Bologna 3-2 Cagliari | Barrow Scores to Complete Bologna Comeback! | Serie A TIM

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    Musa Barrow made the difference for Bologna to comeback from behind to secure a home victory | Serie A TIM

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    1. Lamin Barrow

      Proud gambian 🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲

    2. Irakli Samsonia

      15' João Pedro (0-1); 45' Musa Barrow (1-1); 47' Giovanni Simeone (1-2); 52' Roberto Soriano (2-2); 56' Musa Barrow (3-2)

    3. gaston martin Tripodi

      oiko iomeraẽ kuaaha vo nahániri henói caer federico santander caer paraguái?

    4. Isnur Hadiansyah

      Back::please tomiyasu wake up. Mid::where is poli Forward:barrow,palacio,vignato Or Forward:sansone,juwara,orsolini

    5. Rishit Ghosh

      Moussa Barrow on fire

    6. Arifta Tata Widyatama

      Ini wasit 'itu'

    7. Juan Cruz

      The new Inter player: BARROW (in my dream)

    8. Javierm2011

      Nice play by Musa Barrow lovely performance from the young lad

    9. J p b Dude / JTV

      I know Barrow is getting the talks but we need to appreciate the goal from soriano

    10. John Carter

      Barrow is another version of Duvan Zapata

    11. Paa Salo

    12. Abdoulie Faye

      Musa Barrow🇬🇲✊🏾❤️

    13. GooseGumlizzard

      there are way too many Red/Blue stripe teams in Serie A these days. Bologna, Genoa, Crotone, Cagliari... hard to tell them apart.

      1. agem1989

        Crotone gonna leave next year lol. But Cagliari has also white colours on the shirts and Genoa has only two big red and blue stripes

    14. Til' Malkovich

      0:49 ЖОПЕдро 😂😂😂

    15. jared t

      Musa!!!!!!!! ... and Soriano

    16. daddy la juve

      Ounes adem amazing

    17. DjCotes Musik

      Serie A knows best. Cagliari has a great striker partnership in Simeone & Joao Pedro.

    18. BOATS99

      Fantastic game

    19. Juventino 10

      Barrow is soo underrated

    20. Camara Lamin

      Bala Keep Striking 🔥 🇬🇲

      1. Forza Milan


    21. Steven Gomez

      Keep it up my brother Barrow proud of you


      Esse barrow joga bem atr

    23. Pabi Fatty

      Much love from Gambian 💖💖💖💖💖barrow keep it up

    24. Elpipita Drammeh

      D black panther Barrow bright star

    25. Skids Malloy

      Barrow at the wheel.

    26. Hinata MC

      Ounas...his skills and driblling..he's amazing😄

    27. familyounass37

      Adam ounas Mashallah rabiy yahfuduk inchallah

    28. Ripardo Filho

      Why hasnt antes giant club bought Cragno? He os absolutely in the top20 GK today


      🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇬... 🇺🇲

    30. Giuseppe Polloni

      Cragno e’ fortissimo

    31. BillJammeh45

      Musa Barrow 💪💪💪

    32. Galaxy Advertising

      Barrow è forte. 1 o 2 anni e sarà veramente uno dei più forti attaccanti in Italia 👏👏👏

    33. Paco Carbon

      Totw barrow

    34. Fanta Sanyang

      Barrow ⚽⚽🙏🙏🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲

    35. Omed Saed


    36. yousra tasnim

      Kaliary is a great club

    37. berghem 81

      Che goal Musa !!!! Bergamo Kin ti dimentica !!

    38. Antoni Cahyadi

      Bologna get 3 point again after several loss recently, hope this will be their turnback for next match...

    39. Michael Kamau

      So Arnold assists with his no. 66 jersey and Barrow is scoring with a no. 99 ...They should be paired

    40. George M

      With these performances Barrow will might leave on the next transfer window.

    41. justice Bah

      The best young player in Africa Barrow

      1. Max

        @Javierm2011 did u not see the word young?

      2. Javierm2011


    42. Alparslan Korkmaz


    43. SmexGrex online упс

    44. Eria Paul Mubeezi.T.

      Oh Barrow

    45. محمود محمد

      Barrow 🔥🔥🔥

    46. Josephine Kwan

      Great goals by Barrow

    47. Meo

      Beuty stadium

    48. Wilhelmus Oladoko

      Bek Cagliari badut badut. Cragno super save

    49. Ashwin Abraham Jacob

      Why aren't bigger clubs looking at Barrow. Dude literally tears defences apart by himself from the left wing. Can score can dribble and rocket of a shot. Clubs like Napoli and Roma are sleeping on him.

      1. MindsWithoutCeilings

        The problem is covid has caused a lot of big clubs to lose money.. So they are not splashing big cash on players, teams like Bologna, Sassuolo, & Atalanta are able to hold onto their top talent.. Serie A is loaded with top young talent all over the place

      2. V bucks Roblox

        @Bartek Mostek forza kombatroll 🤫

      3. Bartek Mostek

        @Ashwin Abraham Jacob if not ucl

      4. Bartek Mostek

        @Ashwin Abraham Jacob tbh fiorentina are europa league potential

      5. Baajour 77


    50. Ollie Martinelli

      A big team needs to buy Cragno. I see him as either a replacement for Handamovic or maybe at Roma

      1. Ollie Martinelli

        @alexing86 i meant a replacement for when handanovic leaves

      2. alexing86

        Cragno cannot be a replacement, that would be a waste, even in a big team

    51. Mohammad ceesay

      Barrow Gambia 🇬🇲 ♥

    52. Anonym

      Tomiyasu really looks like a Serie C player

    53. LuCkyBoy ChAm

      Barrow is a sensational finisher

    54. jln21boy

      0:49 I love this commentator's pronunciation of João Pedro. Hopefully he can commentate Cagliari's game all the time.

      1. MassimoAngotzi

        Perché, tu come lo chiami? GIOAO? 😂😂

    55. Bedbugs

      He is our Barrow, come rain, come sunshine 🇬🇲🇬🇲

    56. Ishan Misra

      I hope big clubs are taking a note of cragno that guy is amazing

    57. Josue Reyes


      1. Алдияр Меркимбай


    58. indrohari 1908

      Is that zappa kid from inter primavera ??

      1. ibrahima sow


    59. Nedim

      Cant believe Atalanta gave up on Barrow that easily

      1. Amani Chironda

        @Adekola Adeoye is not more an Atalanta player, Bologna buy it

      2. Erwin

        To be fair if there's one team that can afford to give up a talented attacker it's Atalanta. Plus it could be just that they don't have a space for him in their 3-5-2 formation.

      3. Bang Dablek Andayakin

        @Nedim it's already permanent

      4. Nedim

        @Adekola Adeoye I think its a loan with the obligation to buy

      5. Muzaffar

        @Adekola Adeoye yes hopefully he come back to atalanta next seasons

    60. Pradana Hafiz

      Barrow really has a quality, why no big team sign him?

      1. AL Kudus

        maybe january next year

      2. Blank

        I mean he’s still young but he get better

    61. Sheriff Tamba

      So proud of u Barrow Keep delivering my mn

      1. Paa Salo

    62. Jonathan Supit

      Barrow = Dembele

    63. Jonathan Supit

      M barrow Welcome to Juventus

    64. Ronni Santosa

      This is Serie-A 👍

    65. Gambia Media TV

      Musa 🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🔥

    66. MrDankNoodle Classic

      🎃Happy Halloween👻🎃

    67. big mos


    68. lyzko Mass

      Barrow my man

    69. saihou sillah


    70. D.S YoungBwoy

      That's our Barrow 🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲

    71. MasonB 10

      Barrow is underrated

    72. Abang Donny 10

      Barrow is a central playing match today, sensasional

      1. Ba Doai

    73. Bruno Senegal

      Magico Bologna e grande Barrow

      1. Ba Doai

    74. Mindflower 89

      Barrow is on fire again with the stunners!

      1. Кларк Фарксл

        That's amazing to see Soriano and Barrow together!

      2. Ba Doai

      3. محمود محمد


    75. THEKID6

      Most entertaining league by far

      1. THEKID6

        @I don't have a name talk to him steve

      2. agem1989

        @I don't have a name fun fact every serie A coach who trained in EPL won the title. Conte, Mancini, Ranieri with Leicester and even Sarri. If Ancelotti makes it with Everton he should hide somewhere

      3. THEKID6

        @Njukang Clifton Efuetzi Sarri, Mancini, Conte, Spaletti?

      4. V bucks Roblox

        @agem1989 forza kombatroll

      5. agem1989

        @Njukang Clifton Efuetzi ?????? LOL Ancelotti? Allegri? Ranieri? Gasperini? Mancini? Pioli? Inzaghi? Gattuso? Even Sarri won in EPL. I find only Conte pretty overrated. Stop with this nosense

    76. Arbaoy Keita


    77. Olanrewaju Olanrewaju

      Most competitive league. Argue with your Keyboard.

      1. J p b Dude / JTV

        @mubarak olad bro that first season Leicester won the league and the 2nd it was just pep. But it’s coming back. But overall, Serie A has much more title contenders

      2. V bucks Roblox

        @mubarak olad forza kombatroll

      3. mubarak olad

        @Alonso Vasquez Maulen naah Italy is currently competitive Kloop and pep killed competitive in epl the last 4 season

      4. Ba Doai

      5. Alonso Vasquez Maulen

        Bruh EPL is way more competitive , but i have to admit that is Serie A is more competitive than La Liga

    78. mld

      Why bologna copia ac milan logo and shirts

      1. ENIGMAN19

        Bologna FC didn’t copy anything from Milan! We have an oval shield with red and blue colours while the red and black for AC Milan. We only share the cross of Saint George which is the symbol of Bologna and Milan (but also of cities such as Genoa, Barcelona or England). Forza magico Bologna!

      2. agem1989

        @mld I think it's a casualty or a trend used at that period. If you notice Sassuolo has a similar logo to Barcelona but green and black. They could be casualties. At that period neither Milan either Barca were so relevant

      3. mld

        @agem1989 i ln9w but its similar

      4. agem1989

        It's actually blue and red. The logo is similar but it's over 100 years old as well lol

    79. Adama Sonko

      Gambia number one we are proud of u # Barrow

      1. Ba Doai

    80. Robert Cristian


    81. NG Nebula Gamer

      Forza Bologna per sempre

    82. Fabrício Costa

      Barrow is fantastic

    83. Alonso Vasquez Maulen

      Barrow what a player😍😍, greetings from Chile 🇨🇱

      1. V bucks Roblox

        @Alonso Vasquez Maulen forza

      2. Ba Doai

      3. Alonso Vasquez Maulen

        @Mustapha Gaye im sorry, i meant greeting from Chile 🤝🤝

      4. isadin hamud

        @Mustapha Gaye He meant he is from Chile Not Barrow 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      5. Mustapha Gaye

        He’s Gambian in nationality not Chilean bro.

    84. hshimk88 jama

      Serie a never fails to amaze us

      1. Paa Salo

      2. V bucks Roblox

        @Napoli For Ever forza kombatroll

      3. Napoli For Ever

        Incredible serie 😼

      4. Leo Bri

        @Renan Virginio Ma stai zitto

      5. Ba Doai

    85. Abdoulie Sambou

      Musa 🇬🇲🇬🇲🇬🇲🔥

    86. The D Man

      barrow is a joke

      1. Ac milan bigger than juventus

        Say no to racism

    87. Ihsan Ihsan

      Indonesia hadir

      1. Modou Faal

        barrow orang jujur dan jago maennya

      2. Angga Bismantara

        Anaknya simione gacor

    88. Franz Audiø

      grande musa

      1. Paa Salo

    89. 🌟

      Barrow 🇬🇲❤️🇬🇲

      1. גלעד כהן

        רק מילאן

      2. V bucks Roblox

        @AlexD NedC need kombatroll

      3. Ba Doai

      4. محمود محمد


      5. AlexD NedC

        Sheriff Tamba he is from Gambia 🇬🇲