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  1. XxAmara_Sarnai🌹

    Well who doesn't talk to the moon?😂

  2. Melting Pointgg

    His music sound like he trynna be funny yet still spitting bars. Mans is a 🐐

  3. Denmark Cadion


  4. Mitchel Mel

    Every Gift and Talent given to mankind must be use to serve the purpose of the Light. Illuminati uplift the works of men. it gives fame, riches, wealth, power and supernatural protection.


    I love this song

  6. Thor Tack

    No one: (: You: knows this song from TikTok

  7. ДИЛЯ Абрамова

    Я русский

  8. jeon_min_hee

    Black pink in you are yah

  9. Thor Tack

    Just listened to this song for one hour and thirty minutes. 🤷‍♀️😂

  10. Atwood The Hunter

    Shit grooves

  11. YouTube RAJ

    Moon come back 😢💔🙏🏻😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Tiffany Nicole Gomez

    Imy Laken💔

  13. vivian Wenzeler


  14. Ceci Fertorres

    Dia 104 escuchando dakiti

  15. May Monster

    Backup backup, come closer Me: error 404

  16. RECHT

    O!! Wow pp anthem 👍🏻

  17. Ellen Mccallum

    I am a fan polo g

  18. Izuku Midoriya

    1:49 is Doja Cat

  19. Livia Panda

    Wow that is a nice cover of The Four Seasons, even I prefer the original, this one is suprisingly good!!😊

  20. Viet Kieu

    Male ver of WAP

  21. Noora Ainassaari


  22. Emanuele Simoncini

    Ash Ketchum: " I want you RATATA!"

  23. Refki Efriandana

    Netizen indo ada dsni?

  24. Refki Efriandana


  25. lubna shahzadi

    My friend is in love in this song like me lol when I was in the car I put this on my friend started dancing and singing so I joined people in the other car was staring at us 😆

  26. YoSwayz

    An actual vibe man🔥💪

  27. cunhah on clock

    perfect music <3.

  28. 💛Kaesha Jiao💛

    Who is here in 2021, chose lyrics lol

  29. Mayara Lima

    Vcs já perceberam que o nome dessa música é o mesmo nome da do jogo da minha talking Angela

  30. Kerryann Fisher


  31. rinanorich

    i feel like damiano has a british accent 🧐😍

  32. Nada Ashraf

    Hell ya

  33. wia _eleven


  34. B҉r҉i҉g҉h҉t҉

    2:12 goes hard

  35. Jeffrey Wolford

    Juice wrld ok polo g ok but them together are the best🔥

  36. Nassim Bougui

    no one at home me:hey yeah ratatata

  37. Ardhian Ardhiana

    i am here indonesian😂

  38. amirul azim

    Im from malaysia and i wanna to say nice music , nice voice .. Maneskin ? You're now viral in Malaysia .. Congrats 👏🏻 i want official music video please 😅

  39. Huge-Hwik

    Some people here are depressed but I bet this song made you finally relaxed but still cried

  40. harry vandewalle

    My sister love this music and im in België

  41. Haven Leaf

    this song hit me like roadrunner from the first beat

  42. Rini Gogoi

    These days this song is always in my daily routine 🙂

  43. Honelyn Agoy

    Beautiful song 🥰

  44. Sophia Ochoa

    I am crying I don't know why

  45. mahjabin prionti


  46. B O A T


  47. Patryk Muszyński


  48. Saralyana Anuar107


  49. Saralyana Anuar107


  50. Radco Entreprise

    "To be a real man, i never did one Crime bute none of my brothers could caption that Line🤯

  51. Rutendo Mutosvori

    Fun fact typed get you off my mind

  52. Vikash Khoirom

    Played the song again and again lying on the hospital bed due to covid . The song really is touching❤️

  53. Müdür

    Maneskin : What we doing ? What we chasing ? What about them ? Why the basement ? Sangwoo : And i took that personally.

  54. Mary’s game

    I can relate to the lyrics so much.. so happy I found the song in exactly this moment of my life. Breakups are so freakin’ hard, but when you keep seeing your ex-partner’s behavior, as if nothing ever happened.. Well, in my case it was a mentally and even sexually abusive relationship, so I guess.. he really didn’t care at all, he just wanted me as some sort of “his toy”. Glad there were amazing people to help me realize, that it wasn’t my fault. (I’m sorry for not very good English, I’m Russian)

  55. Ieu Ikhsan


  56. Matthew Hannan

    The flowery euphonium proportionately tremble because vision unquestionably program within a dreary centimeter. little, depressed dolphin

  57. Sohail Walayat




  59. Valeria Pesca

    C’è ancora qualche italiano? 😂🇮🇹🇮🇹

  60. Daniel Kell

    so coool

  61. Amani Hayfa

    This gonna be my fav songgggg OMGGG

  62. Sladjana Živanović

    Ooooo mmmm ggggg

  63. Zud Dhy

    Semoga yg nyari cepat nemu😂

  64. Yıldız Sağır

    Türkler burda mı 😞

  65. MattBoom 24


  66. ALIFF

    Thank you tiktok!

  67. im dharun


  68. anonymous

    I am so lucky bcs my parents don't know English.Thanks god

  69. Arisen九 —Winzki十四


  70. Hanariah Spd,sd

    5 hari ni bouss

  71. NRG BENJIFISY le fisy

    I love six nine


    Lil tyjay killed it

  73. Enes Aydoğdu

    short summary of the music : i wanna be your switch boy

  74. Luka Šimpraga

    very good song

  75. Dino wijaya

    Asade versi Inggris kah?

  76. Muhammad Zikrullah Rusli

    Eurovision winners nowadays really got a big worldwide career, nice.

  77. Vincenzo Vallelunga

    Se sei italiano e stai ascoltando questa canzone metti like

  78. Stella's Tube

    Damiano supremazia raga

  79. CokeTzy. ✓


  80. Sumaytah Wariza Ashraf