C.Ronaldo 5 Performances That Made Juventus Fans CRAZY |HD|


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    Watch 5 incredible Cristiano Ronaldo performances in the Juventus shirt.
    This video is produced by TMDB.
    Music: Lost Within - A Himitsu

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    1. Rodrigo Math Math

      Como la cagaste angelli y pirlo

    2. Sarthak Pandey

      One of the Greatest Player Football ever had From messi Fan

    3. photon_gaming

      2:35 Rare picture of CR7 and Einstein👀😁

    4. adhitia arif

      1000 goal the cr 7..

    5. Anthony Muriuki

      A team with Cr7's urge to win would be the greatest team in history

    6. Reiss Roony

      What a career

    7. SE7EN


    8. Vedran Bošnjak

      Juventus have worst team in last 50 years with the best player in history of football...

    9. Federico Quartelli

      Uno che gioca bene a pallone al massimo dovrebbe guadagnare 1500 euro svegliatevi

    10. Andrea Xxx

      One player dont win. Not in style juve this player. Better in mufc o real....No circus here. A great player but not for juve. For first his salary....fair this psg o city are ok.

    11. MD Tanveer Khan

      Like for cr7 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    12. Genesio Gennaro

      🇮🇹 🇮🇹 😍

    13. Billy Louise

      C.R. scoring goals vs Crotone, Empoli, Sassuolo etc. Little teams But comes the big teams Inter, Milan, Roma, Napoli etc. Ronaldo OFF! This Ronaldo not=Real Madrid Ronaldo

    14. Kmenlang Kharbuli From Meghalaya

      I'm Phil Jones Fan...but CR7 is Phenomenon 😗😘😘

    15. Marcos Escuredo

      Ya no se va de nadie

    16. Deezee Saivate

      Awesome :)

    17. Crhistian Climaco

      Bzh Haha 😄 🤣 😂

    18. Ida Soraya

      Never tired


      If u wanna play best football choose messi if you wanna win the game choose Cr7

    20. Chileshe Kateule


    21. Sachin Choudhary

      Ye bnda apni khud likhta h Iska koi competitor Nhi h ❤

    22. Sachin Choudhary

      Ye bnda apni khud likhta h Iska koi competitor Nhi h ❤

    23. realb4ck 1

      Bro what is the Name of the Music LOVE YOU ❤❤❤CRISTIANO RONALDO ❤❤❤

      1. realb4ck 1

        @TMDB Thank you❤

      2. TMDB

        Lost Within - A Himitsu

    24. Bad Girl

      Never changing my mind forever juventus and the bigest fan of ronaldo CR7

    25. Niivqz

      mbappe and haaland will never be on the same level as the goats cr7 and messi

    26. egin bulkut

      The encouraging sturgeon congruently overflow because centimeter splenomegaly suffer underneath a unkempt kayak. endurable, distinct hovercraft

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    31. Nigel Khongwir

      No offense that man is a beast a goat the best of all time football would never be entertaining without those two goat 💔🥺

    32. Nima kojam Tungi

      I like Messi but Ronaldo is gaol machine.

    33. Cooking with Tayyaba Murtaza

      Fun fact of Ronaldo;he plays with both foot

    34. Pol Hasanlliu

      Is the most emotional football player at all times.

    35. Soneisan koren

      I am Messi fan but CR7 is the best player in the world. And subscribe to my channel. 🙏

    36. יונתן אביבי

      Ronaldo is truly is a phenomenon

    37. Nasal Chain

      Messi is better player I agree. But Ronaldo check more on the list. He does a canon shot, has beautiful dribble, his heading shot is fantastic, and he's also more athletic. If I were a coach I'd rather have Ronaldo in my team. If I have both of them I'll put Ronaldo on the front and Messi on midfield.

    38. Yuri boikaa

      Beast Cr 7 ❤

    39. Abdulrahman AlThani

      The real goat 🐐

    40. Dipendra Gaha Magar

      Cristiano Ronaldo is always best 👃👃👃👃🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪

    41. Riajul Islam Mozumder

      I'm big fan CR7,MESSI,NEYMAR,M SALAH

    42. random selection clip


    43. Taba Teni

      Respect for all .

    44. Ahoora Pianist

      Cr7 100 % better than messi

    45. Enzo Night

      Great Ronaldo but This dramatic music please

    46. Ηλιας Ηρακλείδης


    47. Shut it you slag

      I'm not a big football fan but this guy is amazing 👏🏽

    48. Ernesto Lupercio

      Ronaldo is the person you wish you could be... Messi is the teammate you want. Interpret that as you like.

    49. Richard Williams

      my wife and i was watching ronaldo until she received Ronaldo message her on instagram and requested her number and hacked her phone not knowing that person she was talking as ronaldo was a scammer, and her instagram was hacked password changed, and they started using her instagram i kindly got the help to recover her instagram back by a company hacker CYBERWOOTENTRACKER@Gmail.com i recommed this hacking company safed my wife from being scammed,.... its a safety worthy confidencial

    50. Jp cool dude

      Ronald is good but Messi is the best

    51. lalu selbin sebastian


    52. George Shenouda

      Imagine cr7 and Messi play in one team they can beat any club in the wiorld at least dozen They are ghost not a Humans

    53. pundit

      Cr7 not a human...he is god of football..

    54. Baseem Kik

      Cr7 always

    55. Yashvi Baraswal

      Everyone : CRISTIANO RONALDO !! Me : 2:34 woah That's Einstein 😱😱

    56. Ofori Enock


    57. Norizan Datu Ali

      CR7 is Super Duper Players , he is really2 very Good .He is a Destroyered players

    58. Joy Division

      Fun fact : Ronaldo went to juve cause buffon

    59. Ma Jin

      Cr7 & Messi is already at ultra level legend...

    60. Gom Tashi

      Recently The King Goat Cr7 said he needs Fans to Waaoohh when he is on pitch..coz of lockdown its hard to score😄.Much Lov The Best

    61. Nafih Nisar

      4:58. Rare goal

    62. S K

      I thought 'Usinese ' is the name of your channel . Silly me. I Have less knowledge about football. Just seeing the records and numbers/stats of CR7 ,makes me watch football.

    63. sunshine


    64. ZENITH TV

      Not in cr7's video atleast

    65. ZENITH TV


    66. ZENITH TV

      Don't keep writing wrong English confidently

    67. Ishan Mohamed

      Love from 🇱🇰 CR7 exceptional

    68. naruza

      Super human, hes an inspiration

    69. Innocent ndukwe


    70. HASEEB Ahmed


    71. Md Zain


    72. Puneet Kanwat

      Fight is not between Messi or Ronaldo it's between people who are watching them or a fan and they also respect each other❤️🔥

    73. Abdullah

      Fake thumbnail Lol

    74. Sadiq Farhan

      1:24 Commentator -- "doing what ronaldo does" Ronaldo -- awkward jumping.

    75. Himanshu Mishra

      Haters search for messi vs ronaldo True fans always want them to play together

    76. mr j

      He is unstoppable


      The best player in the world I really love his playing style ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    78. Kashif Ali Azeem


    79. Katey Emmanuel


    80. Gursharan Khosa

      There is no one who defeat ronaldo in football🤘🤘

    81. Olafenwa Favour

      Ronaldo is just like a beast in is football carrier honestly

      1. Olafenwa Favour


    82. Thiru prem priya

      He running in the ground his hand like a wings with running that is a like an eagle 😇😇

    83. Colt Benbow

      How about that volley against Man U champions league goal!!!!! That was one of the best of his career!

    84. MMelicio

      They say Sim!!! ... its from his ballon d'or acceptance speech in 2015 where HE yelled out SIMMMM!!! at the end of his speech

    85. flamethrower

      Some people say that Ronaldo is all about free kicks , they don't realize that getting a free kick is much harder than scoring a normal goal

    86. Satyanarayan Sethi

      He is become a MENANCE ,when it is free kick... He is become HAMMER ,when it is header.... He is become PROWLER , during last touch... A complete football player the game ever got

    87. carlos afonso

      it's a great satisfaction, and the great spectacle to see Cr7 play, it's really high level high level, at the top of football he is truly the best player in the world, without a doubt. what a huge pleasure to see this great champion magnificent CR7 what a huge presence in the game.

    88. Bia Campbell


    89. Jeremy Tanu

      The Juve Fans, really love him. Perhaps more than Madrid fans. The Italians never shy away from passion. Goosebumps when everyone goes 'woooooo!'

    90. Glacier FamilyTreks

      Nothing n no one ☝️ is comparable with this guy!


      phil jones is the best in the world

    92. TheLuckyOne

      I'm sure Dybala is one of Ronaldo's biggest fan..

    93. Sydney Kambarami

      Kambarami Brian ( Ronaldo is my best player)

    94. Carca Merba


    95. Sydney Gachoya


    96. Mikael El

      I'm a bavarian fan..I don't even know what are they fight for bettween ronaldo and messi..but..for me if I have to choose 1 of them..I would choose cr7,from what I see..cr7 have incredible passion to lead the team for succeed

    97. God Spirit Gamer

      For me ronaldo is God of football

    98. Sohel Mondal

      CR7 king of Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    99. Sohel Mondal

      Cristiano Ronaldo 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    100. Nedi Rucaa

      Pkok ny Chanel yg ada Ronaldo aku sub