When You Meet Your Girlfriends Dad | Juanpa Zurita

Juanpa Zurita Comedy

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    1. Juanpa Zurita Comedy

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      1. Orhan

        I love your video's the are the best🏦

      2. حسين الكتبي

        Thanks man please continue

      3. IAteCurry

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      4. Javed Iqbal

        Juanpa when's the next episode coming?

      5. Elme Van Der Merwe

        Please don't stop with these episodes 🙏

    2. Astheshya Asth

      Wish u made a movieeeeeee like such!

    3. Astheshya Asth


    4. Crazy Sansar

      4:44 that changing face got me bad. Tears are rolling down because of laughing hard


      Anyone notice how his room number was 7? (A magical number)

    6. KAI 500

      no one likes meeting a girlfriends parents, especially when they could block you :,)

    7. Abdullah

      Wow... well built palbable tension ...👌

    8. Ishmet Vally

      I love this searise

    9. Mohammed Hamdi

      Why I love watching you

    10. aluckyweirdo

      i wish i could have that much orange juice i love orange juice

    11. Arkin John Cuanan

      AVATAR The last Chore Bende

    12. M g


    13. Hangkiri Rongpi

      Juanpa's friend looks like Romieofficial

    14. Shadow Momochi Uchiha

      Dude your hisoka!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Sabeh Elzroui

      When the music started I was like You do a little boogie

    16. javimiami92

      If her father doesn’t respect you in her presence, she won’t either.

    17. Sniper x23 Hernandez Avalos

      Damn he is dr strange

    18. MaMaMoo Curyakamoz

      Ron? Were's Harry and Hermione

    19. THE_ SECRET

      Continue it is videos

    20. THE_ SECRET

      This is really cool

    21. Legend

      This should be a show on Netflix

    22. priyanshika Sharma

      What ? Maybe her dad got the idea that he is something more than a common man 🤷

    23. Mr. Red White Blue

      He saw that from Matilda

    24. Catherine-Mary-Elizabeth

      I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that 1:41 is supposed to Matilda?

    25. Elene Berdzenishvili

      Can you come and clean my house 😂😂😂

    26. Vivian Amati

      I love Juanpa

    27. pansexual-pigeon

      im sorry a totaly of topic question is that book people kill people by Ellen Hopkins

    28. Anisha angel

      Imagin how dumb he looks without the special effects

    29. Carisa Quintel

      Wish I could do that

    30. Speak English and Spanish

      Me gusta mucho este canal. Desfruto ver los videos

    31. Anya Rain


    32. Jilicia R.

      "Great! Great! 10/10 man... He's gonna kill me"

    33. José Adan Aguilar

      Matilda on 3D

    34. mediateur rivuzimana

      magic HELL NO


      more series juanpa love them

    36. 天佑

      So like... this agent just put his daughter at risk...

    37. Denis West

      Yeah that was pretty nice 💥😃 like everytime u surprise us

    38. dark

      You should be a actor please😆

    39. Akshi Rathore

      Her dad: Look Juanpa (scared) : yup... That was so good... BTW check out my name..Nd plzz help me reach out my goal..

    40. Wilson Garcia

      I WISH juanpa have súper powers in real life :)

    41. Junkyard

      Juanpa and his freind are so good actors they should play in a movie!

    42. KavinSub

      i was kinda getting Matilda Vibes

    43. Doris Aguilar


    44. Blønskì

      this series or anwar jibawi airport series

    45. Decimation

      R.I.P juanpa

    46. Anonymous Person

      Her dad looks like wwe wrestler name: batista. *Intro of picture*

    47. KingFandom

      Mary Poppins Reference!!!!

    48. Shaggy

      Wow their acting is Oscar worthy, very impressive! 😲👌🎭

    49. JetNekko

      This is the best series to watch this quarantine

    50. Mik3 Ang3l Productions

      Juanpa! Makes this videos longer bro! Like a series

      1. Mik3 Ang3l Productions

        Make them longer lol

    51. Lil kay on YT

      He's eyes ✨ Look im not expecting you to like so uh DON'T JUDGE ME Was the a lil harsh......? Anywho u talk to much lmao

    52. gally rova

      You should make a Netflix series

    53. Nuweby

      Love how you made this TV series

    54. Sandile Sihlangu

      Can't get enough of this video 😂😂😂💥

    55. Ele Brito

      minute 3:12 he works in the area 51

    56. Jennifer Arbour

      I’m every show theres a boy with this voice type AND I THINK ITS ICONIC

    57. ManicXX

      It was to short

    58. Tanmay Mathpal

      The sorcerer's apprentice scene

    59. MICA BRAVO

      Que loco bro

    60. Shyne_Bunny

      love it

    61. Lauren Kindt

      Man Juanpa looks like he needs to direct a band!

    62. Tristin_G

      Matilda has enter the chat !!!!

    63. Bleon

      Post the next one

    64. -*CottageCore Percy*-

      Cover: “Are we about to kiss right now..?”

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      Who is the girl?

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      Thats some Merlin type of shit right there

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      13000 likes and 130 dislikes is this video illuminati

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    76. Paula

      Juanpa's friend is an incredible actor!!!! props to him!!!

    77. Rishabh Mutha

      I am loving this series !!!!!!

    78. Team Valure

      Who would be scared if their girls father did that! 👇 like if you would be scared.

    79. Førever Unknøwn

      When your girl doesn't have a dad so you don't have to worry about this😎

    80. Anonim Kullanıcı

      1.19 is that an sos signal?

    81. ElectricNoob 9217

      Damn i would pay to watch this but as a movie

    82. maryam7 Seven


    83. notloubna

      This is dope and cooooool

    84. Hacker Ahmed

      Ok but I Fan of Hammad khatri. He’s hearing impaired GEpromsr. His channel name Hammad Khatri

    85. Jordan Smallbone

      4:45 The way his facial expression changed

    86. Jai's V.I.P Room

      Love the video

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      This is toooooo shorttttt...

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      Awesome 🤩👌

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      Have not seen a higher level than this levels intensity

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      Why did I think it said when you meet your dad😂😂😂

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      He is so tall jajaja, poor Juanpa.

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      Juanpa would be perfect for the role of Gambit in X-Men

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