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  1. mr roper

    anthony this video is too sussy

  2. Evo

    Honestly, I hope that this never happens to me or my friends and family. This would probably be scary. I can’t imagine how it felt. These things are the reasons I’m against the 2nd amendment. Right to bear arms my ass. I hope they abolish the 2nd amendment.

  3. The African

    Among us: The most milked game in history.

  4. SarajevoPlays

    Wait anothy make amogus reference??????1?????!!!11!!1!!1!!1?????111!!📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮📮🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘??!?!?!?!!!1!1!1!1

  5. Ifox54

    Next video : I spent a day with GOD.

  6. ItsAK

    You should spend a day with Notch(minecrafts creater)

  7. Fran Keretić


  8. Jellsys


  9. BlizeZelus

    If you are agoraphobic... Seek help.. don't be selfish... Get help!!! My wife denies help... I feel so bad for her... Therepy and stick with it

  10. Nieph

    At 13:19 it said "Amog Us" and I thought it was just my eyes messing with me lmao /nm ...or was this meant to be written like that because of the memes HAHAHAHAHA

  11. BlizeZelus

    Think about being married to someone with agoraphobia.... You do the shopping, you pay the bills, you work.... You do EVERYTHING... I have 2 kids tho with a wife with agoraphobia (best mom ever) but if it's outside the house... She needs me

  12. unravelle

    This makes me want to reinstall Among us again

  13. JxstChxll

    Damn, childhood is getting ruined.😔

  14. sophiaellin



    dream i already see your face on jack stream

  16. Bubble

    I would love to see a video with content creators who have dyslexia and how that impacts their content and productivity

  17. Jackson Capoldo

    Let’s go

  18. Zumppi 11

    I had a huge smile when they said Kaif, as a SR group fan it makes me smile when he gets mentioned

  19. Madison Hause

    Anthony, can you explain the thumb nail to us?

  20. Amidala

    Anthony made my laugh not boring besides watching streams and lore

  21. ASWD


  22. Lil Zolveyboy

    Say it with me guys: When the impostor is sus

  23. JojoNuggeTs


  24. keegan smith

    Mogus sussy pou

    1. keegan smith




  26. Lila Rodriguez

    Before i start writing i don't want this to sound like a sh*ty pity comment because, its not can everyone stop trying to find out who this man is because its obvious that he doesn't want anyone knowing i"m pretty sure he already has enough problems without people trying figure out who he is. i honestly feel terrible for him

  27. marla

    is it bad to say that i'm absolutely in love with amy

  28. 𝕤𝕙𝕒𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕥𝕗𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕕_

    i think DID is very interesting. multiple alters, different personality's, it's quite fascinating. but, i also think its various sympathetic, and emotional. with the little, the switch was very emotional. but, for a little alter to feel that type of pain makes me think, this alter, for this tiny of an age is so mature, and has been through so much, she's so strong! i think it was the loneliness that made the little sad, and when she had more friends, it lifted her spirits. i feel sympathy for this people. because they are unique. it's a pain to see people say "okay, well i can't hang out with you with alters" or, "is this one gonna kill me?" i wish i could give them all hugs.

  29. GooseBumps Gamer


    1. JojoNuggeTs


  30. BlizeZelus

    My wife has Agoraphobia... She was driving the interstate and in the middle lane... Then it seemed like she was going 2 MPH and she said it seemed like everyone was going 1,800 MPH past her... Straight up panic attack... Now she won't even goto the mailbox

  31. Isaac Ng

    How is his mask moving?

  32. poteita potata


  33. Will


  34. Echo Salazar Cruz


  35. Logan the epic Minecraft boi,69


  36. Lewis Way

    Me watching this when I was like 11 or 12 and hadn’t hit puberty wondering why this is so hard me now 14 understanding his pain