I Have a Crazy Girlfriend | Juanpa Zurita

Juanpa Zurita Comedy

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    1. Juanpa Zurita Comedy

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      1. Young Rich Of Long Beach

        That’s so funny man that’s funny that’s so funny as fuck then there’s the anthem Louisville game Halloween that’s love you man

      2. Bianca Jones I love your shows

        I love your I love your videos and you're my dream man I just want to see you in real life bye-bye love you 💌❤️🥰👥💋💋👰🤵🤰👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

      3. Landon Feldman

        @Jonathan Cruz geheheehdjsjsf

      4. Landon Feldman

        @1 Million like your momma

      5. Landon Feldman

        Hee hee

    2. gamerboyz2354

      1:17 I gasped and fell off my bed

    3. Danilo Cordero

      Hi 😳😡😠I’m mad

    4. Utkarsh Pandey


    5. Euron

      And this ladies and gentlemen,is what we call a yandere.

    6. Sabe Capote

      El vatoooo. Con la bomba. Jajajaja

    7. dragon ball Ultra


    8. Daniella ebrahem

      Babushka is a Russian nickname for grandma

    9. Meredith R

      " I used scitch tape and 3-D printer to get your fingerprints don't chage the subject!!" 😂

    10. Awi Sintaro

      Tbh she have one the best smile on earth

    11. Shaqib


    12.   𖤍 TOӁIC   Inc.....

      I literally want a gf like this 🤣😂🤣😂

    13. 2nd account

      Girlfriends are so creepy ._.

    14. Sergio Nuñez

      The large shock separately connect because married metabolically apologise notwithstanding a unbiased mine. neat, yummy cultivator

    15. Vincent Liu

      He shouldn’t date a jealous girl or someone she doesn’t trust

    16. JU5TNTIM3

      you are a god. you make dating a Mexican girl look like it's actually humorous. Like the past 9 years have been...fun...

    17. Jwel Boro

      Do the world needs know that your gf is crazy seriously

    18. Silly _ Art


    19. Joshua Covers


    20. D4RK HaLoYT

      How can a little drone has rockets in it??

    21. Marcela Quevedo


    22. Tania Garcia

      Love.. You vio.. So.. My wife is an American and so is a bit 💋💌💝Piee.

    23. Rakesh Kumar

      Wtf is that😂😂😂😂

    24. Charlotte Lewis

      haha the end was so funny 😂

    25. Internet Explorer

      Lol 😂😂😂

    26. That noob gamer

      Press F for Juanpa

    27. Yabsira Abebe

      you have more than\ crazy

    28. Kolton Heath

      That is hilarious. So funny that i cried

    29. Shadow Gaming

      3:03 e

    30. Brian Lopez


    31. Negusu Gashaw


    32. Nazsia Tagoon

      literally me lol😂

    33. CK' Disco


    34. Luke Webley

      Is it weird that I find her acting crazy like that slightly arousing?

    35. Nani Rodriguez

      That was funny

    36. Cat Fan

      What are you cheating on her

    37. Reliance India

      1:18 I tried it for more than 100 times but I failed in that tactics 😳

    38. Astheshya Asth


    39. Jake Smith

      Honestly man my ex gf was this literally on a video copied and pasted. I just couldn't deal with it anymore being jealous and protective of your SO is one thing but this is too far. If your gf can't even stand you being a normal human being and talking to another woman, laughing at your phone without pouncing at you to show her your phone she really ain't worth it you just signing yourself up for more trouble in the future. And before you ask yes the sex was freakishly GREAT but I just couldn't live with some overprotective physio sad that I had to let her go.

    40. Vaughn Spight

      Lmao I love my grandma

    41. kurdish subtitle

      01:19 oh my god that was so scary🤣

    42. Mayank Saini

      Wow amazing performance by girl👍👍👍👍👍👍

    43. Robert Silva

      May the templar force be with you

    44. Robert Silva

      This scene reminds me of my ex-girlfriend she did the exact same thing because why I have female members that are family like my four sisters my seven female cousins I said these are my family members there in my photo family album I told her that you can run in My DNA will prove that these are my family members but thank God I no longer date her she was a total you know what a crazy person

    45. Robert Silva

      This is A Great Acting skit

    46. Blockbuster626YT

      Wait how did he survive LMAO.

    47. Giselle Z

      BABUSHKA!!!! If anyone knows Rae and has watched her play Among us then you know what I'm talking about.

    48. Farah Elhag

      But who is the girl that wait you have a girlfriend 😂

    49. Sergio Osório

      Enjoyed this so much! Thanks guys!

    50. The man Ok

      Why tf is she not a cop she can scare the man out of them lol

    51. lilly roblox


    52. Syed Mohammad Ali


    53. Luca Emilian Zamfir

      What s her name?

    54. Gaurav Singh

      Omg that strict gf even my gf is a sort of like this but I love her

    55. Aashay Ambetkar

      It's cute when she said bueno bueno

    56. Gaming Sniper Overlord

      If i was u i would of brok up

    57. ShadowSky Playz

      No for real when ever youre leaving the house you should always say I love you to your girlfriend

    58. Sebastian Barrientos Ramirez El Chachanbr

      Panda Show

    59. Gamer 007

      Is the Grandma okay?

    60. Rejhan Abdiji

      That actor is litrelly mad bro

    61. Jawon Luck

      3:18 ah the sign of craziness 😌 Hell has no crazy like a crazy obsessed girlfriend

    62. Dhruv Shrivastava

      Well I see, everyone wants to be in a toxic relationship every now and then

    63. Anisul Haque

      Why there is no second part of this video???

    64. SK- lll xx birds of prey xx 🧴


    65. Star boy

      I have a girl like her & I proud of her becoz whatever she's doing for true love

    66. SirFartsALot

      I had one of these crazy relationships once, I swear it drives your crazy. I literally had to run away from her lol

    67. Zet

      Laina vibes.

    68. SLAIN

      1 like = 1 love for gandma

    69. Geon George

      She is dangerous

    70. Sebastian Barrientos Ramirez El Chachanbr

      Panda Show

    71. Haidyn Cabassa-Josephs

      Is that his actuall gf?

    72. John Mark

      That lizard one eye stare ...I'm weak😂😂😂

    73. Rohit Komar

      Pls Make A 2 Nd Part 😂 This Is So Good ❤️🙏

    74. the continuous one

      a way to calm her down , jump her bones , when she jump on yours

    75. polar maskull

      Way to get up

    76. Ron H

      Never put your D in crazy. That B be certifiable.

    77. The Music Box

      Same condition bro🥴🥴

    78. Let's Talk Movies, TV shows, and sports.

      Pretty ain't fixing crazy, important advice.

    79. MX''KHAN''302


    80. Sourav kumar

      I would do a sucide rather then staying in such a rediculas pressure cooker like relationship 😐😐

    81. Kailash Ganapathi

      Almost all girlfriends are possessive in my opinion but personally I've only had one and am happy with her

    82. Alejandro Jimenez


    83. BEAST NIX

      Wtf crazy gf 😂😂😂😂

    84. Sara Texas

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    85. Rishi Yadav

      Better no gf than that gf... right?

    86. Mohammad Faysal Reza

      I actually had an ex like her... Thankfully i survived!!

    87. Wati jr Wait man


    88. AN - 09ZZ 709463 Meadowvale SS

      ur girl needs some serious help... NOW!

    89. 501st legion

      That girlfriend is terrifying

    90. Vaibhava Savitala

      😮 how do you deal with her man gosh!.

    91. Gina Jenkins

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    92. edible potato

      Is that eye thing for real 😲

    93. Mohd Sahlan Awang

      i actually thought she was angry for real there. good acting girl!

    94. Legae Nkosi

      Just ditch

    95. max life 720

      i meannn, at least she’s loyal

    96. nas taran

      Her hair is so beautiful and healthy 😍

    97. it's Queenie.g Grace

      Is that a african print I see .....in the room 🤭💕 this made my day..... love from africa 🇿🇦

    98. kailey ethel

      break up with her if she crazy coo coo messed up brain

    99. Gilbert Nathaniel

      lol this video really made my day

    100. Ahmad Latouf

      She’s fk lunatic and crazy