Billie Eilish “When the Party’s Over” Live on the Howard Stern Show

The Howard Stern Show

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    Seventeen-year-old Billie Eilish said it’s hard enough hitting the two octaves in her song “When the Party’s Over,” let alone doing it as early as she did live on the Stern Show.

    Watch Howard Stern's FULL interview with Billie Eilish and Finneas here:

    For more info on Billie Eilish's debut album "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" click here:

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    1. The Howard Stern Show

      Watch Howard Stern's FULL interview with Billie Eilish and Finneas here:

      1. Midnight VibesMV

      2. Karima Berkane


      3. Amy Nunya


      4. Christian Hardman


      5. Sarah Williams

        Billie Eillish is a fucking national treasure! It’s insane that she was like 16 / 17 years old in this Howard stern performance.

    2. Rikigamer 576

      Ok definitiva mente billi no nesesita autotune

    3. UPSIDE

      wow. i just gave an applause to my computer.


      "it´s hard to perform" proceeds to do it even better than in the original song

    5. Karolyn Reaves

      I love this song

    6. Ricky Sean Alfaro

      she embodies the lyrics while performing

    7. 25 Passive Income Ideas

      It's like a whole movie in 3 minutes.

    8. Isabela Tavares

      Voice so beautiful😍

    9. kipling1957

      Props to the KB player and his subtle harmonies.

    10. Anshika Saraswat

      And people questions this girl's talent? STRANGE!!!

    11. Chris Conner


    12. Waziha Monsur Chowdhury

      She really feels the music ,,,,,, when she sings

    13. Kevin Fagan

      yare yare daze

    14. Vusal Haciyev

      Love Bille eilish

    15. Johnny Bee

      Her voice soo natural and true. Always gives me goosebumps. It sounds autotuned but her voice is just that amazing no autotuned needed. Damn this song always gets me in away im not sure of.

    16. Charleigh Squires

      As a fellow singer / performer... billies songs are extremely hard to perform. The amount of emotion and control, that this song takes is unreal 👌😭❤

    17. Netnapa Riowtong

      อย่างกับกินแผ่นเสียงเข้าไป สุดยอดมาก

    18. TheBrandBuilder

      This is beautiful!

    19. Iam Chich

      These vocals ... seriously out of this world, love u billie

    20. learning petal

      she is a gift to us

    21. abelmontoya5

      This young woman is one in seven billion. Amazing.

    22. Lio

      I just imagine when everyone went home after my moms funeral, our house was super quiet! And all my grief, memories, and realizing that my mom is gone came tumbling in!

      1. Kelley Spartiatis

        I’m so sorry.

      2. Addison Underwood

        Stay strong sis! God loves you! 💕

    23. K I A R A ʟ ᴇ ᴇ


    24. Stella Karaman

      woaw it's just amazing

    25. Timmy Turner

      This is just beautiful. ✨

    26. Anna Cotelli

      Listen this with airpods is... BEAUTIFUL 🥺😍

    27. J. B.

      Not a more creative and gifted pair in music. These two are are real treasure.

    28. Kazer

      What a beautiful soul💕

    29. FunFamily4Play Valdepenas


    30. 67 degrees


    31. soylire30

      she killllll that

    32. Midnight VibesMV

    33. Jose Parra

      graaande billie, humildad

    34. Devin Hite

      Let’s all admit that Howard stern has the greatest studio equipment ever invented! Every single guest singer has sounded better there than in their official released track!

    35. Skank Hunt1129

      This is hands down my favorite Billie Eilish song.

    36. • shadowz •


    37. Yasmine Showman

      Billie: It 's hard enough to do on a good day. Me: It's good enough to listen on a hard day.

    38. Radnaa Munkhochir

      whe is THE HU

    39. Josephine Icuka-asumo

      Tears start forming everytime I listen to this song, it evokes such emotion. Just beautiful ❤

    40. River Rowan Phoenix


    41. Queen Elizabeth ll

      good lord

    42. Delicca Tollner

      The descriptive ravioli expectably trouble because lyre intringuingly whine midst a comfortable drink. maniacal, sweet noodle

    43. Family1st Allelse2nd

      Hi , I didn't watch u recently and said I, not into that , I was wrong ! Do more acoustic that my save 😃 in real life ur better , remember that 😉

    44. alohaxwaffle

      Billie's vocals are absolutely breathtaking

    45. Izzah Amierah

      When somebody said that billie just whispers, SHOW THEM THIS

    46. Flyy Kay

      Wow. Breathtaking. Amazing.. vocals on point . Wow Omggg

    47. lavyz

      i love billie more then everything

    48. donaldnicholas194 nicholas

      Her brother's voice 👏👏👏

    49. Murtaza Gheewala

      It reminds us of Someone ... When Dhy wer dhr wid us we dint Value..

    50. 37parman

      DAMN!! Three instruments beautifully played piano, one vocal and one back up vocal. Earned every Grammy

    51. Allen modrain

      I thought she use a auto tune

    52. Ryan Felton

      Absolutely beautiful and soul wrenching. I'm sure this song has helped so many people deal with loss and to those I say you are loved.

    53. Christopher Lugo

      She do be singing

    54. Bigsimpd H.

      Still here 2021 ❤️❤️❤️

    55. Tim Law


    56. imreallywhite owo _

      The inconclusive sing preferably unfasten because cell acly fetch modulo a numberless grandson. nostalgic, squalid cricket

    57. miriã borges


    58. Interested Viewer

      She´s so beautiful. Don´t know exactly in which way. Beautiful.

    59. Antonella Ceballos

      Canta hermoso billie💕😣

    60. The Glow Cloud


    61. Attalariq R.N


    62. Mikefoolchang

      “This song is two octaves so it’s hard to sing” psh, hold my beer, Billie

      1. Aindreu Juneweun

        Have you ever heard Rimar X Lyodra's version of this song? It's so magical

    63. Rose Redmayne

      Her hoodie is adorable

    64. Adrian Knecht

      i love you!

    65. keyla awty

      Aaa canta hermoso😍

    66. Scilo 69

      her brother is the true silent genious!!!!

    67. Lorenz Sabbaer

      but can she perform and write own music? that is my question

    68. Tori Isaacs

      I just love Billie she is an amazing 🕊️ angel 😇

    69. S M

      02:18-02:23 wow.

    70. Matteus Under Pressure

      Amazing song

    71. Pedro Rodovalho


    72. Jonathan Barros

      Descobri pelos no meu corpo

    73. Scott

      All the texture of Angels wings

    74. Jonnie Locke

      Does anyone else think its a lot of whisper singing? Cant get over how a lot of it sounds easy to sing because its done in a whisper

    75. Sandra S

      Listen to the part between 2:20 to 2:29 with your eyes closed or with really good headphones. Absorbe it and weep, children 😭

    76. Aung Pyae

      she is more talented than i think

    77. Amiyah Webster

      Love the sound of your voice so relaxing 😌😌😌

    78. Tabasam Amiri

      BILLIE EILLISH!!!!!!! Good singing I'm a big fan of u

    79. Barek Halfhand

      I'm a devout metalhead so her kind of music really isn't my cup of tea but I do think she has talent and is a great performer for her age...

    80. IDK Why

      Does anyone know what anime the girl on her hoodie is from?

    81. Rizzy Rascals

      She’s immense 🙌🏼

    82. Abraham Preciado

      Malditos comerciales ajajajaja,maldito GEproms, está interpretación es hermosa. Ella más.

    83. Sandra-lee Cooper

      Billie eilish the most beautiful female singer songwriter producer and director of the world most fantastic music 2021

    84. James Nelson

      It's. Like an updated Carpenters for 2020's



    86. Connan 1each

      this video has 35M views and i’m responsible for at least half of that

      1. Paladium


      2. Aindreu Juneweun

        LOL, have you ever watched Rimar X Lyodra's version of this song?

      3. Dear Insomnia,

        Lmaoo ill take a quarter

    87. Мехрибон Саматова


    88. Frank Gomez

      Wowww. Beautiful job by these two.

    89. Irdina Batrisya

      The best ever

    90. MINUAV

      She got a really nice voice.

    91. Safaa Attia

      I truly love her so much

    92. Hanna Arauz

      Love her 🎶

    93. Lola kabikwa

      Perfect 😍😍👍👍👍👍💖

    94. E E


    95. Serge Smith

      Love this girl

    96. Peryong and Dagul

      My tears are about to pour, then the subtitle @3:25 showed "Michael".

    97. israel torres

      Gente mim perdoem mais eu não sei quem é esse mulher. Mim perdoar 🙏🙏🙏

    98. Steve's Apprentice

      I kinda miss this billie

    99. fajphoto

      She would do really well on America's got Talent

      1. Tarifa Afrifa


    100. Misaki Hitaro

      I love Billie her voice is sweet and just want to listen more