her life and how she died

    35. PeytonIs_Lost

      Mat Pat's FNaF Theories are William Afton confirmed.

    36. RantsandRambles

      Streets of Rage with Furries! ✨🤩✨

    37. Breannah Arnel

      right when i was getting back into my fnaf phase thank you mat pat

    38. Kyle Taylor

      Honestly ive lost count of how many fnaf videos mat has made

    39. Tiffany

      In 2020?

    40. SaadTheLegend

      The big question is: why did William Afton do all this? We haven’t explored his origins yet.

    41. Cool Spaghetti

      What if the human body is just a spring trap suit but that’s just a theory a life theory

    42. D3

      Instead of Larsson becoming Afton, what if the afton infection from the future just transmitted onto Afton back before he was evil? So you have Afton becoming evil through his own future spirit infecting him through the person that came to prevent it

    43. Cold Gugyfy

      7:15 you’re gonna have a bad time

    44. SaadTheLegend

      Who is orange guy then?

      1. Spoopsi UwU

        william afton if i remember correclty

    45. native nature

      Do one on SNES zombies ate my neighbors

    46. Alex Tikász

      12:46 Fear the old blood!

    47. Friend of Jesus

      Jesus Christ called people everywhere to repent, therefore, if you confess with your lips the Lord Jesus and believe with all your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved and inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal life. told other people how good he is, how he saves, heals and liberates and gives eternal life for free30

      1. Ace eduventures

    48. Ace eduventures ...

    49. ᖴᒪOᔕKᑭEᗩK3 YT

      15:13 = THE CHILD, ITS THE CHILD WE PLAY AS IN THE SECURITY BREACH GAME, its cuz he says that there is a "thing" after him, and mainly (or i believe) Vanny is the main person after the maybe just maybe, the child is the child we play as in the gam security breach (i mean...u gotta agree, cannon or not) that all

      1. Ace eduventures

    50. Maxine West

      Interesting video game theory.

      1. Ace eduventures

    51. anonymous

      wait doesnt this mean that all the stupid gacha kids saying glitchtrap controls william...could be right? NOOOOO

      1. Ace eduventures

    52. Marmo

      6:00 what if Afton and Henry weren't coworkers but enemies in love? that afton destroyed henry's life until he killed himself to marry his wife?

      1. Ace eduventures

    53. Gene White

      15 hours I'm watching sooner than I ever had

      1. Ace eduventures

    54. starry skies

      okay but what will happen if fnaf ends

      1. Ace eduventures

    55. old channel wizen fir59

      Please help Please help #istandbyscott

      1. Ace eduventures

    56. Zermanicoos

      furries rage? it says fury's rage

    57. Peter Muteti

      The intro is funny

    58. DanAwesomenesss

      #1 on trending nice!

    59. jay chui

      Game theorists Game theorists Game theorists Game theorists Game theorists Did it work

    60. Mr Builder

      “I’m bout to end this man’s career”😂😂

    61. xHyperEgend_

      Mat, always remember *YOU DO NOT PUT ANY WORD RELATED TO "FINAL" BY ANY MEANS IN A TITLE FOR FNAF* Good job for not doing it this time.

    62. CasuallySeal

      *Dude its been months.*

    63. Natalie Plays ROBLOX

      ✨ *DABBING CHICA* ✨

    64. Sketchy Doodles

      I’ve literally never played a FNAF game but you bet I’ve watched every single theory

    65. Noble Zealot1

      I've watched all these theories over and over for the past five or so years and still can't tell what going on

    66. DJcelda 01

      Golden Freddy can't move becouse he hasn't an endo skeleton. Andrew can't move becouse Jake controls the endo skeleton. Maybe is also like that in the games.

    67. inky films

      I have an interesting theory about pigtail girl. So in fnaf 4 pigtail girl says to cc that the animatronics come to life and kill you and we know that this was in 1983. We also know that the children's incident most likely happened in 1985. WAIT WHAT! Then who is she talking about its not like she knows about the nightmare's they were most likely around when cc is in a coma. The missing children haven't even gone to possess the aminatronics or have they? Maybe an incident happened before maybe just maybe something happened before them like what happened to Elizabeth. Maybe security breech has something to do with this explains this as this could seriously be in the 80's and like you said afton time traveled that would explain so much about how advanced security breech is. It could literally be the 60's to 50's which would help to prove the miss afton theories with vanessa. This is just a small theory so here you go

    68. Auto12 2

      Finally a good intro! Make more like that please :)

    69. Snup

      I always wondered could William be the good guy, because glitchtrap is a separate being, which makes glitchtrap the killer, so could trashtrap be a way for william to destroy glitchtrap that's why he always comes back, to destroy glitchtrap

    70. thehandyman

      I love Scott Cawthon. I feel really bad right now tho since people doxxed him and threatened his pregnant wife because of who he voted for

      1. thehandyman

        @anonymous go look at his newest Reddit post

      2. anonymous

        wait scott is having a bebe? :0

    71. Springles

      My kids will be watching the 'final' FNaF theory

    72. Alyx

      💧: im bout to end this mans whoole coRrear

    73. Jacskelethor 2

      Hey mat you know when in ucn when get Oldman consequences easter egg well if you do that and go to fnaf world there's a message

    74. SourR1

      My maths teacher is called Mr.Atkin.......

    75. global moron

      What if he goed too far back and gets bit in 83

    76. Giggle Dash

      Self consistency principle. The kids have to die.

    77. Gretta Rebardi


    78. Tb

      I mean, to show more evidence to Mike being the FNaF 3 nightguard, just look at the cutscene for Sister Location. Mike saying ”I’m going to come find you” with the burnt down Fazbear Frights in the background and Springtrap being showed to have survived. All that implies that Mike was the one who burnt the place down.

    79. Oskarkindel Kindel


    80. Noah Madrigal

      Wait, small detail, but I guess I also noticed this in a video from a few months ago as well - at 3:39 are those modeled after youtubers? Because uh, Emmy, is that you? lol (Emmymade, the one on the very right) Sorry if it's already been said who they are or if they're supposed to be random models (probably not random though because she even has her red string necklace)

    81. Lantern Emoji

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    85. Lantern Emoji

    86. John Stanton

      After the party

      1. John Stanton

        After the party

    87. Arevyn

      I can't believe FNAF theories still get on trending in 2021 lmao.

    88. Ilikeartandstuf

      No I can definitely name something worse that happened in a ball pit...

    89. Dark Vampire

      When ever Scott drops a new game, So do the furries of all the new porn of the characters.

    90. Aari M0ment ;0

      12:36 :D

    91. ساعدوني اوصل 1000مشترك

      أتمنى النجاح لجميع الطلاب والطالبات

    92. RandomPigYT

      Ye, vengeful spirit is pretty powerful but, it's much more effective when you wear the shaman stone.

    93. fail gaming

      This is #1 on trending congrats

    94. ItsKeira_0962

      Michael apper in FNAF 3 in the cut screen "Father" He is talking to William "Its me Michael" he did apper in FNAF 3 so we play as Micheal in FNAF 1, FNAF 3, FNAF Sister Location and probably FNAF Simulator

    95. slugey 99

      MP: Get ready shark, you bout to be jumped Me: sounds kinda like a skate 3 reference

    96. Jesteroo

      This is the origin story of aftin