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  1. kᥱᥡlᥲ♡

    perdón no es hate solo que detesto que haga eso con sus uñas

  2. Yixi Tovar

    Yo lo quiero

  3. Yixi Tovar


  4. Kandi McCulley

    I love how she thinks she can do amsr while hitting the table

  5. Claudia Galian


  6. Sergio daniel Vega

    Not sab Waht mog

  7. RHUAN 11

    Não gosta do canal Porque não fala

  8. João davi Mendonça


  9. Lilia Jimenez

    Nada más ases otro vídeo pendeja

  10. João davi Mendonça


  11. ParallelProcess 330kitty

    Where do I get this

  12. Ava Gairdner

    What ya doin with dat ticket?

  13. Juana Hernandez

    Can I HAVE ten of them pleses

  14. Christkin Mae Calunod

    I like the way you yeet the tiny doll😄

  15. kassilda cordeiro


  16. Andrea Amaya

    Stop tapping it

  17. Adriana Juarez

    Jaja Good

  18. Sri Yani


  19. LIZZO

    thought it would be a burger. very disappointed

  20. Susan A Hernandez

    Bro imagine a woman long finger nails rouch you like that bro I'd l terrified

  21. 💙Tam🖤

    Hey if your not gonna eat the chocolate can I eat em?

  22. Macy Marlow

    I have the same one week I dip it in the water I guess were TWINSESE

  23. Jessica Cotner

    She is like in her 20s and she acts like she is 2

  24. Lҽɱσɳ

    Her face: 😀 The noise: 🌪🚿🛍

  25. Rocky Perro

    I love this Barbies!😁

  26. Garrett Clark

    Why did I watch this

  27. Florencia Miranda


  28. Rebirth Media Network

    Opens up one with chocolate then thumbs down Opens up one with chocolate then thumbs down GIRL JUST EAT THE CHOCOLATE!

  29. Elizabeth Restrepo Rios

    No hablas español

  30. Estela Sofia


  31. noor Strong girl


  32. Zulma Casas

    no queda ser asi porque ay unos que no tienen como yo

  33. BENTLEYTHEBOSS For my quest

    She tappes everything lol

  34. Em Gonzaga


  35. hope uptegrove

    I get it you have nails

  36. Kelly Monserrat

    Hey, I'm struggling without being able to eat a chocolate and you waste it

  37. Em Gonzaga

    To korean

  38. Jesus Fuentes


  39. Leydi Mortales

    So dum

  40. Tino Pallen

    Kk gimana muat ya

  41. Shirley Requilman

    they still exist!

  42. Rita Killion

    I love how you like do the blind bag things and that I learned that anything was so teeny Time and I'm a kid xoxoxo Jade Jade you live in California real estate my mom is called Rita Killian John Julian tell me my Killian

  43. Jade Hernández

    Will you eat it

  44. Mackenzie Morgan

    I hate asmr with a strong passion but want to see what’s inside

  45. Sophia Moura


  46. Evinha De Oliveira


  47. Juan Jeu Zapata Paz


  48. SLR Crypto

    The entire video is about her just tapping the wrappers 😂.

  49. B

    I need one

  50. Jessica Borges Pereira Neres

    Boneca com hepatite

  51. elisabet sulistyaningsih


  52. brayam Perez

    Llo tengo una igual

  53. Rose Chun

    Give me one please

  54. Lisa Lopez

    Just stop your dumb

  55. João davi Mendonça


  56. João davi Mendonça


  57. Andrea Aguirre


  58. /Sorrow_

    i literally probably had this when i was 5.

  59. Andrea Aguirre

    Mencanta está chica

  60. Gacha Skyla Club

    When I showed this video to my Mom she got angry because u kept on tapping and stuff

  61. Zoe-Sagittarius♐

    I had no idea that Wonka Bars were real🤯

  62. Danna Fernanda Gutiérrez Pascuas

    No aga sonar las uñas 😡😡😡😡😡

  63. Mercedez Sexton


  64. Natalya Soto Hernández


  65. Avayah Castonan

    This is not ASMR

  66. Lily UwU

    Omg I want you entire closet

  67. Mary Jane Reed

    Where is the ender dragon

  68. Luiz Abel

    Me: gets really mad at that zippy thingy 😡

  69. Squeak-BS

    then you want to open the egg but remember that Tik Tok is sponsoring you and you have to open the egg more calmly to earn money:

  70. killua

    Tiktok is in youtube ... sad ... tiktok cringe and now he want to do youtube short cringe.

  71. Graciela Enriquez

    😂 😂 Gitjfoshthfkljg. V Cu

  72. Graciela Enriquez


  73. Marjhed Rafael

    can u stop taping it ugh

  74. Rebecca

    If she didn’t eat the chocolates I’ll be mad

  75. Imam Imom


  76. ᨳ Yukoria ഒ

    I swear if you tap that one more ti-

  77. pandita Itzel

    Que well what came out

  78. Litte Dylan Savage

    Do more please 🤩🙂 ro😾😡

  79. Janjan Pardo

    I like it