Germany 4 x 0 Portugal ● 2014 World Cup Extended Goals & Highlights HD


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    1. Александр Вобликов

      Кристину Петухалду

    2. ghost

      Jungs, wir müssen hoffen...

    3. Thi_UwU

      é portugas com água desce mais facil

    4. Sahjhan

      While I'm not a fan of the type of overacting, Müller did, if there's anyone, who deserved it, it's probably Pepe. Also, considering so many players are overacting and pretending these days, you put yourself at a huge disadvantage if you don't follow along. It's ugly, and I want to see all of them booked, but you've got to do what you've got to do. In the end, anything goes. Fouls, diving, acting, anything. It's up to the referee to punish you for certain behaviour. You can play it safe and play fair, or you play dirty and create yourself a 'high risk-high reward' scenario, where you can find yourself at an advantage, but also risk getting booked or even sent off. Pepe is known for playing close to the edge. Müller knew that, took advantage of it, and got away with it.

    5. DiegoGamerPRO

      cr7 donde esta

    6. Otavio Bispo

      eu sendo Pepe tinha dado uma botada em Tomás mulher pra ele si liga

    7. Egemen İs

      Kardeşim kitapta yazıyor kitapta Arjantin'den, Brezilya'dan uzak durun ama kazanma hırsı çeken Almanya'dan kaçın diyor kaçın

    8. Hugh Jwang

      Horrific call on Pepe

    9. Edo Wiemken

      Pepe, the lunatic.

    10. Arbind Bond

      Germany team was balanced.

    11. Denny Kharisma

      Easyyyyyy zzzzz

    12. Zefinha Silva

      Lata de fanta

    13. Beta Ray Bill

      Germany was going baller on every team. The only side to give them problems was Algeria. Yep, Algeria. They were absolutely immense against the Germans and both of the goal keepers were on point. Best game of the 2014 tournement.

    14. Daniel Mihreteab


    15. Ruddy Matti

      todo es culpa de pepe, el jugador más sucio del planeta :v

    16. Alexander Lehnert

      As top team the probability of getting humilated by Germany was clearly high during WC 2010/2014 : 4:1 England 4:0 Argentina 4:0 Portugal 7:1 Brazil

    17. Palestine Adesanya

      I have a feeling Portugal will get whooped again by Germany this Euro. Portugal's golden generation is overrated in my opinion.

    18. Somnath Sarkar

      Where was CR7 😂?

    19. youssou diallo

      Now it's kinda obvious that Hansi Flick played a huuuge part in Germany's triumph that year. Things went south when he departed his position.

    20. wissam


    21. Merces Sintra

      Melhor d k levar de 7 kkkkkkk

    22. Eduardo Zainos

      10:12 lol xD

    23. Ziamoc Halja

      Immer das selbe mit den südländichen Mannschaften, liegen bei der kleinsten Berührung weinend auf dem Boden... Fußball ist kontakt sport!!! Aber wehe jemand anders liegt da... siehe nur Portugal- Deutschland u21!!! Nur am weinen diese Portugiesen... und nichts können die....

    24. SpaghettiKillah

      Pepe: what an idiot. He got away with it and came back for more 🤦🏻‍♂️

    25. DerUnioner

      Özil didnt exist

    26. Luis - VIVE LA FOTO

      muller is better than cristiano?

    27. Nigah Nugget

      I still wonder why Ronaldo didn't cry when they lost

    28. Espectro Espectro

      El cr7 aleman no existe El cr7 aleman: 0:06

    29. Vanerby

      Jajaja Ronaldo Is dead

    30. EnkaiPank

      Muller looked more like CR7 than CR7 :v

    31. Сталбек Адылбай уулу

      Быйыл Алтын топту миллерге бериш керек Миллер кана татыктуу быйылкы жылы

    32. ASAP GREEN

      But in 2018 the games from germany are unacceptable they even don't make it in top 16.

    33. Nocette Ips

      Todos los latinos se enfocan en un hombre, Germany trabaja como equipo, todos son el hombre clave. La idea barata que tiene que tener un solo hombre elite no sirve en el fotbol, más bien, se vuelven locos.

    34. Abhijeet Vishwakarma

      😂😂 4-0

    35. siddharth singh

      0:33 is that Hansi Flick next to Low?

      1. Sturmjaeger

        Yeah why

    36. Ben Cantona

      Was Ronaldo playing in this game???

    37. Mariano Ruiz - Dìaz

      que burro Cristiano Ronaldo

    38. Donnie Darko

      Muller looks like a nazi during WW2

      1. Sturmjaeger


    39. karan desai

      Spit on Pepe. He's a Pig

    40. Steven Rival Samatimbang


    41. Cica Caca Malik

      🇩🇪 Dream team

    42. Guillaume BM

      I hate muller since that day

    43. Trucker


    44. 4th Grader

      And pepe still in national team until now

    45. 4th Grader

      Hansi flick is the man....

    46. Yuri Giorgadze

      This is what happens when the whole team is focused on Ronaldo …..they don’t feel themselves as a team……Pepe got what he deserved…..Ronaldo got 0 ….))))

    47. MCDeleek

      pero bueno , no hayq decir q portugal pudo salir campeon, xq no llegaron a la finbal, argentina la pudo ganar, pero segun un ex trabajador de la fifa dijo antes del partido q estaba todo arreglado , alemania iba a ganr 1-0 , y asi fue , el twit lo hizo un trabajador de la fifa dias antes y bueno asi fue el resultado, luego de esa final argentina y alemania se volvieron a enfrentar meses despues en hong kong y argentina goleo a alemania 5-0 , y asi se demuestra la corrupcion en la fifa señores

    48. Roberts Consilio

      Portugal is a deficit level.

    49. Krenar Alimi

      Portugal was sh*t this game. Not just bc they played poorly but their attitude was pisspoor

    50. Robi Warhol

      Pepe is wrestler

    51. Zzzzct

      5:28 If I was a soccer player I definitively won’t confront Thomas Müller like this, I had the chance to meet him and damn man, he looks and feels with a personality and presence so strong

    52. Simon Werle

      Ich wusste genau wie es ausging als ich das Video anschaute und trotzdem hatte ich bei jeder Chance der Portugiesen Angst vor einem Tor 😂

    53. Simon solid

      Das war noch Kampf und Leidenschaft. Bitte mal als Schulvideo für die neue Nationalmannschaft zurückhalten.

    54. Nick Juárez


    55. Mitch Skyj

      im still mad they destroyed the potential of Götze at FC Bayern. He was just brilliant.

    56. Brandon

      The day Portugal got exposed???

    57. Gabby C

      lol so famous u cant score a goal !!

    58. Gabby C

      2:45 RIGGED

    59. zulfadly Adjah

      Hahha karma itu ada

    60. Kleyder Gr


    61. Vybe Samurai

      Legendary one man wall/ on arm save

    62. Vybe Samurai

      Crazy how Müller went from top class striker to top class assist

    63. Vybe Samurai

      That was by far one of the most arrogant moments in history by pepe

    64. Roberto Martínez

      5:18 Pepe sintió el verdadero terror

    65. Mirio

      Das war eben DIE deutsche Mannschaft🇩🇪

    66. Epifanio Cicchirillo

      Cr7 ?

    67. Education Central

      I remember this. Portugal had the talent and skill but Germany outfought them mentally here. Germany played a perfect game.

    68. the brain surgeon Otto

      Müller, the chaos factor! That bloke is something else... He looks to have won a prize at a contest that granted him a place in a professional football team playing in the WC finals, albeit he himself was a bit hesitant to go due to festival schedules picking up across Europe. Once at the game though, the chaos he brought was too much for Portugal to live with.

    69. Arman Abdulrahman

      generasion muller,kross,sebastian,ozil top...

    70. Florititan

      Boateng showed how it's done, Pepe didn't...

    71. ManuT


    72. Aggelina Avraam

      Germany is the best team on the world for all times. Dont worry all is loose from Germany.!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😂😂😀😂

    73. Zaguiño Hablaspanol

      Lo importante es que ronaldo, no se despeino

    74. Crischito

      Müeller underrated

    75. Tiago z

      Disgusting game when its clear Portugal has been robbed in this match

      1. Ulrich S


    76. Sebastian Plate

      lul Almeida, worst striker we ever had

    77. MATNT707 Gameplays

      Soy yo o los alemanes están hechos de goma espuma? Se tiran con todo

    78. alliezz1

      C. Ronaldo is overrated!

    79. Danilo Calderón

      Como siempre el cara de picha de pepe k-gandola.

    80. Truth Only Truth

      Where was Christiani Ronaldo in the match?🤣🤣 over-rated club players who rarely perform when it matters

    81. Roy Comics

      Germany is like- when you are unlucky but fu*kin hardworking

    82. Candy Banks

      Germany with no sexy international names (except maybe Neuer) just a group of guys all on the same page, dedicated to each other and know where each other are on the pitch ALL the time. Beautiful teamwork.

      1. Len Dever

        Lahm ?!

    83. schlawa

      Just a few days ago Mueller was called back into the German squad for the 2021 Euros, along with Mats Hummels :)

    84. NK

      The referee was Spanish.

    85. NK

      Pepe is so unprofessional.

    86. NK

      Yeah.. that first penalty was an absolute joke.

    87. Eduardo Tepoxteca

      Remember that all local news were saying that Germany had no chance against CR7. Guess they didn't watch so much soccer

    88. art1f

      Ahh the good times. Now there is a werner who cant hit the empty Goal...

    89. Ramesh Chaudhary


    90. vito don

      7 ké 😂

    91. Shafwan Amrullah

      Pepe forgot that... this is the world cup, not the la liga heheh..

    92. nicky29031977

      Germany really punished the Brazilian fans in the semi final for supporting Portugal in this match.

    93. Noise Injection

      5:41 love it - I hate this asshole

    94. Lenio Sousa

      On this day I knew they were winning the 2016 euro


      The German Team 2014 was something we will never see ever again. Just perfect

      1. gerardo Armando

        @Moderkings YT cierto!

      2. Moderkings YT

        Lo que nunca vamos a volver a ver es el Brasil de 2002.. Eso nunca..

      3. Moderkings YT

        Era una alemania buena, pero no buenisima.. Argentina con un equipo mediano, jugó mejor en la final, con mas chances de gol. La pelota, en la final, la tenia todo el tiempo la argentina. Obvio que gano Alemania, pero ni la merecia de lo mal que jugarón..

      4. Moderkings YT

        No fue para tanto..

      5. benjamins_eye

        Statistically, every 20 years. So don't worry :D

    96. Claw CN

      such a legendary team and mesut was just a magician with the ball

    97. CLÊF PÎKÅ


    98. Philipp Lehmann

      I think Pepe proofs that fools can be world class footballers.

    99. oii oii

      Muller the👎😆

    100. Don’t be mad at me Old Been

      Man, I watched cr7 playing the World Cup 2006