Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Dance Performance Video)

Billie Eilish

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    Listen to "ocean eyes" from “dont smile at me":


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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Ocean Eyes. (C) 2016 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Juan Catalan

      Ducky you wannabe

    2. Juan Catalan

      This isn’t your daughter crystal your daughter wasn’t born in 2000

    3. Layan Alkhateeb

      , يلا بلش العيله اغنيه البلاي الورد هاي

    4. Layan Alkhateeb

      الله ليش العاب يوتيوب هاي بيان

    5. Tomicka DePriest


    6. پرستش‌برزگری😇


    7. zephy C

      She looks so very lost in it so good

    8. Aranya Videos


    9. ᭄जी FF࿐D҈E҈Y҈G҈E҈L҈᭄जी FF࿐

      I love Billie Eilish's music I'm her fan

    10. Kalliope Nickerson

      Billie and her songs help me very much and when I'm mad at something this song is helpful and her songs change my mind

    11. Kiana saheb Diovan

      its pretty dance 🌬

    12. Hollagrl0999

      This song and “Clover Cage - Game Over” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.

    13. Bverly Towo


    14. Mike B

      The trashy drum jointly afford because celery neurochemically form of a embarrassed cockroach. modern, knotty kitchen

    15. Kerri Gleason

      This song isnt about someone who she loves, it's about the people who pressured her about something and how she felt about it.

    16. gacha typy

      This is my favorite song of all your songs, and when I sing this, I sound like you.

    17. TheUglyDuckling849

      The girl here (2:28) looks kind like Sam from Sam and Cat and iCarly 😅

    18. Roblox Dude

      Love your dance moves

    19. abcd


    20. Tyrone Mcleggon

      It's August 2021, still feels like yesterday 👂

    21. Julia Hume

      Am I the only one that’s impressed she did all of that with her hair down-

    22. Liverly Sandeise

      Beautiful music 🎶 wow just wow like if you agree

    23. subscribe now

      It's August let's see how many people still listening to it

    24. jeremiah s. joel

      Is that not Jeanette mcurdy

    25. jeremiah s. joel

      Who here in july 2021 lol

    26. chuki paps'

      Pinche baile espectacular 🥰🥺✨✨✨

    27. Tom Tom

      And she doesn't sound ghetto.

    28. ABeto

      alguién sabe cómo se llama el chico??

    29. Martyna Dzwonek

      koham twoje piosenki nawet jesili mam 8 lat

    30. Vonnie Reilly

      I did not know that she could dance

    31. moroa maqee

      The absent tuna intrahepatically welcome because education practically spell amidst a well-made russian. equable, absent celsius

    32. Eddie John

      Good grief ,

    33. Wes Polley

      So good to see this aspect in you come out, let us all see more of it,

    34. For the Sake of Sanity

      She should stick to Finneas writing her songs for her, like this one. He's got the talent; the range. Her songs that she writes all sound the same.

    35. inaz malek

      I love your dance

    36. madi_alieva_💜

      господи она прекрасна....ее гооос это что то с чем то.....

    37. Jocelyn Chimal

      A pasado tanto ✨...

    38. Sajitha Moorkhan


    39. Emirhan Soylu

      🌊👁👁 your ocean eyes♡♡♡♡

    40. hey vane


    41. Lavínia Albuquerque

      i love you billie i love you

    42. erica perez

      The warm aluminium neurally stop because tv findingsinitially please upon a petite desire. used, condemned license

    43. chloe kay

      you have to check out this kid and his choreography to ocean eyes!

    44. David Mangue



      billie how can i make you know you are the unic thing becouse im still alive

    46. Jacob Exton- norris

      Its funny how we are the same age but your so popular compared to me lol

    47. Iroda Murodova


      1. Iroda Murodova

        I love you bille

    48. Jimena Avila Mendez

      amazing this song by Billie eilish is a great woman and who else will listen to her in 2021

    49. billie eilish happier than ever

      You so billie

    50. lynette Adams

      love this i just love it

    51. Екатерина Кубарева

      Очень красиво

    52. Winifred Weaver

      I love the modern dancing in this! Makes me wish I was dancing again!

    53. DJSoundVision

      Wow this Song is sooo Beautiful

    54. Elena Volgachova

      Gosh,I really love Billie.And that's all.🌼🌼🌼

    55. Bak J M

      I like this song.

    56. 白ルナ Shiro Lunar

      This is my favorite Billie video cause I love the dance

    57. Raissa Assis


    58. Celine Anastasia Liem

      is no one gonna talk about the dancer that looks like jennet mcurdy

    59. Rapunzel Estrella

      Billie's the whitest

    60. Juan Catalan

      I can’t believe this song is fire 🔥

    61. Dorota Szulecka

      I Love you, billie❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    62. Gacha_moon05

      I'm going through a lot right now and the sound if billies voice and the pace of the song for some reason made me cry and not because of the lyrics but because I feel wanted

    63. edit tiktokers


    64. Ezgi

      ı lo ve you

    65. Valentina Carrizales

      I loved your song, I know you already published it but your songs will never go out of style, your songs fascinate me, you dance beautifully❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

    66. youareloved becuseILOVEYOU

      After five years my fiends and i still watching this everyday trying to learn this dance

    67. Jen Mordecai

      My eye colour changes by my mood it's weird and when billie got her ring stolen at a concert she was so calm and almost let them have it #bestceleb

    68. Raffaella Spinazza

      Canzone davvero stupenda, meravigliosa

    69. Regina Gomes


    70. dear gang George

      She really does knows how to make me out of my mood ☺️

    71. Epic Club

      Summer's about to end and I wish you guys a great new year, full of productivity, success and happiness ❤️


      pasen insta del bailarín

    73. Wes Polley


    74. Joeta's creations

      This came up on my TV lol

    75. Alma bratved

      Who would ever have known that bille could dance like that

    76. Dues ex Machina

      Please don't encourage china to take over the usa

    77. Olin Yeyetzin Rosales Torres

      I love you so much Billie

    78. Relax Bruh Ocean Eyes 1 Hour Loop!!!

    79. Mitsuki_Tyan

      Why are you here.

    80. Julia Falenta

      Someone here?

    81. contribute Chris c

      It your last time Facebook lite august

    82. aldii

      Te amo ❤️

    83. Roksana Popi


    84. Billie Eilish Fans


    85. Lilly Mathie

      Billie you probably don't know I exist but I'm such a huge fan I wish I could hug you please see this comment and reply I love you so much Billie keep up the good work love you forever and I watch ALL of your song your the best singer I know and I couldnt live without you I'm glad your in my life❤❤❤KEEP SINGING BILLIE DONT LISTEN TO THOSE HATERS LOVE YOU SO MUCH REMEMBER THAT THOSE HATER ARE JUST JEALOUS KEEP UP THE WORK LOVE YOU❤❤❤love you so so so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


      Nice my friend 👍

    87. Luis Reis Rodrigues


    88. Shraboni Dey

      There should a heart like button. Amazing Billie

    89. Neil Stait

      Classic Billie

    90. Thato Onke

      The dancing and the emotions are 💯 % ; Billie Eilish gives the song respect and she moves with the song, artists lack emotions and feeling the song, practice what you preach, when the song is sad be safe and show it with your body; if the song is funky and fun be funky and fun and show it with your body. Well done Billie may God open many paths that will lead you to success and happiness just praise in the Lord and your dreams will come true.😁😁😁🙇❤️❤️❤️

    91. Maria Magdalena

      Love it

    92. tilly jaeger

      where did all the time go?

    93. Michael White

      I'm hooked on this song and I'm only staring into my own eyes. I feel like she's the female version of me.

    94. Philip Mendes

      Jemand aus Brasilien

    95. BigBoss3k

    96. Caitlin Walker

      She was only 14 when she wrote this and is literally singing as perfectly as a 20 year old! And her dancing is beautiful

    97. 程潇潇

      what a romantic song! i binge listened to this for an hour.

    98. یک قدم تا خدا

      Listen to revers music it have Black saten massege she is elominat we know 😠😠😠

    99. Dussan Fernandez Cabrera

      suerte el chico que bailo con bili :(

    100. Deniz Cüro

      Hi from turkey 🇹🇷