I Said Yes to Everything for 24 Hours | Juanpa Zurita

Juanpa Zurita Comedy

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    Inspired by Jim Carey in Yes Man!
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    1. Juanpa Zurita Comedy

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      1. Asif salih

        @Djivens gugyuf b

      2. Asif salih

        @vivían valdez u

      3. Asif salih

        @Djivens gugyuf b

      4. Asif salih

        @vivían valdez vav z

      5. J Kennedy

        Fuck you

    2. Honesty Is key

      This video just made me mad ngl

    3. Katsuki Bakugou

      I would just run away

    4. Vivsha 921

      Love you keep doing what you’re doing I’m a Starbucks working agent I would love to give you a free drink and coupon love you my name is andera

    5. IWSY

      let’s all agree this was so good but it hurt to watch

    6. Jennifer

      I would of said no for 24 hours but then again If I won the lottery I would say no I don't want the money that would ruined my life forever

    7. Kyson Jang

      He could have said do you want to give half the charity

    8. Zodlc

      Ngl if he asked me if I would like to donate it to charity I would just say CHALLENGE OVER

    9. Naruto Uzumaki

      You could have said yes not really lol

    10. Dilan sadzz

      I love the end keep up the good work

    11. omer aydin


    12. 175-111 Muhammad rais

      My one and only favourite juanpa(vampa)

    13. Lion Gaming


    14. Maya Alkasmi

      Say no

    15. Maya Alkasmi

      O m g

    16. Leon. T

      En enserió esto???...🙄😐

    17. Alex UwU

      7:30 si U.U

    18. Hanane Mirat

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    19. Samuel Back

      Robber: hes robbing you and he says do you want to die Juanpa: yes

    20. Arham Bhansali

      *Can I tranfer you money into my account* Juanpa : Yes I soo wish this to be true😂

    21. Zakaria Haraka


    22. Safirah. exe

      Imagine if someone actually tried this after watching this 😂

    23. Brhane Amha

      Zurita is Love

    24. Superv0112 Liu

      Aaaaaaaaa stop stopir is asljsksjsmsiai

    25. TheRoyM65


    26. Inferno Squadron

      Don’t you have all the money in your bank account?

    27. gameing skills OAG

      Man! you are the best. Love you

    28. Mohamad Wattar

      This was so funny, but it hurt so much to watch

    29. Wiz 400

      Big love hommie ☄☄i learn it i won't say yes to every thing

    30. Lwazi Nhlapo

      I would go kill myself after that

    31. xoWave

      I wouldn’t do that I want to say no for everything you know why because why would I saw a house and that’s my only house why would I give my money to someone at the end of the video .

    32. CG Kids


    33. CG Kids

      LOL jk

    34. CG Kids

      Lol u lost ur house what about ur CAR!?

    35. Vortazz Gaming

      I hate that beggar

    36. Ognjen Moldovan

      Juanpa Is the Best Man ever 🤟❤️

    37. Pigs777


    38. relector シ︎

      What a horrible day omg you said that not yes lol

    39. Surya

      Yes man

    40. DANGROUS gaming

      0:22 dont on xd or you will laugh and can’t stop

    41. Mike Dufort

      No!!!!!!! Way your friends with brent

    42. Dengy1 YT

      I just hate that homeless guy so greedy

    43. Cory kinshon fan

      Babe more like you ex boy and your just freinds 😂🥲😂😂😅🥲😃🤣🥲😁😅😃😅😂😄😉😇

    44. Cory kinshon fan

      That Mac is 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    45. Raewyn Perez

      the person in that airpods "saying yes to everything" is the person who made that disgusting macaroni

    46. emily walker

      i think i would have straight up cried if i did that

    47. Aiden Magro

      At least he made a homeless man happy..

    48. HEy yo!

      Lol im not gonna be like that 😂😂😂😬😬

    49. Samuel Cambridge


    50. Samuel Cambridge

      Ok can u flog

    51. Ahmad Latouf

      Juanpa don’t wanna have a baby

    52. Ahmad Latouf

      I love how he stays silence for 1 sec then says yes

    53. Ahmad Latouf

      Saying yes can be dangerous because if someone comes and says can I rob you what you gonna say let me guess yes

    54. Andreas Neofytou


    55. Mr BlahBah

      the homeless guy scene makes me SO UNCOMFORTABLE

    56. abhinav goswami

      Bro you are awesome.

    57. Zulqar Nain

      so this is the reason for "YES" comments. okay..

    58. Teyana Lee

      Homeless people just cannot do that🙄 I care about them so much and feel so bad but this one right here is JUST NO



    60. unicorn cutee keira S.

      im criying from watching that

    61. Klark Waseem

      Hey Juanpa do you want me to unsubscribe? Jaunpa: yes

    62. J168 Vlogs

      Been a while since i laughed this hard

    63. Funboi Milk lover

      Wow If he said yes to everything I would just ask for money all of it and his house and his phone and everything he owns and give me all his money every week he got money lol then I would be RICH

    64. Darsh Vaghasiya

      Was that begger drunk? He didn't even ask address of house

    65. anims & parkour

      That homeless guy😬😬

    66. Rafael Gonzalez

      I feel sooooooooo bad at the end that you have to give that whole money to charity because you said yes to EVERYTHING

    67. Danial Zaki

      you are so dum

    68. gOldeNLINE

      Should I dislike this boring video? Yes!

    69. Kevin-John Hardman


    70. LIFE

      Are you going to give this video a like? Me: yes!

    71. Jason Hemanth

      It should require more views:)

    72. Inese Muceniece

      why he say yes

    73. Poked

      Me after getting 20m, wtf is yes.

    74. BatErdene Tuvdendorj

      the “poor” person a nd the lotter people are so stupid I got so mad I wanna kill them 😡

    75. MajoMax Ortiz

      This reminds of yesman with Jim Carrey

    76. Gwendolyn Smith

      Adam w

    77. Mujahed farah


      1. Mujahed farah


    78. Mikaiah The Animator


    79. Skxz Shorts

      God loves y’all and Jesus Christ is coming

    80. Ayeyadi Kyaw

      Yes? I will shout out maybe??

    81. Jaggers Channel


    82. GaMeR_DaNnY 435

      Reminds me of the movie yes man with Jim Carrey I love Jim Carrey

    83. Phillip Van eeden

      I LOST my bed for tis

    84. Standley Jean

      xdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ijedieijdiejdiejd hahahahahahahahaja jiejidjeidedkoekdeidjejhsjsjjwjkwkwsjwijswisiw jajahahahajajajajajaj

    85. James Johsnson

      The icky raft revealingly check because duck critically pretend including a roasted russian. lively, voracious drake

    86. Steven Powers

      dude i cant with this its to funny 11:09

    87. Nathan Holmes

      That's from a mivie

    88. dodgy_randoms

      hi love ur vids

    89. saba sanaia

      u need to know, when to stop!

    90. firenationnn

      taking a trend and doing ur own spin-off version of it.

    91. Colby G

      Yes I will subscribe to , because your video saids yes ..

    92. Yosphe Mengesha

      this is the funniest video i have seen in juanpa zurita

    93. Blaze_Gaming_YT

      Love this


      Hey Juanpa Do a vid JUST you saying 'No' Please :)

    95. Zephaniah Peguese

      Sometimes you have to say no or yes

    96. Alpha

      5:22 juanpa feel relief

    97. Nazik Yatine

      Wow he said success but it does not working out for him

    98. SANJAYRAJ S 2023VGS

      Sub is 4 mil View is 7 mil The 7 million people nahh mate we r not subing 😂

      1. SANJAYRAJ S 2023VGS

        *2 million subscribers

    99. Juicy Beef Boss

      Thats so dumb how a homeless man ask for his house so ungrateful for what he gave him

    100. Rat the Brat

      I was like umm gross course of the fly sound