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  1. ScalpMaster

    This is so stupid, nvidia filters does the same thing like a good tv can improve darks, making them more or less intense. About the headphones, console players can plug headphones in their tv's. They have the same opcion, just chose not to do it. In my opinion all you said has nothing to do with pc, except FOV. Of course, many likes because of so many console players that refuse to use headphones.

  2. Salvador Vega

    Hopefully they do still have medic bags and ammo crates. Thats the best part of playing Battlefield. You and 2 other guys had the potential of holding off an entire team with those two crates

  3. Christopher Vazquez

    This is like halo meets COD. Ahh its ok

  4. Jeff D

    Can I work with Esposito instead? Alternate campaign idea*

  5. AGM 95

    Battlefield is realistic more than call of Duty

  6. BlueRanger


  7. Killer HUN 14

    songs used ? from bf 5 ?

  8. Killer HUN 14

    the first songs hits you hard :(

  9. Pwnfromabove

    It's so funny that I happened upon this, because me and the boys just recently did a Marvel Chronology watchthrough and it was totally worth it. I loved the journey

  10. Woopity Scoop

    Rihanna was always objectively better than Eminem.

  11. 05subisti

    I haven't been this excited for a new BF in a long time! Now I just need a new console to be able to enjoy all of this glory! Haha. Great video and thanks for the breakdown Jack!

  12. No Name

    Set 1 english

  13. Ryukobestwaifu

    Battlefield is blowing cod away this year from the trailer alone

  14. mindpilot thepilot

    90% of this looks like bf4 with a new hud and maps...

  15. Pratap Sundar

    Rogue Transmission. When I first fired up BF4 on the PS4, this was the map that loaded. It has always been my favorite, especially for all that frantic action that takes place below the antenna bowl.

  16. Jacob Allan

    Maybe an unpopular opinion but for me primal was the best farcry

  17. Christian Wheeler

    Great video

  18. sdhw pryda 45


  19. Venti with McDonald’s

    Does this even work anymore becuase the orb won’t appear

  20. Dave Albright

    that's not Rainbow Six...

  21. Rasputin Gaming

    I cannot wait!

  22. Sebastian Lopez

    Wow, I can't believe I barely just discovered this. This is GOLD

  23. dagboh

    Is anyone else absolutely terrified about the gravity of this game's realism, if war actually becomes anywhere close to this as we move into the future?

  24. Vangellis

    Great content!

  25. Priisxm 1337

    I hope COD also wakes up now and listening to the community,.. Still want MW2R, MW3R or a Bo2 Remastered


    Yaay JEEP Stuff

  27. ChiraqWorld

    June 15 is the holiday for this.

  28. Abomination

    dynamic tank tracks has always been in bf

  29. Misiexxx Misiexxx


  30. Marc Sharp

    Had me in stitches.

  31. GreninjaDude Gacha Life

    I just wanted to be a random ass guy I know nothing about now a got damn specalist YOU PRICKS

  32. Suuuh Dewd

    Thermal scope and any dmr = god mode

  33. KTW Dxvis

    Thanks GEproms I needed to be reminded of my child hood lol what perfect timing new battlefield hype🔥

  34. Albert Bueckert

    Great video Jack! 👍

  35. Gud Gob

    They might as well have added wall running... I'm out.

  36. AJ

    1:22:00 well now we’re getting 2042, i’m actually a little hyped

  37. Ryzen

    Hahahahaha you are too obsessed with battlefield 😂 lol

  38. Ryan Hamill

    If operation lockers isn’t on this I’m rioting

  39. Anjomar88

    Will there be vehicles spawns in bases? Or is everything airdropped? Jets obviously need runways, unless they are all vertical takeoff or we just pop into the air already flying them.

  40. Tcfool

    The gun was a PBX-8 looks like the little white name below the green seat icons

  41. Melanie Arnold

    it really wasnt. they fucked up vehicles, and the leaning moves was fucked too. bf3 all the way.

  42. Tim Richards

    When Jack says he ‘watched’. It means, he played but kept it a secret 😂

  43. A.J. Gallegos

    They keep making the game easier and easier.

  44. Ben Griffith

    I just watched it frame by frame - I found my product - Flux Raider as a secondary.

  45. Vitaly Nudelman

    Last good battlefield was BF3...

  46. XxDesturbedxX -44

    Dont be to quick to judge I think it will be amazing battlefield

  47. Veronika

    I'm sure someone has seen it, but did anyone notice the 194S direction on the lower compass as the player looks down sights... very 194S 1942 :) I just think that's super neat

  48. SpecialHeinrich

    really hoping they allow customisation of the hud so you can remove /reduce the size of the icons and player names that kill the immersion for me.

  49. Sven

    4:31 that pickup truck looks suspiciously similar to a Rivian R1T with its rear light

  50. ТΞ Gøđlīķę

    i hope the jet gameplay is better than bf4, bf3 is the best

  51. Justin Seymour

    All that dude is going to do is say "hey guys how about more microtransactions? Huh? HUH?"

  52. Dimitri

    Honestly, it looks good, and looks like DICE has learned from BFV and is willing to recreate/improve on the BF3/BF4 experience. The arrogance they showed with BVF and refusing to listen and mocking the BF community has cost them $ and a failed game that was EOL way before it should have been.

  53. yaabuddyyy

    Why is everyone freaking out about specialist?? Like everyone can have any gadget or any gun it isn’t specialist specific like previous battlefields. That’s a + in my book

  54. K J

    I never understood why games go so much out of there way to get specialists and operatives with all these unique features and equipment when they can just give the player the options to create our own soldier which is what we always prefer than specialists. Maybe it’s easier for them to create 5-10 soldiers for every battlefield player instead of making tons of physical features and gear for players to choose from but that just makes them look uncaring for the players if they can put all this work in the game but can’t do something simple as letting us make our own soldier.

  55. Derrick Roberts

    From my understanding we’ll be able to customize to our hearts content which is great so everyone should look unique, I think it’ll be interesting and definitely something new but either way from what we’ve seen this game will be a blast.

  56. Tanner V

    I'm excited thinking about which classic maps are going to be remade for Battlefield 2042. I hope Wake Island, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, Bandar Desert, Siege of Shangai and Dragon Valley are a few I can remember off the top of my head. I'm glad Jackfrags loves Propaganda as much as I do, friends I use to play with hated it for some reason I could never understand. Tehran Highway was another one of my favorites that seems to get universal hate, I absolutely loved the feel and look of the map.

  57. Ash Drums

    Jack acting like he didn't preorder this 3 years ago.

  58. Ahmarel Virgio

    If we able wear ghillie suit, I'm in

  59. Thomas Jäger

    What do you think that "love letter" will be? Is it confirmed that it is a game mode and not something completely different?

  60. G.G. Hochstetler

    I actually like the limited ammo and health

  61. 40ozSuicide

    I hope they are able to do these "specialist" right. I prefer none at all tbh, but let's see how it turns out.

  62. RP900

    I think i see this game before! what is called?!! Oh yes its GTFO!

  63. Polemik

    I am disapointed for the graphics who look like downgraded

  64. G.G. Hochstetler

    Scoped pistol 😍 🤯🔫

  65. Lord Of Keebs

    Ngl looks pretty fun, looks more like the division but I'll take it.

  66. Love King02

    Its looks alright

  67. Erick 0311

    "You can be my wingman anytime" only trophy I need for platinum.. never could get it -.- sigh

  68. Tyler Poffenberger


  69. TheTrenchface

    This looks so stupid.

  70. coolbeans

    I liked the health packs, and ammo bags, both the small and large versions of each, be a real shame if they're not in BF2042 !!!!

  71. KillzGamingHD

    This game is gonna be hot garbage ...

  72. Commander X47

    Squad deathmatch on Grand Bazaar was my favourite

  73. AustinGSF

    Holy jack is nice with it

  74. n4jeeb

    thank god I dont have to rely on on the pub team to give me health packs and ammo.

  75. Samuel Scott

    This 2021 and the memories of this gamr are kinda sad to think about

  76. Tatum Inman


  77. Alec BANDAY

    "Just Battlefield's thing really" AHAHAH I'm DED

  78. Henry

    Pretty sure I saw what looks like an MH-53 in the bottom left of the section of the trailer where they use the zip wire

  79. Noen Eubanks

    should have just left the mode in seige

  80. Skroz Over

    BF4 on streoids! Dude cant wait!!!