Family VS Magnus - Part01

Magnus The Therapy Dog

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    1. RmA DuGGaL


    2. Saira _

      I don't see the issue. It's not like Magnus is getting special treatment. No discrimination going on.

    3. JMPlayx

      Me:well animals is on the more fav list

    4. Melody Holiday


    5. That Crazy Chicken Lady

      The last one is so true

    6. Elvis pessary🐈‍⬛

      Doesn’t like his family

    7. Darkwolf x99

      I love how he didn’t even try pretending to step on his dogs paw.

    8. Clash blade

      This is so true

    9. A side of Aioli

      This is so accurate 😂

    10. Lovie Armstrong

      So true 🤣

    11. anoonhigh

      I must admit I love the one's that your daughter in with you

    12. jaya shukla

      I can completely relate with this. Each n every second of this video is true.

    13. Lovely _ Nehu

      This is why damn true❤️😂

    14. Dave Biggers


    15. Katrina Ladesic

      Omg this is totally me I even call home to talk to my furr baby.

    16. Katherine Petersen


    17. Man Of Chai Tea

      This is so true


      Sooooo true

    19. Val J

      My dad's like that as well ahahaha when his not around he would always ask if we fed our dogs Hahahaha

    20. Nicer verce

      Dad and the dog 😂😂😂😂😂

    21. Ward Craft

      Neglects family haha funny

    22. Gabriela Montiel

      Odio el papá

    23. Raffi Aiden

      I have that exact sweater!

    24. Lucky Lee

      🙄 i have many things to reflect on..oops, love you all💜

    25. Эстебан Пантера

      Dog is a paid actor.

    26. Growlithe Puppy

      I love dogs just as much as the next person does but it doesn't mean you have to treat them like royalty and then treat people like absolute shit

    27. Day • Dream




    29. Tracy Bank

      Love it😂

    30. Vivian Itterly


    31. Sherree Roper

      Maybe not that bad.. but kinda true

    32. The RedArmyBruh

      It’s the excact same with cats

    33. Moutussi Acharyya

      I loved magnus from day one, but havealso grown to love this family, they are so refreshingly nice and simple, and so funny and sweet in their attempts to look BAD when they are really so Good ❤

    34. Stormy Effects

      I’m like this…

    35. Sofia Sermania

      This man doesn’t even care about he’s daughter

    36. Zees Fish

      This is actualy so true dead on man

    37. ?


    38. Patriot Anon Diana


    39. Vijay Kumar

      Magnus really deserve that much love and care because he cannot speak or tell about his pain and emotions. Sure his family also deserve love and care😂😂😂(cover up)

    40. Στυλιανος Καραθάνος

      So relatable

    41. Siskin

      This is just idiotic...

    42. Kaitlin Henderson


    43. Sattvic Radio

      You're all so lucky to have Magnus. He looks so much like my dog Kashi that it brings tears to my eyes every time I see him. I had to let Kashi go over the rainbow bridge a few weeks ago after 15 years. 🥺🥺🥺

    44. Amanda Cox

      The dad doesn’t care about his daughter

    45. Deluxe Aline

      Magnus le magnifique,❤️❤️❤️ j'adore 👍 comme ils s'aiment c'est touchant et adorable 😍💞😁🤣

    46. Magdalena Jończyk

      This is sooo true🤣

    47. S K

      Human beings = conditional love Dogs= unconditional love thus Dogs>Humans

    48. Kris Rose

      Its not fair dad

    49. Rainbow Jayne

      My dog was hit by a car yesterday but he’s ok

    50. Jacqueline Middleton

      I wish I could give Magnus Squishies💜

    51. Jyoti Sharma


    52. Binita Thomas

      Relatable dude 🥲🥲

    53. Amber in the box

      Me my kids a teenager. He doesnt sit ontop of me luke that. So since I didnt have more kids. I got a shit ton of pets. I have a zoo in my house

    54. Creepy Things

      I treat my dog like a princess. YES, to everyone asking, I DO SPOIL HER!

    55. Bluebird75

      This is so me with my dogs 🤣

    56. Mochi_Fidgets

      Why does magnus look dead inside😂 hes just like can you leave me alone for one second withour fimilg vids?

    57. Ava Finnegan

      Why are all of these so true

    58. Elizabeth Darsey

      Find the silver lining.... At least this man allows his family to be present! If it was me, they’d al have small kennel pens out back while the pup and I have a California King set up in the middle of the living room!!😂

    59. Kristina Sichting

      Dogs are family

    60. nh3trick

      Ĺmao, not only is this funny but it's amazing how much truth there is to each clip! Also magnus is so adorbs! ❤

    61. 7H4E6R5A

      I love his personality. He is so calm loll

    62. Nisha Joseph

      Bruh the dog is more important than all

    63. Kiwi -chan

      Why do I find this so true tho

    64. Dexter

      The guy: I AM GONNA MISS U SO MUCH ( *KISSES* *OVERLOADED* ) The dog: 🗿( *Halo Music Plays* ) There was this time when i was worshipped by Egyptians

    65. cool banana pool

      Me bye I love you my dog shut up

    66. Kyle Scott

      That's like me!🤣

    67. Dustin Campbell

      I can relate to this strongly

    68. jennie rainbolt ❤️❤️

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 he is your favourite

    69. KaranJeet Singh

      Why he always look sad tho 😂

    70. LKD


    71. Dennis Kettenbeil

      Same dud

    72. Faith Dorey

      Accurate... mom and I barely say bye but if I walk out the door and my dog follows me she gets kisses and a pet before I leave her

    73. Maithri Ashokan

      This is actually the only time I’ve seen Magnus interact. Other times, I just imagine him doing things

    74. Madhumitha B

      So true!!!!!!

    75. Asmi Walwe

      This is sooo true!

    76. Maya Taseva

      Well now we know who the favourite child is

    77. joe meighan

      Man is bab

    78. Whistling Dixie

      You all know this is true 😂 he does do this !

    79. Vaibhavi Chaudhari

      Um. Dog Is also important but not like that much to leave our family

    80. Delta Pheonix

      I never thought about that :/

    81. Donald Duck

      Same at me

    82. VL

      Obviously humans don't deserve love, sorry all out of mercy and love. You take it for granted, now suffer 😈😈😈

    83. 🖤 BlackyWhite 🖤

      True 💗💗

    84. Vynida Lopes

      I can SO relate lol 😂

    85. Trilly Locke

      Maybe you should be nicer to your family if this is how you think you should treat them. Just sayin. Joke or not.

    86. Ryan Ports


    87. Alpha Anna

      Cute ❤️

    88. sleep music

      Anyone notice how the dog be like uuuuh not this again this feels like a daily routine now

    89. Lylah Bah

      Litteraly super true

    90. Hιɳԃυʂƚαɳι Gαɱҽɾ Aαԃι

      Wow 🤩🤩❤❤

    91. Noah Tukker

      Abusive dad

    92. Ane van Wyk

      So true

    93. introverted mihu

      Meanwhile the dog Lukn at the camera and everywhere:😑😑😑😑

    94. Ruchir Kulkarni

      Magnus was so not interested 😂😂😂

    95. Tanisha Verma

      This is how the dog should be treated

    96. isabel


    97. janel willis

      its sad but this genuinely is my parents. the only thing that they ever loved is my baby brother and the animals. as for me my older brother and my twin sister they absolutely hated our guts. They've left me homeless over and over and over again as a child. q

    98. nemo

      Is it weird my dog is a better therapist then my actual therapist 🤣


      Right 🤣

    100. DAY Dreamer

      This is how I treat my Ace And my brother 😂