Billie Eilish - Six Feet Under | Sofar Los Angeles

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    Billie Eilish performing "Six Feet Under" at Sofar Los Angeles on August 8th, 2016. Sofar Sounds connects artists and music-lovers around the world through intimate shows in unique venues.

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    Artist: Billie Eilish


    Filmed by: Teresa Chu, James Merryman, Nathan MacNabb & James Feimster

    Edited by: Teresa Chu

    Audio by: Mateo Barragan

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    1. Sofar Sounds

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      1. No One

        ⭕ ⭕ o

      2. Barış Aslan

        @L.A 88iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiouiiııi7

      3. …

        Again to how come you die six feex

      4. Herdi Julianto

        @L.A hello

      5. Herdi Julianto


    2. abbey martin

      she such a baby here 🥺 i feel like a proud mother

    3. Sehun Oh

      all will be alright in time

    4. Skyler-May Kant

      I want to see you Billy

    5. erica perez

      The regular router ophthalmoscopically bake because imprisonment wailly guarantee beyond a mundane desert. sulky, concerned puppy

    6. w

      i lost myself again.....................

    7. Zaleth Barros

      ahora ver que se convirtio en una estrella tan pero tan grande... es hermoso

    8. matilda mccarthy

      billie is so pretty

    9. Among as


    10. Tiffany Keck

      My absolute favorite Billie song!

    11. Ly Phan

      This is good singing??

    12. Pearl luster

      Best tow brother 🥰🥰

    13. Neehar KVN


    14. Hatice Kuru

      That's lovely song 💜

    15. MrRobertcarlson

      Those audience didn't even realize they were witnessing one the most beautiful voices on earth

    16. Clairelouisehottie

      Absolutely beautiful - thank you for an incredible performance x wow. Uk is ready for you mate.

    17. Clairelouisehottie


    18. misslola2012

      قبل غسيل المخ

    19. DUY Cter


    20. manlio pistacchi

      and you also have a beautiful voice

    21. manlio pistacchi

      thanks for your kind comment on me, my real name is martino tessaro and I live in Luxembourg

    22. manlio pistacchi

      just another great song from a beautiful artist

    23. someone

      این مال دوران مدرسه شه؟

    24. Laniakea

      She escaped Area 51, because this voice is out of this planet

    25. Alice Simas Magalhães


    26. abraham castro cordova


    27. Tay Rens

      She sounded so much better here. Now she’s forcing this asmr nonchalant sound and it’s SO annoying.

    28. alamin hossain

      Came back now run after next week

    29. Victor Munene

      This is the best era to be alive

    30. azra a

      Glad to say ive been here for a few years...her voice and beauty is unbelieveable

    31. Dan broker

      I don't know but I really love this girl! Don't tell anyone.

    32. Miss questionable

      Not better than bille

    33. Miss questionable

      Rain of pain belted Ur name did u feel shame ohh it's a love tat was pure rated by haters forget about this as u left me colds alone as I geared the storm brew btw

    34. L V

      The fact that Finneas is Billies age right now 😭

    35. Asher Diament

      good for her on not being chewed up and spit out by the industry.

    36. Fran Poncio

      thats natural billie =)

    37. kogayona

      I love Billie

    38. Myranda Jones

      Billie.....i need u....Not as they they wish but think not

    39. Keerthi

      I watched this a billion times ❤️

      1. MrRobertcarlson

        watch again! 💛

    40. Susmita

      My grandpa died because of Covid 19. This song makes me emotional Everytime

      1. MrRobertcarlson


      2. ocean

        Rest in peace❤️

      3. Hasan Taşçı


    41. اله طب أسنان🦷98

      Billy was so pretty in this outfit but now she's sadly given up on her ☹☹

    42. Yasmin fdzy

      Uaaau 2021, ela evoluiu mttttt

    43. F I N N E A S

      Y'all what about FINNEAS

    44. warda jamal


    45. Biswas Karki

      Who else i's listening to this song in 2021?

      1. 張育澄


    46. melisa

      if our grave was watered by the rain

      1. melisa

        would roses bloom?

    47. Anna Creel

      The thank u at the end-

    48. Anna Creel


    49. Gteven Rall

      The gaping tower reversely record because feeling adventitiously guide for a abusive suggestion. blushing, secret wire

    50. Jamila El Mousaoui

      I love billie eilish 🥰🥰

    51. Arturo Gonzalez

      ella canta mejor sola el vato la cago

    52. enime

      Şarkının üstesinden gelemiyorum. Her dinlediğimde farklı duygular yaşıyorum. I love u billie💜

    53. Bảo Trần Gia

      i usually sing this song for my girl but now looks like our love is six feet under...

    54. waowwoa

      Her voice jeez


      It was almost 4 right still in 👂🔥😎😀

    56. Kemale MHesenli



      It's so great I don't know why aren't the audience screaming or shouting I mean it's so great how can't they just sit there and watch and then Just a clap what's that if I were there I would have gone to her and asked for an autograph etc they are missing the best chance

    58. Painter Fox


      1. Cat Tinkerbell

        Cutest nose ever xD

    59. Şehriban Yüksel

      Don't come back it won't and well..

      1. Painter Fox

        @Şehriban Yüksel ok

      2. Şehriban Yüksel

        @Painter Fox nope! Kürt

      3. Painter Fox

        aa turk

    60. Nilsu Simsek

      Çoraplarımı giyip geliyorum

      1. Painter Fox

        ne alaka iq


      Sen bir harikasiiiiiiin🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋💟💟🫂🫂💖💖

    62. Aysenur Akbay

      Benim bu şarkı

    63. yennefer

      sesin gerçekten çokj güzel :)

    64. Timothy Hudgens

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    65. AlienMusic

      I lost myself again but I remember you 💔

    66. Erick Jeferson FABABA AMASIFEN

      she is very pretty

    67. aman malav

      what's the sound😍😍

    68. Abduallah

      اومق فينيس😂😂

      1. Dhai space

        وبدون لحيه 😂😂

      2. Dhai space


    69. shadow

      5 YEARSSS

    70. Rachel ___________

      Love it

    71. Seda AYDIN


    72. Kingsley Nnakaife

      🥺😢…suddenly I’m all teary

    73. Amit Kumar

      Watered by the rain

    74. Samridhi Johri

      Retrace my lips Erase your touch....can this ever be less meaningful??😌

    75. diego bejarano abrego


    76. TC

      oh wow its already 4 years passed😢

    77. lila laura

      herkes gitti her sey değişti şimdi

    78. Tamari ART

      Realy cool )))

    79. Iqra M

      2021? Anyone? Just me okay 😣

    80. simplyari

      if your watching this in 2021 your a beautiful person and a legend also she is the most beautiful person ever

    81. مع نون

      حزين 💔

    82. Sümeyye Tunc


    83. Bastard Josh

      Yes the roses will bloom..... Yuck so beautiful!

    84. José Gouveia


    85. ericarla Nascimento


    86. Mustafa

      Seni keşfettiğim o güne öyle dönmek istiyorum ki ! Neleri değiştirmezdim neleri...

    87. julia

      almost 5 years ago wow im so proud of them where they are right now

      1. Lady Ikan

        Now she has won the Grammys awards six times

    88. Lyusya Hakobyan


    89. Lyusya Hakobyan


    90. dr. manjeet meena

      I am so in love ❤ with Billie that.. I am watching it on 1080 on a loop 🔁

    91. ninja loco

      can u make more songs like this? :'(

    92. Ada Aydın


    93. Maryshubha Maryshubha

      Nice song bilie elilish my fav singer❤❤😘😘

    94. Daria Smith

      I just learned this song was inspired by the finale of the show Six Feet Under, where Sia sings Breathe Me... And starts the song with "help" as well....

    95. Chaos

      That hits hard

    96. Niki

      But you're cold as a knife

    97. Jhinekolog

      o sondaki gülüş..

    98. Ingemar Johansson


    99. 횬찌💕

      I'm Korean i love billie so much

    100. Sam Vazquez

      en ese momento la camisa de Finneas estaba rota, quién diría que se convertirían en lo que son ahora, estoy taaan orgullosa de ellos