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    Luis Figo's final game and the last match of the 2008/9 season, watch this classic 7-goal thriller in FULL! | Serie A TIM
    Inter: Julio Cesar; Zanetti, Cordoba, Samuel, Chivu; Stankovic, Cambiasso, Muntari; Figo, Ibrahimovic, Balotelli. Manager: José Mourinho
    Subs: Toldo, Santon, Maicon, Crespo, Cruz, Vieira, Burdisso
    Atalanta: Consigli; Garics, Talamonti, Manfredini, Bellini; Defendi, Cigarini, Guarente, Padoin; Doni; Plasmati. Manager: Luigi Delneri
    Subs: Coppola, Cerci, Parravicini, Peluso, Pellegrino, Capelli, Zaza
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    1. غياث عبد الرحمن

      Forza grande nerazzurri 🖤💙🖤💙🖤

    2. غياث عبد الرحمن

      Forza Inter

    3. Kika Aninditya

      Lp no

    4. Kika Aninditya


    5. سامي انتر


    6. Joel WirsenMusic

      OmFg what a team inter had..

    7. brian amayoh

      Sulley Ali Muntari 🔥 🔥. Nobody recognizes how important he was especially in this match.

    8. Pra Ghiffary

      The Real Nerazzuri vs False nerazuri

    9. Oscar Londoño

      Tremenda escuadra tenía el inter ufff con ivan ramiro Córdoba 🇨🇴🏁🏆

    10. Murwidyawan Channel

      GEproms channel from Indonesia 🇮🇩 is here, Forza Inter

    11. wong jowo

      Satu satunya tim yang belum pernah berada di kubangan serie B Forza Inter

    12. Iphung Samsul

      I miss the crowd😢

    13. Iphung Samsul

      Woowww what a fantastic inter team!!!

    14. Made in Italy ASMR Official

      Has it already been 12 years?! Where does the time go?

    15. Angela Momudu

      It's crazy: 7 minutes and already 6 pubs... impossible to watch this match!

    16. Gaming life Boss* Nerko

      time 1:28:23 skill of Zlatan

    17. Arifin Soleh

      I love intermilan

    18. Hunize

      Grande Inter

    19. bandar untung

      Bosan gini enaknya itu main Game online di situs Game judi online terpercaya Di Indonesia , disini gampang banget raih kemenangan dengan win rate 98%! Yuk langsung aja daftar di situs kami QQCepat, langsung DM aku ya! :)

    20. Agus Hadiyatna

      Anying iklan ny 2 Menit Skali...

    21. amiti deb barman

      Those days watching Inter Milan was better than watching Real Madrid

    22. DEE PIXEL Wolfeman

      A full San Siro, those were the days!

    23. Rahul Ghosh

      The main problem with this channel they didn't provide team formation didn't display starting lineup & standby players also

      1. Bryan M

        It’s shown at the start you cheapskate

      2. BPunisherFox

        theres startung line up when the ame about to kick off

    24. Dilahn De Silva

      Is that Leslie Nielsen @0:14 ?

    25. IM WARRIOR

      i dont know why Plasmati play for striker role. how many goals he scored in his career?

    26. you and me

      balotelli not a star

    27. Pra Ghiffary

      When ibrahimovic still humble.

    28. craig foster

      Goals: 10:33, 1-0 Inter 14:23, 1-1 Atalanta 16:44, 2-1 Inter 29:46, 2-2 Atalanta 1:01:00, 3-2 Atalanta 1:27:11, 3-3 Inter 1:28:20, 4-3 Inter, Legendary Ibra goal

      1. muhammad muhsin mohd razib

        Thanks a lot. Came here for zlatan's back-heel goal after reading his autobiography.

    29. wara wiri channel

      1:40:17 Balotelli failed skill 🤣

    30. Ainul Umam

      It's great match. I still a teenager on that match. ☺️♥️

    31. Toni Georg

      This is the best version of Zlatan😱 he is a monster

    32. Julianna Wilkerson කෙටුම්පතක්

    33. Eric Amaral


    34. R fc

      zanneti sigue igual en cada año

    35. L

      فورزا إنتر 💙💙

    36. Rachmat Darmawan

      Forza Juventus

    37. Indonesia Timur

      Respect Zanetti.. Give to him Capptain 👍👍👍

    38. icecold4ever1

      Soooo beautiful, nice kit , nice colors , amazing stadium. Star studded team . Inter for ever... inter never dies💙💙💙

    39. Dhi Mancini


    40. alvaro recoba 20

      I am inter fan since 1995 First year for moratti as president Forza inter forever 🔵⚫🔵⚫ from libya 🇱🇾

    41. Bro Piaang

      The lineup of inter just🤩

    42. Vesna Druzanovic

      Forza inter ❤️❤️

    43. malxazi maisuradze


      1. malxazi maisuradze


      2. malxazi maisuradze


    44. Mark Hummer Official


    45. Pradipta Siagian

      At 4:42 what are they mourn/remember?/ about? Forza Inter for Manchester United fans 👍 We love you Mourinho ❤️


      Was it Figo's last match?

      1. Mismatchman


    47. Dody Fernando

      Full match Inter final champions league please

    48. SC 1827

      Froza Inter! From Portugal

    49. Adaam Hidrey

      Beautiful kit, amazing team!

    50. Andrea Vivaldi

      Simone Zaza con l'Atalanta

    51. Zona Bola Dunia

      Over two months without watching football, I miss this

    52. FED PM04

      Zlatan Ibrahimovich number one

    53. Dedy Prayoga

      Forza Inter..Nerrazurri..Hopefully i can go to Giuseppe Meazza to watch my Inter ..Amin

      1. lino leum

        Amin bro.

    54. Ahmad Teguh

      Inter vs Juventus 2009 please

    55. Robbey Sanjaya

      I Miss The suporter ..

    56. Vinyl

      1:34:14 Vamo caralho!

      1. Valdir Breno

        Maicon monstro!

    57. racca1908


    58. IMDb riview

      Waww Forza Atalanta 😁

    59. Ahmed Mahmoud

      2009 but looks like it's filmed in 1999 lol hd made a difference

      1. JudeMarchisio

        Looks pretty normal to me.

    60. Kopi Luwak Singapore

      forza inter

    61. Miko Wicaksono

      Rocchi is a legend. Ini akun serie a emang mau nampilin borok wasit apa gimana ya?? 😅😅😅

    62. Pablo Ramirez

      que grande zanetti, cediendo la capitania !

    63. baba ali


    64. españa tierra bonita

      Coronavirus rip. ❤️❤️🌹

      1. Dhi Mancini


    65. Andre Vika Ditya Saputra

      Forza Juve

    66. PES lovers

      my favorite team inter

      1. Dhi Mancini

        Inter was unlucky this week

      2. pes 2020

        Me too

      3. Hello Balli

        Me too

    67. Дед 005

      Internacional è il miglior club del mondo. Ciao dall'Ucraina!

    68. Wahyu Allamy

      Forza Inter from Indonesia 🖤💙

    69. I hate you mother-fucker!

      Javi Zenetti ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ what a captain what a man from a football lover from UK.

      1. Dhi Mancini

        The derby. Are you missing Eriksen in uk ?

      2. Dhi Mancini

        Hi UK.

      3. Lil Mbaye

        @Taziah Slentiller True leader il capitan Zanetti

      4. Taziah Slentiller

        If Inter is human, then Zanetti will be that human.

    70. Arbër Piro

      31.5.2009 Inter 17 titles first with mourinho

    71. PSG supporter

    72. Kauanzin Mc

      A melhor música que eu fiz por enquanto ♥️

    73. Karl Johansson

      Ibrahimovic was in his prime. He made a mistake by going to Barcelona.

      1. Domenico C

        Ibra always been an idiot other than a great striker. Hence his choice to go to Barca

      2. Bima Natawilaga

        but if he didn't go to Barca, Inter would not get Eto'o, would not sign Milito, and might lost that treble season

      3. Jesus Santivañez

        Ibra had to go to Real Madrid. I have no doubt about this

      4. Dhi Mancini


      5. JudeMarchisio

        @- Griezmann is about to join the list.

    74. carlos garzon

      gracias y un saludo serie A ESTE SE JUGO EL 31.05.DEL2009

    75. Hội tụ anh Tài


    76. Pejuang Terakhir

      Forza Inter, so many star!!!

      1. Naufal Herma Irfansyah

        forza inter om

    77. Taky Chaib

      Inter were playing such classy enjoyable football wish those days comeback again next year

      1. Taky Chaib

        @Boys San Siro hopefully we win scudetto 🥳

      2. Boys San Siro

        inter is top of the table now playing like before

      3. Dhi Mancini

        @Moritz Volz they were better than Napoli too

      4. Moritz Volz

        I think they are slowly getting there as witnessed this season Much much better than Milan though

    78. Baldoz

      Please give the matches with commentaries. Thanks

      1. Yuko89

        much better without

    79. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is better than you

      what a team that was

    80. Mahone

      This is never 720p. More like upscaled 480p

    81. Oktavianus Hutahaean

      Inter >> Morratti era

    82. Luis Inostroza Zamorano

      Muchas gracias

    83. Карабас Барабасович


    84. Bulshaawi 89

      Sempre successo inter dalla somalia

    85. Бахруз Мехтиев

      Forza Inter Azerbajcan🔵⚫️🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

      1. Dhi Mancini

        Forza Inter

    86. Abdul

      Forz inter always from Saudi Arabia ❤🇸🇦

      1. Domenico C

        send me some money :D

      2. Dhi Mancini


      3. L


    87. Ebet Khalil

      Cristiano Doni wow what fantastic player. How I wish he is still playing for Atalanta now

      1. kidpagron primsank

        Shame his career ended in tattered with match fixing case

    88. Nall

      Interisti Indonesia 🙌

    89. Richie Young

      What a fantastic Inter team

    90. Юлиан Георгиев

      Please add commentary in the future :)

      1. Юлиан Георгиев

        @Thomas UMANSKY whatever. I think they removed the original voices and that's why the sound seems so off.

      2. Thomas UMANSKY

        English commentary....

    91. Omran Agha


    92. TheGent1eman

      *#ForzaInter* 💙🖤

      1. Dhi Mancini

        Forza Inter

    93. Blaazzii :D

      What was the result

      1. Blaazzii :D

        @Telmo Esteves thanks

      2. Telmo Esteves

        4-3 I think.

    94. Eu To Certo Tu Que Ta Errado

      br alguem

    95. Dave Matthews

      Anche se sono un fan della Juve, nel 2008-2009 l'Inter è stata grandiosa

      1. Aniss El bouziri

        Anche a me piace la juve del 2011-12