Zlatan Ibrahimović | He came to stay | 1999-2021

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    The Best goals and assists so far in Zlatans 22-year-old career

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    1. a helpless soul

      Can somebody tell me the background music??

    2. Jason Jones

      What blows my mind is given his physique he could easily have been played as a tradition (UK) #9, work down the flanks and dominate the air. But almost ALL of his goals were with his feet. Brilliant for someone of that build to have been able to show his skills on the ground and avoid that stereotype.

    3. Denis Felic

      Only player i know who take freekicks while beckham stands next to him😅

    4. Michael Stadell

      Zlatan is still a good footballer don't get me wrong but his prime must have been his last year in Inter. He still dribbled, kicked the freekicks and long shots hard like a horse, penalties, karate goals and so on. Mmmm good times!

    5. Saimum Habib

      4:10 clone of messi 🤯😵😵😵😵😵

    6. Taj


    7. Mas Ady

      What's the title of the song please?

    8. Nazril Ilyan

      3:40 what a goal


      Zlatan most underrated Striker of all time,his goals are unic,his style is unic.

    10. FKH

      I remember abusing Ibra, Pato and Robinho in Fifa 11 lol

    11. George KuNgate

      5:16 I thought I wanna gonna get Rick rolled lmao

    12. Ákos-László Végh

      It's mindblowing shitnoise, what's under the videos.

    13. Thonet

      "He came to stay". Hasn;t stayed at a club for more than 3 years.



    15. Mahmoud Hussein

      مرة انا و زلاطن

    16. StejoThePisto

      This guy has a few titles to his name

    17. Cooking Parker

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    18. leif sandberg

      name of last song beat

    19. Omer Hrustić

      Want a league title , sign Ibrahimovic, you want Champions league sell Ibrahimovic... Won won, in anyway

    20. Lukas Larsson

      Dislike for the bad edits with weird coloring. We want to see the goals ffs

    21. Moo Bah

      First song??

    22. TastyTom

      Best striker on the planet. No matter which league, no matter which club.... Zlatan scores. A shame that he never earned a ballon d'or for his outstanding goals. He is better then Messi and Ronaldo together.

    23. oun da


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    25. Javier Seijaku

      what makes him great is that his body mechanics are uncommon, so it's hard to follow him. he moves slower but he's faster. he's also very creative and does things that others would have preferred secured. he's one of the best players of the 21st century

    26. 馥裕

      one fan from China.great soccer player! love Zlatan's soccer style!

    27. CS 1.6 Era

      Music 5:00 pls?

    28. Evanicarus gg


    29. k a f k a

      moronic music

    30. viv aziz

      There will always be another messi There will always be another ronaldo But there will never be another ZLATAN


      What a legend

    32. K. Shagrath

      There is only one Zlatan 😎

    33. Abdurrahman Abis

      What is last music name ?

    34. Chandler M.Bing

      Love this man!!

    35. Angel-O

      Most Charismatic Player Ever!

    36. KNAX AMK

      nvm old ibra was better than messi

    37. KNAX AMK

      er war safe mit messi auf einem niveau (damals), und damit auch der 2. beste spieler (wenn nd sogar bester)

    38. tyghygfh gfhggfh

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    39. Bless Honu

      The only player with the most craziest goals

    40. Erasor

      13:52 Epic

    41. Daniel Ortega Juuhl


    42. Amir Amzah

      ❤️❤️ Zlatan😀

    43. AFzee Grey

      wtf are these wack filters

    44. Nitheesh

      Can anyone say me the song 😭

    45. Shawn Massey

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    46. anurag tiwari CE A 30

      He is amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    47. Georgi Aleksandrov

      this guy is a fockin goal machine, one of the greatest of all time, half of his goals are impossible to score

    48. John S

      Truly one of the greatest of all time in my book. Such a beast. Shocked that teams kept moving him. The guy is fantastic.

    49. DJ Seaside

      why is the song selection in every football compilation always that shit?

    50. eddyvideostar




    52. jaimeweb

      Eternal Ibracadabra :)

    53. Frostback Garage

      cazzo guardi -zi

    54. Wize.

      Zlatan made his debut while the PS1 was still the only Playstation Console out there. 2021, PS5 is out and Zlatan still going strong! Fantastic compilation btw !

    55. me la

      He is solo vs squad legend :)

    56. Earlyzozixyz Earlyzozixyz

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    57. Aelbereth

      he always sold himself to the highest bidder. No loyalty.

    58. DêvôŇ ČļåšH

      Videos como estos merecen los 3B en todo Él mundo este mostro ya puede estar en paz para mi uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo completo en todo

    59. Scorpisces

      Legend. That's it, that's my comment.

    60. emad BaSha

      يستحق الكرة الذهبية ❤️

    61. Artaza Shaikh

      He is very underrated

    62. Artaza Shaikh

      Zlatan is better than neymar

    63. Skyshatter

      stay where? he played in most of the biggest teams in EU and didn`t stay for long anywhere

    64. ELALE

      Name the Music ?

    65. Follow IFTV

      Zlatan is actually underrated He has had world class creators only 4 times in his career( 2009/10, 2010/11, 2015/16 and Maybe when he had Robinho and Cassano in 2011/12) compared to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who have had almost all the time and still managed to score over 530 goals. He has 190+ assists but his playmaking skills are really underrated. Also you don't make it easy for yourself by changing teams every 3 to 4 years and he isn't typical centreforward who just stays in the box to wait goalscoring changes. If he would have done that he would have many more goals. He also has played over 30 league games 7 times compared to CR7(13),Lewangolski(11)Suarez(10) and Messi(11). Another thing: one of the most stupid arguments that I have heard when someone is saying that Zlatan is overrated is that he played in Ligue1 and It's easier to score there. During his time PSG scored 338 league goals and Barcelona scored 437 and they scored 100 or more in league. PSG also scored 5 or more goals 0 times in his first season, in the second 4 times and in the third 3 times. It's not as easy to score in Ligue1 as in la liga

    66. yousef gamal


    67. Sarujan Rupan

      8:43 lol

    68. kaduns adunmei

      Son - dad in how many club did u play Zlatan- get a pen n a book

    69. JojoJaba007

      He’s one among the top 5 players of the century🦁🦁🦁

    70. Nucleargamer

      He is a living beast

    71. Black Enzo

      Music Name???

    72. joe vids

      nope...he gone now :)))

    73. Ahmed Kasem


    74. how a love

      The must beautiful Goolls In The World

    75. Marno Theart

      TBH, Zlatan is a self proclaimed Lion... What a piece of shit! SELF PROCLAIMED... Just shows his worth... Has to be self proclaimed... YIKES!

    76. Mick & Antony O'

      Big gangly legs and sometimes cheats… Not my kind of player to be honest.

    77. fairul idzwan bin idris


    78. Ilija Stojanovski

      i was way better then zlatan and never made it.. he said it was hard being dark skinned in sweden lol how about playing in Australia were no one sees you unless you make it in the world cup..

    79. 代行2 supreme

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    80. Just a potato

      Holy crap, he looked so normal as a kid

    81. Nostalgic memories

      saddest thing that he will not play in uefa euro 2021...

    82. Enzo Marchese

      10:00 sound?

    83. Ventura Lozzi

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    84. Diego Colado De La Cruz


    85. Sarcastaball Chaser

      3:04 bruuuh why he did'nt pass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    86. Paul Anders

      Please. Please. Play for Dortmund. Just one season

    87. zas vbg

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    88. Ted mpower

      Ibraaaaaa supremacy

    89. Hans Grooten

      Best player of the 21 century, Ajax

    90. M. EL AACHA

      R11111111 que bla bla bla il parle pas en Italy, sa mange des baffff, catosooo'lol

    91. Varun Pandey

      4 decades. King of the king Zlatan🙌

    92. Palace Country

      Great football player

    93. jaringGawanG


    94. fonsecawalterfonseca Fonseca

      Matador, faz gol de qualquer jeito

    95. Anggi Fadillah

      the title is so zlatan...

    96. Crazysocial

      zlatan like italian football series😋


      Zalatan is the only in the world cause hes zalatan imbramovic

    98. duhawma

      Who else gets a call back to a top European League from that one retirement league?

    99. lurtzy

      This Edit is trash

    100. eleni giannoutsos

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