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  1. TehMadDragon

    All I want in the next update is the right fitment with wider wheel arches. It's okay if they don't release any new car, just make wide body kits not ugly. Pls R*

  2. AlphaValiant

    Beautiful car

  3. Sandra Anderson


  4. Big wiZZle

    5:25 A beautiful new uh... BLOO... passport

  5. Vxlleybxby

    Holy shit a skyline

  6. SkateaTree ConorRenaud

    Dangness I love The Crew 2. Such a fun game. Just completed my second motorpass in a row today. Hoping I can earn enough credits during the next motorpass to acquire one. I spent ten usd. last motorpass and I hope I can keep it going for a third. Yay.

  7. \\B.R.a.D//

    I'm glad to see this car in a racing game, i think the rear is fucking beautiful

  8. remaG_modnaR

    Fully maxed, the car can actually surpass 300mph (with nitrous, ofc)

  9. Obito Uchiha

    How do i get this Supra?

  10. Elle Riggins

    GTA car collection in 80k

  11. Novel EU

    Where do I buy it?

  12. plazma-on-yt


  13. ARcuber

    Def is a rb26 no questions 😂

  14. Huracan360

    They might as well add the Bugatti Bolide and La Voiture Noire

    1. Drago '

      They have the La Voiture Noire in the game not sure about the Bolide tho

  15. Darek Paszkowski

    Miata with pog

  16. Datrevious Smith

    Should've called it the EB220

  17. Barbar1aN_

    But is it better than divo?

  18. nyx

    5:25 i love this

  19. Betsi Griffin-Pape

    I wanna play that game so bad now

  20. Hypergon -

    I like the back meat more

  21. Ameline Starkmanir

    Does anyone wish that Subaru and Toyota would return in this game

    1. Brandon Romero

      I don't get Toyota. They abstain from street racing games cause they don't promote it but still make a remastered version of their hottest street racing icon. Subaru makes even less sense cause they're in Need for Speed so it's not like they're against visual customization

  22. Joe schmoe

    Wait do you not know how to pronounce centodieci?! Ar12 couldnt either, its so easy, im american!

  23. James Gray

    Respect to this dude GOD bless

  24. Ryanqube

    Bugatti's officials are the GOAT. An MMO called Black Dessert Online don't even have cars in it and the mad lads at Bugatti decided "ah yes, let's promote our badge there"

  25. James Gray

    I'll subscribe on my other account on my tablet when I get chance, depends on what room I'm in at the time lol have tablet in my room and ps is downstairs. Most of the time I use my phone wich I'm using now.

  26. Rahul Gomes

    i had that problem where i couldnt customise in my auto garage so you have to walk outside then come back inside (on foot)

  27. Grim Avell

    I swear you make every damn car blue smh

  28. Goran Svraka

    We want Hot Pursuit, Hyper/Super cars were always at the core of NFS i.e. Need For Speed, NFS 2, NFS 3 Hot Pursuit on PS1. Tuners only because of Fast and Furious popularity at the time! The rest are just babies!

  29. James Gray

    Only just subscribed now because I've been watching these on my PS , and not signed in there

  30. Cyprian Gacki

    Back is better

  31. James Gray

    Keep up the good work 💪

  32. HomeWRLD645


  33. James Gray

    Subscribed and turned Bell notifications on aswel. I love this dude , such a nice person ❤ I laugh my ass off whenever he finds a car he excited about. 😆



  35. Pau Velasco

    from the back it kinda looks like a tricked-out aston martin

  36. SR - 10ZZ 817623 Glenforest SS

    the back looks like aston martin

  37. BeastMaster64

    Its pronpunced chen-to-di-echi

  38. Hokosuka

    Shaky cam ?

  39. A_ Person_747

    Like video eb110 is good . Pls.

  40. Foooxxxiii

    thats a nice BLOO bugatti

  41. Tyler Pedrioli

    Bro ur such a ricer

  42. Adnan

    No you turd, the bundle costs 2.5 million , stop with the click baiting titles

  43. Taallix

    forza horizon should add this car in the new one

  44. Kieran Richardson

    In my opinion it’s not worth it because for 9 mil you get something with good handling but that top speed is just terrible the divo would easily crush it in preformance

    1. Dre Day Beats

      It don’t cost 9 mill just found out. It’s in the 2 million range.

    2. Dre Day Beats

      It really cost 9 mill I thought that was a joke.

  45. Abdul Hadi

    Speedy black ma my gvin a expensive damn big Bugatti is my type

  46. UdderBoy5150

    From the back I was getting civic vibes forgot what year but I think 7th gen civic hatch sum like that

  47. Rosemarie Miller

    Hey, I'm early! I wanted to say hi and am a pretty big fan.


    The intro never gets old!

  49. Blaster Anonymous

    After playing GTA Online, Pants goes back to Crew 2 to check out the new Bugatti Centodieci. Finally!

  50. Jorge Carlon


  51. Luigi Riccardi

    Actually the Centodieci is an homage to the EB110, infact "centodieci" means "one hundred and ten" in Italian

    1. Luke Holland

      🤓acctually 🤓

  52. Wilkinstvreacts React

    Day 3 of asking Theo to play nfs rivals like for him too see

  53. Empire

    I got this game today, can't wait to try it out once the update finishes

    1. monke

      @Rylee Terhark oh thanks for letting me know 🙏

    2. Rylee Terhark

      @monke i think he means try the game

    3. monke

      It’s super expensive

  54. GG

    Did you ever buy the tree?

  55. Chug

    you CAN tell the wheelchair man to CAN'T tell him to shush because he is in a wheelchair

  56. [Kangiru] Noah

    Woah, now that is some nice customization

  57. Omniverse

    9:32 now I never speed...BUT IM GONNA BE SPEEDIN' TODAY!!

  58. allen indore

    the next summit i called hypercar plains which requires the la voiture noire and the r31 gt so i think a new hypercar event might be there

  59. king zakhe

    Pants energy is just very unmatched and unique

  60. leo larose

    The front is hideous lol

  61. UdderBoy5150

    They should add back the 300zx z32 I remember spending hours finding them in San Andreas growing up And now I own one 😁

  62. Rok Jere Mrak

    bughatis look so bad imo

  63. MadJamYT

    Theo goes full hood mode in The Crew 2 intros


    It looks like a bit like a futuristic spaceship

  65. MadJamYT

    *notha Bugatthiiiiii*

  66. Urdaddontlikeu

    “Shush wheelchair man” loooool

  67. Tom

    Petition for you to stop saying tremendous

    1. Dre Day Beats

      *This TrEmeNdous JuiCy WaNg*

  68. R3D A5PH4LT

    The Crew 2 lately has me feeling like "Oh great another Bugatti ☹"

    1. Ľubomír Lazor

      I don't understand people bitchin about these Bugattis.. you don't get to drive them in any other game and they could have added literally nothing... so yeah I would be happy even if we were getting any shit box because it's better than nothing at all

    2. Robert Stewart

      They ain't special anymore

  69. GR1M RACER

    BP : "Lets go to a street race in the middle of nowhere" * goes to St George to Jackson Hole Street Race * Actual The Middle Of Nowhere Street Race : Am I a joke to you?

  70. UdderBoy5150

    They need to add more hood exit exhaust

  71. Tamás Knieszner

    Theo: Mind the gap! You are just too Bri’ish... 😂 Looks like a Vision GT version! SPICYYYY! Thank you for helpin’ Me memorize the name of this thing! This is the only Bugatti I always forget the name of... Now I just have to find out, what does that other Black... something means, and how you pronounce it.

  72. Mila SwiftlySenpai

    This bugatti looks like it belongs in cp2077 lol

  73. Danny Nóbrega gamer 2021 PC And PS4

    I play this on ps4 and it looks really good hey blackpanta wanna be my friend my ID is DN992021

  74. epic thanos

    looks like a saints row car tbh

  75. That Jurassic Cat

    The French Trinity is complete! ( Divo, La Voiture noir and Centodieci)

  76. Wolfy the Cool Wolf

    After all this time I just realized: the car template on the thumbnail is from Belgrade, Serbia

  77. Jason C

    blackpanthaa: buuuuuuugggatiiii. and cool vedio definetly made my day

  78. Disney hubs live

    But where my citron 2CV

  79. Dat Finnish Guy

    Supra Still Cancelled Soz.

    1. Dat Finnish Guy

      @Ameline Starkmanir yes.

    2. Ameline Starkmanir

      Got here before that Sh1togale witch…..again