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  1. Hi•37 years ago

    I genuinely worry for the people who think that this excuse for music is good

  2. AG

    When hes gaming where are the eye-holes he sees out of

  3. Jasminexcore

    I'm leaving this comment here so that when someone likes I'm taken back to this song

    1. Dream

      Ok babe

  4. eyezayiah

    pov : dream wants a snack 🍔🍔🌭🌮🌮🌮🌮🥗🌯🌯🌯🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🍖🥓🥓🥓🥓🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🥘🧆🍲🍲

  5. buena onda

    Q wea todos estan haciendo memes con esto xd

  6. AquaWildfire

    i wish this could reach 2billion views soo we can finally defeat that BTS BOIT

  7. melonbreaker72

    0:24 why is there a phantom behind him

  8. Jackmoment

    I think these comments are one hell of an ego check 💀

  9. Passion

    anyone else got a screen full of lines when they watch?

    1. Dream

      I’m in your walls

  10. Jesus Da Lawd

    1:54 they couldnt even animate a shirt

  11. timothy ewing

    He's shinier than king Neptune's bald spot

  12. notTHEbrick

    this animation reminds me of the try not to cry videos from 2016

  13. sIyceth

    Week 1 down!

  14. Grac Xo

    that’s what the point of damascus😩😩😩

  15. blue premium bond

    On on a road trip rn 😏🤚

  16. Sir•Billiam- 0-0

    Omg its Dream on a budget

    1. sIyceth


  17. Chemosynthesis


  18. MapleWater

    The animation is good but the music not so much. I recommend not to rhyme words with the same word or it just doesn't sound that good. But this is your first song (i think) so im proud that this was your first song (i think) and you put this much effort into it. Good job 👍

  19. carotman68

    You look like Ben ten

  20. Chosen Disciple

    But the fact is, I'm just on the bed petting Patches

  21. SwipeyyLOL Simon cowell

    This looks like something out of a horror movie with dolls

  22. Infinity Ricardo 0_0

    Why his skin look so oily

  23. Da new foreign whip

    Who let their rebellious misunderstood teenage daughter in the damn studio

  24. Infinity Ricardo 0_0

    This video should have a warning ⚠️

  25. Duckyツ

    I mean, at least it has better 3D animation than Kamp Koral? 🤷‍♀️

  26. Aisuru Shiawase

    Why does it remind me of blank room soup?

  27. Scrapzzz Cam

    U ok

  28. coochie man

    Is it just me or is the shirt small

  29. Rayyan9087

    Ben 10: yo this edible ain't shi- 1:56

  30. TheLizardBro

    Nobody is asking this but are you alright? Do you need help? We care about you

    1. Dream

      Please help me

  31. Samuel Skillings

    This is just sad

  32. Ethan Wagoner

    Is this his way to tell us that he isn’t taking his antidepressants?

  33. xboxisgay


  34. Saucy Guy

    This is a lyrics video for the Dream song "Roadtrip" with PmBata. Dream music lyrics, Roadtrip lyrics, Dream singing lyrics, etc.

  35. Gleam

    i dont remember this episode of cocomelon

  36. Gustavo

    So DeEp 😭😔

  37. Alfred F me please. Jones


  38. Nightlegend 310

    Sad-ist does not approve this

  39. bevxi

    wait how does he see through the mask-

  40. Streetlamp Studios

    This song is trying too hard.

  41. ssdbo.


  42. The Bird In The Corner

    In the wise words of Sun Tzu "What in the name of god is this?!" Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

  43. Luigidog


    1. Luigidog

      @Jyoschi Boi your your opinin

    2. Jyoschi Boi

      with your your opinin

    3. Jyoschi Boi

      i agree

  44. ;-;

    Ok but who tf animated this?

  45. The cold side of your pillow


  46. Travis V

    Idk why people are so mad about this, it's not even that bad.

    1. Anakin Skywalker

      It really is lol

  47. ••

    This is more gay than actually being gay

  48. Avery Yates


  49. • moon •

    Hello dream! 💗💕💘🥺🥺

  50. sad_simp_vibes_


  51. EconomyInk4355

    Hoodwinked has better cgi than this

  52. The cold side of your pillow

    I’d rather not take pills that have to mention it being normal on the whole entire container for a sane reason.

  53. Hobert Lee :-\

    this animation is basically grubhub and ben 10 had a baby

  54. Gay.

    the fact is, dream has a whole fandom and in that fandom has artist who is willing to draw for him if he just asked or paid them but he got a cocomelon animator

  55. Spark Lol

    Omg this is-💀

  56. SaltyPpancakes

    I deeply regret even coming close to this video

  57. jokkeah

    So dookie

  58. Prefix

    0:44 No One: Dream: *Just Casually puts his hand through a mask*

  59. It's Eri

    "Gonna start taking normal pills" News: Mass shooting in local school caused by children's influencer Dream

  60. Braxx Gaming

    Why the kid looks like Ben 10

  61. Fat Fat

    Nobody’s talking about the paper material?

  62. Kailyn Arnold

    he be looking like the shiniest Ben 10 statue I have seen like-

  63. Gustav Sundelonn

    Okay before I didn’t want to call dream a bad singer, I just thought: roadtrip was his first song he will just get better, but somehow they have only gotten worse

  64. Greigh

    0:42 Surprised nobody else has pointed out his hand just ever so casually goes through the mask.

  65. Noodle

    maybe we were too mean to Jacob Sartorius....

    1. Jaden Persaud

      1 second

  66. Dankest Memer

    The animation looks like an ad for a website that gives you a virus

    1. Orb Lemur


    2. David Jimenez

      Haha :)

  67. Basel Yahya


  68. PeripheralMaster

    Can we just take a moment to say how good the animation is

    1. Kimberly Zhang

      i guess we won't take a moment at all then, because this is crap.

  69. Mr. Myrino


  70. kriveros 281

    Why GEpromsrs think their singers/musicians

  71. blueqdu

    why does the shirt move like that

  72. fooolish__ Leel

    1:40 get smart kid. Not my fault.

  73. LostOreoNight

    Why his skin damn shiner then mr clean

  74. Wend1go

    Guys, I think that's what the point of the mask is.

    1. EZ_Encryptions


  75. Jake but Not from statefarm

    M&M has been real quiet since this has dropped

  76. salem

    You are *NOT* normal 🥺

  77. pinepapple

    y'know I'm excited for the new fnaf but they didn't have to make the animatronics *this* uncanny, I get they're using unreal engine and all and it's new but this definitely needs a bit of reworking

  78. PHNX_clan

    Did the pills say normal pills

  79. luteni4kA

    You are not normal! *Throwing the normal pills in the bin* : I'm okay!