the best vlog channel in the history of ever

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  1. T Nishimura

    got that schlatt drip

  2. Philip Lucero

    Omg Hahahhahaha


    Tommy Says 1Million Swears in this video pogggchamp

  4. Leo Dakota

    -blasting this at camp- this is life.

  5. Jordyn Taylor

    oh god the rejection

  6. Joey Selitto

    Why is the water green?!?

  7. Dan Wu

    Tommy: I need sugar man! Plizha: No Wilbur:runs in with 10 buckets of cotton candy Tommy:MY HERO! THANKS ME BOY!

  8. Resxme

    In the end did he got the girl Well were going to know it next episode

  9. Fabbiyan Ardiansyah

    Imagine when tommy has flirting with that gurl but sadly those gurl lile wilbur

  10. erika is rocking

    They're like family ;-;

  11. Frenchy Frappe

    Tommy and wilbur: *GOGYYYY* George: 👁️👄👁️

  12. Emmi Chen

    I see, so if tommy is in need of help he calls out to Phil and when he’s in fear he calls out to George or “gogy” to be exact.

  13. Mathew Vides

    I love the fact that tom is wearing schlatt merch

  14. theuserunknown

    Tommy has a girls number damm

  15. Bern

    R.I.P Tom Simons 2004 - 2021 Cause of death: Rejected.

  16. ItzYllac Gaming


  17. Frank joseph Tombiga

    Tommy is the only scared one

  18. TheTrueNub

    Wilber mouth shot

  19. Red Except

    This guy can sky dive but not go on rollercoasters

  20. Addison L.

    How can he skydive but be afraid of riding a rollercoaster 😆

  21. Amit Swisa

    12:58 he kinda looks like a young Gordon Ramsey…… anyone else?

  22. ♡

    HELP 8:46

  23. avrylgracec


  24. Chayla Rankin

    It better be a yes after that ride 19:05

  25. Anime Fan Girl

    Tommy’s face after she said the smiler 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. UmmmTheSquash

    Tommy looks like Tom Scott. Ironic.

  27. dominos pizza delivery


  28. i̶l̶y̶.̶.̶.̶ᕵh̶r̶o̶մg̶մ

    Tommy risked his life for a “I don’t know who he is...” BRO IM CRYING😭

  29. dharlinq

    we have experienced getting eaten by wilbur

  30. // Grillbyz //

    I'm choking

  31. TTVCheff

    When you get regected

  32. Rusty Jaguar5058

    tommy is a big man

  33. Huffy Productions

    10:12 DONT ask me why

  34. qtpminniez

    Still wondering how they are not puking after all the rides 🗿 holy shit what a champs

  35. Aadya ANAND

    This entire video was just Phil being Dadza and Wilbur being Tommy's older brother

    1. Weed Plug

  36. Colonel Sert Cabilla

    Tommy is so desperate to have a gf when he forgot that ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Weed Plug

  37. thesadiechannelrandom

    Tommy are you okay it looked like he was crying at the end

  38. DENcool209 The gamer

    4:33 true. tommy has low blood pressure causing him to faint easily

  39. Izer Kun

    "My interstate is paved with knives, can you comprehend that?" Wiblur: *Proceeds to devour camera*

  40. Merc

    Mans bouta cry

  41. 100 Days

    Wilbur is the perfect wingman

  42. sanye

    Tommy wearing a Schlatt and Co shirt is the biggest fuck you to twitter & upset pocs i’ve ever seen

  43. HanakoStan

    This is what he gets for teasing tubbo about skydiving XD

  44. Kassidy Cobb

    We’re gonna go on some roller coasters aswell and I’m gonna do this to my family Thankyou for the ideas Will

  45. 『Diego Brando』

    when tommy was eating the cotton candy he looked like a literal child

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  46. Jee Lliane Munar

    Tommy's scared... That explains why tubbo isn't there with them

  47. ItzDizzy

    16:02 I swear Wilbur looks like Winnie the Pooh

  48. gamer panda123

    rip the end

  49. Olivia Van Hise


  50. yantz

    Imagine if Tommy’s crush(idk ;w;) watched dis vid

  51. Oliver Oli

    Bro I literally cried when tommy dropped the cotton candy and wilbur hugged him. IT WAS SO SAD

  52. Versinal:]

    Sorry tom you did not get your girl BUT STILL YOUR MAN BRAVE MAN

  53. Aleah Cause Why Not

    15:10 “For L’Manburg” -Wilbur Soot

  54. Queen - Rei

    I’m supposed to be doing homework but tommyinnit is more important than that shit

  55. Monky

    I feel like every amusement park has the blader

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  56. Joel Bulger

    I just subscribed

  57. Kevish playz

    I’m pissing myself watching this 😂

  58. Lovely day Today

    Nobody: Tommy when he's scared: PHILLLL

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  59. Joel Bulger

    Why would you tell him he going to die not funny. Best of luck men in winning the girl's heart take it slow

  60. Paige bell

    Wilbur be like I’m to tall for this LOL

  61. Monky

    6:50 full out skyguy man

  62. oreki houtaro

    11:07 tommy confirmed ipad kid

  63. samlepro3

    0:00 "We'reata wa-ah pah! Look a it!"

  64. Pixel50

    Quote by Tom Simons: "VERTICALLY DATE ME!!!!!"

  65. TypicRHuman

    tommy: *screams* me: phil im concerned--

  66. Noah the Cool cat

    Welp bois I can DO the blade

  67. Evan Cushard

    I love how Philza is like surrogate father to them lmao

  68. SeparateFortune

    Any other coaster enthusiasts here that recognized the coaster just from the thumbnail?

  69. Riffledpancakes

    The family going to the theme park pog- we got Dadza and his children William and Tom :)

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  70. Emanuel ramirez

    am stong like chicken nugget

  71. LB Lxcid


  72. Yesbu Chan

    Tommy acting so much like a child in this vid it’s adorable

  73. Liam Guzman

    Wilbur is like the bullying big brother and Phil is like the dad and is so annoyed at everything they do lol

  74. samuraich

    the blad e

  75. Thomas

    Fun fact in the Philippines there is a carnival that stops by places i dont know when but all i know is it stops at bacoor and theres a ride like the blade its a pirate ship and theres three ways to walk on it one on the left middle and right which means if your in the middle you have to put two of your feet on the walls where your supposed to sit and grad on one railing one on the right and one on the left if you slide off well you gonna have to chill like that and you can go twice by saying go again go again go again if your lucky they will go again

  76. Technoblade's Uncle

    Where is QUACKITY, Not even close

  77. caitlynn clark

    Its alright Tom...i HATE roller coasters and i know that feeling of fear

  78. Ethan Cheung

    I actually almost cried at the end